Paroles, traductions et chansons de Editors

Editors - An End Has A Start (live radioshow)
Editors - Bonny (Prefab Sprout Cover)
Editors - Like Treasure
Editors - Papillon
Editors - Papillon Организуй наш побег, ты – мой мотылёк, Мир меняется слишком быстро, ощущай любовь, пока всё не закончилось.
Editors - These Streets Are Still Home To Me
Editors - Well Worn Hand
Editors - An End Has a Start
Editors - Bones
Editors - Escape The Nest
Editors - No Sound But The Wind
Editors - Push Your Head Towards The Air
Editors - The Racing Rats
Editors - This House Is Full Of Noise
Editors - Release
Editors - For The Money
Editors - Disappear
Editors - The Big Exit
Editors - All Sparks
Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
Editors - My Life As a Ghost
Editors - From The Outside
Editors - Human
Editors - Dust In The Sunlight
Editors - Blood
Editors - Come Share The View
Editors - Open Your Arms
Editors - You Are Fading
Editors - Fingers In The Factories
Editors - When Anger Shows
Editors - Bullets
Editors - I Want a Forest
Editors - Distance
Editors - I Buried The Devil
Editors - Find Yourself a Safe Place
Editors - In This Light And On This Evening
Editors - Someone Says
Editors - You Don't Know Love
Editors - Lights
Editors - Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home
Editors - Forest Fire
Editors - An Eye For An Eye
Editors - Like Treasure
Editors - The Boxer
Editors - Papillon
Editors - Bricks And Mortar
Editors - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
Editors - The Diplomat
Editors - Walk The Fleet Road
Editors - The Weight Of The World
Editors - Crawl Down The Wall
Editors - Munich
Editors - Spiders
Editors - Colours
Editors - Heads In Bags