Paroles de chanson et traduction OST Sweeney Todd - There Was A Barber And His Wife

There was a barber and his wife
Il y avait un barbier et sa femme
and she was beautiful...
et elle était magnifique ...
a foolish barber and his wife.
un barbier fou et sa femme.
She was his reason for his life...
Elle était sa raison de sa vie ...
and she was beautiful, and she was virtuous
et elle était belle, et elle était vertueuse
And he was naive.
Et il était naïf.

There was another man who saw
Il y avait un autre homme qui a vu
that she was beautiful...
qu'elle était belle ...
A pious vulture of the law
Un vautour pieux de la loi
who, with a gesture of his claw
qui, avec un geste de sa griffe
removed the barber from his plate!
enlevé le barbier de son assiette!
Then there was nothing but to wait!
Ensuite, il n'y avait rien à attendre!
And she would fall!
Et elle allait tomber!
So soft!
Si doux!
So young!
Si jeune!
So lost and oh so beautiful!
Si perdu et tellement beau!

And the lady, sir? Did she succumb?
Et la dame, monsieur? At-elle succomber?

Oh, that was many years ago.
Oh, c'était il ya plusieurs années.
I doubt if anyone would know...
Je doute que tout le monde sait ...

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