Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 1078:

The Doors - Roadhouse Moan
The Doors - Rock Is Dead Number 4
The Doors - Runnin' Blue
The Doors - Someday Soon
The Doors - The Crystal ship (ost X-files. Fight for the Future)
The Doors - The End
The Doors - The End ( OST "Apocalypse Now" )
The Doors - The End (Dirty South Remix)
The Doors - The End - [1967]
The Doors - The Unknown Soldier
The Doors - The Unknown Soldier [Waiting For The Sun, 1968]
The Doors - This Is The End (Dirty South Mix)
The Doors - This Is The End (short)
The Doors - Tightrope Ride
The DOORS - Tne END (OST Apocalypse Now)
The Doors - Touch Me
The Doors - Touch Me (Dialogue) (Bonus)
The Doors - Twentieth Century Fox
The Doors - Under Waterfall
The Doors - Wake Up
The Doors - When The Music Is Over
The Doors - Whiskey, Mystics And Men (Version 1) (Bonus)
The Doors - You Make me Real
The Doors - Да, река знает всё
The Doors (L.A. Woman) - L.A. Woman
The Doors (Morrison Hotel 1970) - Ship Of Fools
THE DOORS - The Soft Parade (1969) - Wishful Sinful
The Doors / Paul Oakenfold - L.A. Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
The Dopamines - Basement
The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O'Callaghan Remix)(The Doppler Effect Reconstruction)
The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Ronski Speed Remix)
The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (The Blizzard Intro Mix)
The Doppler Effect - Now You Know, And Knowing Is Half The Battle
The Dover Souls - Misty (Monday Morning)
The Draft - We'll Never Know
The Dramatics - Fell For You
The Dramatics - Get Up And Get Down
The Dramatics - I Can't Get Over You
The Dramatics - In The Rain
The Dramatics - Now You Got Me Loving You
The Dramatics - Stop Your Weeping
The Dramatics - Toast To The Fool
The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
The Dreadnoughts - Black Sea Gale
The Dreadnoughts - Eliza Lee
The Dreadnoughts - Polka Never Dies
The Dreadnoughts - The Cruel Wars
The Dreadnoughts - Turbo Island
The Dreadnoughts - West Country Man
The Dream - Fancy
The Dream - Kelly's 12 Play
The Dream - Mr. Yeah
The Dream Academy - This World
The Dream Syndicate - Black
The Dream Syndicate - Dying Embers
The Dream Syndicate - I Have Faith
The Dream Syndicate - If You Should Ever Need A Fool
The Dream Syndicate - Shake Your Hips
The Dream Weavers - Is There Somebody Else
The Dreaming - Afraid
The Dreaming - Bleed (EP Version)
The Dreaming - Disconnected
The Dreaming - Let It Burn (EP Version)
The Dreaming - Send Me An Angel
The Dreaming - There Will Be Blood
The Dreaming - Ugly
The Dresden Dolls - 672
The Dresden Dolls - 672 [The Dresden Dolls 2003]
The Dresden Dolls - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
The Dresden Dolls - Christopher Lydon
The Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism
The Dresden Dolls - Mrs. O
The Dresden Dolls - Necessary Evil
The Dresden Dolls - Pierre
The Dresden Dolls - Sandy's Song
The Dresden Dolls - Sorry Bunch
The Dresden Dolls - The Kill [No, Virginia 2008]
The Dresden Dolls - Ultima Esperenza
The Drifters - Baby What I Mean
The Drifters - Chains Of Love
The Drifters - Down On The Beach Tonight
The Drifters - Drip Drop
The Drifters - Fools Fall In Love
The Drifters - Hypnotized
The Drifters - I'll Take You Home
The Drifters - Let The Music Play
The Drifters - Like Sister And Brother
The Drifters - Lonely Winds
The Drifters - Please Stay
The Drifters - Ruby Baby
The Drifters - Some Kind of Wonderful
The Drifters - There Goes my Baby
The Drifters - This Magic Moment
The Drifters - Under The Boardwalk
The Drifters - Up on the Roof 113th The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
The Drifters - When my Little Girl is Smiling
The Drifters with Ben E. King - Save The Last Dance For Me
The Drive - F.Y.B.
