Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 216:

Charley Pride - Crystal Chandeliers
Charley Pride - I Love You More In Memory
Charley Pride - I'm Building Bridges
Charley Pride - I'm Just Me
Charley Pride - I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again
Charley Pride - If You Should Come Back Today
Charley Pride - Is Anybody Going To San Antone
Charley Pride - Just To Be Loved By You
Charley Pride - Kiss An Angel Good Morning
Charley Pride - Let Me Help You Work It Out
Charley Pride - Life Turned Her That Way
Charley Pride - Love Put A Song In My Heart
Charley Pride - Mama Don't Cry For Me
Charley Pride - Pirogue Joe
Charley Pride - Roll On Mississippi
Charley Pride - Seven Years With A Wonderful Woman
Charley Pride - She's That Kind
Charley Pride - Shoulder To Cry On
Charley Pride - Singin' A Song About Love
Charley Pride - Six Days On The Road
Charley Pride - Someone I Can't Forget
Charley Pride - Someone Loves You Honey
Charley Pride - That Was Forever Ago
Charley Pride - Then Who Am I
Charley Pride - When The Train Comes In
Charli XCX - You're The One
Charlie - Don’t Count Me Out
Charlie - Fight Dirty
Charlie - Killer Cut
Charlie - Miss Deluxe
Charlie - Please, Let Me Know
Charlie - So Alone
Charlie - Spacer Woman [1983]
Charlie - Summer Romances
Charlie - TV Dreams
Charlie B - Live It Up
Charlie Brown Jr. - Aquela Paz
Charlie Brown Jr. - Festa
Charlie Brown Jr. - Lombra
Charlie Brown Jr. - My Mini Ramp
Charlie Brown Jr. - O Universo A Nosso Favor
Charlie Brown Jr. - Quinta-Feira
Charlie Brown Jr. - Samba Makossa
Charlie Brown Jr. - Só Por Uma Noite
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tudo Mudar
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tudo Pro Alto
Charlie Brown Jr. - Tudo Que Ela Gosta De Escutar
Charlie Brown Jr. - União
Charlie Brown Jr. - Vícios E Virtudes
Charlie Brown Jr. - Zóio D Lula
Charlie Chaplin - Circus - Swing little girl
Charlie Chaplin - City lights - The boxing ring
Charlie Chaplin - Kid - Garret waltz
Charlie Chaplin - Limelight - Spring song
Charlie Chaplin - Modern times
Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times - Cafeteria and cigar shop
Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times - Factory machines
Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times - The gamin
Charlie Chaplin & Michael Jackson - Smile
Charlie Chaplin (MJ) - Smile
Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson - Smile
Charlie Clouser - Let It Ride
Charlie Daniels - America, I Believe In You
Charlie Daniels - Dance Gypsy Dance
Charlie Daniels - Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye
Charlie Daniels - El Toreador
Charlie Daniels - Its Happening Now
Charlie Daniels - Sharp-Dressed Man
Charlie Daniels - Still In Saigon
Charlie Daniels - Uneasy Rider '88
Charlie Daniels Band - Precious Lord, Take My Hand
Charlie Feathers - That Certain Female
Charlie Feathers - Tongue Tied Jill
Charlie Feathers - Uh Huh Honey
Charlie Haden - Old Joe Clark
Charlie Hall - Agnus Dei
Charlie Hall - All The Earth
Charlie Hall - Give Us Clean Hands
Charlie Hall - Sending
Charlie Hall - Sweep Me Away
Charlie Hall - The Solid Rock (On Christ The Solid Rock)
Charlie Hall - You Are Worthy Of My Praise
Charlie Landsborough - A Dream Or Two
Charlie Landsborough - After All These Years
Charlie Landsborough - Child Of Candlelight
Charlie Landsborough - Five Fingers
Charlie Landsborough - Further Down The Road
Charlie Landsborough - Heaven Knows
Charlie Landsborough - I Don't Know Why I Love You But I Do
Charlie Landsborough - I Say You
Charlie Landsborough - I Still Can't Say Goodbye
Charlie Landsborough - I Will Love You All My Life
Charlie Landsborough - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
Charlie Landsborough - If Only I Had Wings
Charlie Landsborough - Irish Waltz
Charlie Landsborough - It's So Good To See You
Charlie Landsborough - Love You Every Second
