Paroles, traductions et chansons de Winger

Winger - Always Within Me
Winger - Best be Makin' Your Move
Winger - In The Day We'll Never See
Winger - Miles Away
Winger - Supernova
Winger - Deal With The Devil
Winger - In For The Kill
Winger - In The Heart Of The Young
Winger - In My Veins
Winger - Baptized By Fire
Winger - Disappear
Winger - The Lucky One
Winger - Always Within Me
Winger - Feeding Frenzy
Winger - Without The Night
Winger - Under One Condition
Winger - Spell I'm Under
Winger - Down Incognito
Winger - Hell To Pay
Winger - Can't Take It Back
Winger - Big World Away
Winger - Headed For a Heartbreak
Winger - Easy Come Easy Go
Winger - In The Day We'll Never See
Winger - No Man's Land
Winger - Livin' Just To Die
Winger - Like a Ritual
Winger - Who's The One
Winger - Loosen Up
Winger - Your Great Escape
Winger - You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner
Winger - Little Dirty Blonde
Winger - Poison Angel
Winger - On a Day Like Today
Winger - Come a Little Closer
Winger - State Of Emergency
Winger - M16
Winger - Hungry
Winger - Hangin' On
Winger - Rainbow In The Rose
Winger - Madalaine
Winger - Junkyard Dog (Tears On Stone)
Winger - Blue Suede Shoes
Winger - I Need You Now
Winger - Right Up Ahead
Winger - After All This Time
Winger - Witness
Winger - Time To Surrender
Winger - Higher And Higher
Winger - On The Inside
Winger - Blind Revolution Mad
Winger - Can't Get Enuff
Winger - Pull Me Under
Winger - Generica
Winger - Short Flight To Mexico
Winger - Miles Away
Winger - Stone Cold Killer