The Droge And Summers Blend - Tie The Knot
The Droge And Summers Blend - Two Of The Lucky Ones
The Drones - Baby 2
The Drones - Cold And Sober
The Drones - I Don't Ever Want To Change
The Drones - Luck In Odd Numbers
The Drones - Nail It Down
The Drones - Shark Fin Blues
The Drones - Sitting On The Edge Of The Bed Cryin'
The Drowners - Seasonal Affective Disorder
The Drugs - J Love (Introducing D.D.Rugs)
The Drugs - Robert Bonjourno
The Drugs - Was Sport Better In The 70's? (Cricket Version)
The Drums - Forever And Ever, Amen
The Drums - Hard To Love
The Drums - I Need Fun In My Life
The Drums - I'll Never Drop My Sword
The Drums - In The Cold
The Drums - Money
The Drums - We Tried
The Dubliners - All For Me Grog
The Dubliners - Danny Boy
The Dubliners - Darby O'Leary
The Dubliners - Donegal Danny
The Dubliners - Eileen Og
The Dubliners - Finnegan's Wake
The Dubliners - Galway Races
The Dubliners - God Save Ireland
The Dubliners - Grace
The Dubliners - I'll Tell Me Ma
The Dubliners - Kilkelly
The Dubliners - Mcalpine's Fusiliers
The Dubliners - Monto
The Dubliners - Rocky Road to Dublin
The Dubliners - Sherlock Holmes - The rocky road to Dublin
The Dubliners - The Black Velvet Band
The Dubliners - The Holy Ground
The Dubliners - The Louse House At Kilkenny
The Dubliners - The rocky road to Dublin (OST Sherlock Holmes)
The Dubliners - The West Awake
The Dubliners - Whiskey On The Jar
The Dubliners - Wild Rover
The Dubs - Don't Ask Me (To Be Lonely)
The Duckworth Lewis Method - Test Match Special
The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Coin Toss
The Ducky Boys - Boston, Usa
The Ducky Boys - Crumbling Heart
The Ducky Boys - Fight
The Dudley Corporation - Quick
The Dufay Collective With John Potter - Miri It Is: Songs and Instrumental Music from Medieval England - Miri It Is While Sumer Ilast
The Duhks - Annabel
The Duhks - Du Temps Que J'Étais Jeune/Gabriella's Jig
The Duhks - I See You
The Duhks - Love Is The Seventh Wave / The Arch Of Abundant Love
The Duhks - Mists Of Down Below
The Duhks - Moses Don't Get Lost
The Duhks - Ol' Cook Pot
The Duhks - Pretty Boy Floyd / Stoney Point
The Duhks - Rock Of Ages
The Duhks - Temps Que J'etais Jeune (Gabriella's Jig)
The Duhks - The Bantry Girls Lament / The Ol' Yellow House
The Duhks - The Wagoner's Lad
The Duhks - Toujours Vouloir
The Duke & The King - If You Ever Get Famous
The Duke & The King - Still Remember Love
The Duke Spirit - I Do Believe
The Duke Spirit - Win Your Love
The Duke Spirit - You Really Wake Up The Love In Me
The Duke Spirit - You Were Born Inside My Heart
The Dukes Of Stratosphear - You're My Drug
The Durango Riot - Everybody's Got To Go
The Durango Riot - Gone South
The Durutti Column - Bordeaux
The Durutti Column - Lies Of Mercy
The Durutti Column - Smile In The Crowd
The Durutti Column - The Room
The Duskfall - Break The Pact
The Duskfall - Deep In Your World
The Duskfall - Lead Astray
The Duskfall - Trust Is Overrated
The Dutchess and the Duke - Reservoir Park
the Dying breed - moon on the water
The Dying Breed - My World Down [Beck Ending]
The Dying Breed, Meister - I Call You Love
The Dynamics - Misery
The E-Types - Put The Clock Back On The Wall
The Eagles - Desperado
The Eagles - Heartache Tonight
The Eagles - Learn To Be Still
The Eagles - Life in The Fast Lane
The Eagles - Long Run
The Eagles - Love Will Keep us Alive
The Eagles - New York Minute
The Eagles - Ol' 55
The Eagles - One of These Nights
The Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling
The Eagles - Take it to The Limit
The Eagles - The Sad Cafe
The Eagles of Death Metal - Cherry Cola
The Eames Era - Could Be Anything
The Early November - A Bigger Meaning
The Early November - Ashaka Rock
The Early November - Baby Blue
The Early November - Call Off The Bells
The Early November - Close To You
The Early November - Decoration (The Path Version)
The Early November - Digital Age
The Early November - Dream Is Over (Demo)
The Early November - Driving South
The Early November - Ever So Sweet
The Early November - Guilt & Swell
The Early November - Like A Kid
The Early November - No Good At Saying Sorry
The Early November - Outside (Demo)
The Early November - Power Of Love
The Early November - Power Of Love - ценителям Back to the Future! (И.Ш.)
The Early November - Runaway