Charlie Landsborough - My Forever Friend
Charlie Landsborough - My Heart Would Know
Charlie Landsborough - Raining In My Heart
Charlie Landsborough - Royal Telephone
Charlie Landsborough - Sentimentally Yours
Charlie Landsborough - When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Charlie Louvin - Alabama
Charlie Louvin - Hey Daddy
Charlie Louvin - Hungry Eyes
Charlie Louvin - I Can't Keep You In Love With Me
Charlie Louvin - I Forgot To Cry
Charlie Louvin - Little Reasons
Charlie Louvin - Lonesome Is Me
Charlie Louvin - Love Takes Care Of Me
Charlie Louvin - Month Of Sundays
Charlie Louvin - Perfect Stranger
Charlie Louvin - See The Big Man Cry
Charlie Louvin - Something To Brag About
Charlie Louvin - To Tell The Truth (I Told A Lie)
Charlie Louvin - We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds
Charlie Major - Walk Away
Charlie Mars - Gather The Horses
Charlie Mars - How I Roll
Charlie Mars - Simple Things
Charlie Marshall - Brand New Scene
Charlie Marshall - Chelada Style
Charlie Marshall - Final Stone
Charlie Marshall - Inside Looking Out
Charlie Marshall - It Was Cold (So I Set The House On Fire)
Charlie Marshall - Short Bus
Charlie P - Ciuri
Charlie Parker - This Is Always
Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie - A Night In Tunisia
Charlie Peacock - Already I'm Falling
Charlie Peacock - Down In The Lowlands
Charlie Peacock - Lie Down In The Grass
Charlie Peacock - Mrs. Robinson
Charlie Peacock - One, Two, Three (That's Okay)
Charlie Pride - Amy's Eyes
Charlie Pride - Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger
Charlie Pride - Is Anybody Going To San Antone
Charlie Pride - It's All Right
Charlie Rich - Beautiful Woman
Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors
Charlie Rich - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Charlie Rich - I'm Not Going Hungry Anymore
Charlie Rich - Mama, Take Me Home
Charlie Rich - Most Beautiful Girl
Charlie Rich - She Called Me Baby
Charlie Rich - Since I Fell For You
Charlie Rich - Sittin' & Thinkin'
Charlie Rich - There Won't Be Any More
Charlie Rich - You And I
Charlie Robison - Don't Call Me A Fool
Charlie Robison - El Cerrito Place
Charlie Robison - Feeling Good
Charlie Robison - Molly's Blues
Charlie Ryan And The Timberline Riders - Hot Rod Lincoln
Charlie Sexton - Blowing Up Detroit
Charlie Sexton - Broken Dream
Charlie Sexton - Gospel
Charlie Simpson - Thorns
Charlie Straight - Your House
Charlie The Man - Love Me
Charlie The Man - Max Lost The War
Charlie The Man - Mind Of Contemplation
Charlie The Man - Nothing Gold
Charlie The Man - Over The Edge
Charlie The Man - Paper Mache
Charlie The Man - Reason To Die
Charlie The Man - Watch Me Die
charlie the unicorn - banana song
Charlie The Unicorn - The Banana King
Charlie Wilson - A Million Ways To Love You
Charlie Wilson - Back To Love
Charlie Wilson - Cry No More
Charlie Wilson - I Still Have You
Charlie Wilson - I Think I'm In Love
Charlie Wilson - Let's Chill
Charlie Wilson - Magic
Charlie Wilson - My Baby
Charlie Wilson - My Love Is All I Have
Charlie Wilson - Once And Forever
Charlie Wilson - Oooh Wee
Charlie Wilson - Our Anniversary
Charlie Wilson - There Goes My Baby
Charlie Wilson - Throw It All Away
Charlie Wilson - Turn Off The Lights
Charlie Wilson - Whisper
Charlie Wilson - Without You
Charlie Wilson - you are
Charlie Wilson - You Got Nerve
Charlie Winston - Boxes
Charlie Winston - Callin Me
Charlie Winston - Generation Spent
Charlie Winston - Genration Spent
Charlie Winston - Like a hobo
Charlie Winston - My Life As A Duck
Charlie Winston - My Name
Charlie Winston - Soundtrack To Falling In Love
Charlie Winston - The Great Conversation
Charlie Zaa - Deseos
Charlie Zaa - Deseos (Rondando Tu Esquina / Nuestro Juramento)
Charlie Zaa - Fatalidad - Perdon Por Adorarte
Charlie Zaa - Flor Sin Retoño
Charliepapa - Claribel
Charliepapa - Zamuro