Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 226:

Chris Pureka - Unwelcome
Chris Quilala - I Exalt Thee
Chris Rea - Ace Of Hearts
Chris Rea - Ain't Going Down This Way
Chris Rea - Ain't That Just The Prettiest Thing
Chris Rea - All Night Long
Chris Rea - All Summer Long
Chris Rea - And You My Love
Chris Rea - Are You Ready
Chris Rea - As Long As I Have Your Love
Chris Rea - Auf Immer Und Ewig
Chris Rea - Baby Come Home
Chris Rea - Baby Don't Cry
CHRIS REA - BLUE CAFE (Where have you been Where are you going to )
Chris Rea - Blue Morning In The Rain
Chris Rea - Bob Taylor
Chris Rea - Boss Man Cut My Chains
Chris Rea - Candles
Chris Rea - Catwalk Woman
Chris Rea - Cenotaph / Letter From Amsterdam
Chris Rea - Changing Times
Chris Rea - Chicago Morning
Chris Rea - Come Change My World
Chris Rea - Cool Cool Blue
Chris Rea - Cry For Home
Chris Rea - Curse Of The Traveller
Chris Rea - Dance!
Chris Rea - Dance! (don't think)
Chris Rea - Dance! (Don't Think)
Chris Rea - Dancing Shoes
Chris Rea - Dancing The Blues Away
Chris Rea - Distant Summers
Chris Rea - Do You Still Dream?
Chris Rea - Driving Home
Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas
Chris Rea - Every Beat Of My Heart
Chris Rea - Every Second Counts
Chris Rea - Every Time I See You Smile
CHRIS REA - Fool (If You Think It's Over)
Chris Rea - Freeway
Chris Rea - Girl In A Sports Car
Chris Rea - Giverny
Chris Rea - God Gave Me An Angel
Chris Rea - God's Great Banana Skin
Chris Rea - Gone Fishing
Chris Rea - He Should Know Better
Chris Rea - Head Out On The Highway
Chris Rea - Heaven
Chris Rea - Hello Friend
Chris Rea - I can't wait for Love
Chris Rea - I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It
Chris Rea - I Just Wanna Be With You
Chris Rea - I Thought I Was Going To Lose You
Chris Rea - I'm Still Holding On
Chris Rea - If You Choose To Go
Chris Rea - If You Were Me
Chris Rea - Josephine (I'll send you all my love)
Chris Rea - Julia
Chris Rea - Just Want To Be With You
Chris Rea - Last Open Road
Chris Rea - Let's Dance
Chris Rea - Little Blonde Plaits
Chris Rea - Lone Rider
Chris Rea - Looking For A Rainbow
Chris Rea - Looking For A Summer
Chris Rea - Looking For The Summer
Chris Rea - Lord Tell Me It Won't Be Long
Chris Rea - Loving You Again
Chris Rea - Lucifer's Angel
Chris Rea - Maxwell Street
Chris Rea - Mississippi
Chris Rea - No More Sorrow
Chris Rea - No Wheels Blues
Chris Rea - Nobody But You
Chris Rea - Nothing To Fear
Chris Rea - One Sweet Tender Touch
Chris Rea - Only to Fly
Chris Rea - Out Of The Darkness
Chris Rea - Que Sera
Chris Rea - Red Shoes
Chris Rea - Sail Away
Chris Rea - Saudade Part 1 & 2
Chris Rea - September Blue (1987)
Chris Rea - Set Me Free
Chris Rea - She Closed Her Eyes
Chris Rea - Since I Found You
Chris Rea - Sing a song of love
Chris Rea - Soft Top, Hard Shoulder
Chris Rea - Someday My Peace Will Come
Chris Rea - Sometimes
Chris Rea - Stainsby Girls
Chris Rea - Steam Train Blues
Chris Rea - Still Beautiful
Chris Rea - Sweet Sunday
Chris Rea - Tamatave
Chris Rea - Tell Me There & s A Heaven
Chris Rea - Tell Me There's A Heaven
Chris Rea - Texas
Chris Rea - Texas Blue
Chris Rea - That's What They Always Say
Chris Rea - The Blue Cafe
Chris Rea - The Closer You Get
Chris Rea - The King Who Sold His Own
Chris Rea - The Memory Of A Good Friend
Chris Rea - The Mention Of Your Name
Chris Rea - The Road To Hell (Part 1)
Chris Rea - The Road To Hell (Part I)
Chris Rea - The Road To Hell (Part One)
Chris Rea - The Road to Hell (с переводами)
Chris Rea - The Things Lovers Should Do
Chris Rea - There She Goes
Chris Rea - To Get Your Love
Chris Rea - Touche D'Amour
Chris Rea - True To You
Chris Rea - Waiting For Love
Chris Rea - Wasted Love
Chris Rea - When The Good Lord Talked To Jesus
Chris Rea - When The Grey Skies Turn To Blue
Chris Rea - Where The Blues Come From
Chris Rea - Who Do You Love
Chris Rea - Windy Town
Chris Rea - Winter song
Chris Rea - Wired To The Moon
Chris Rea - Wishing Well
Chris Rea - Yes I Do
Chris Rea - Your Warm And Tender Love
Chris Rene - Gonna Be OK
Chris Rene - Rockin' With You
Chris Rene - Tidal Wave
Chris Rene - Trouble
Chris Rene - Young Homie
Chris Rice - Be Still My Soul
Chris Rice - Before The Throne Of God Above
Chris Rice - Billy Joe Mcguffrey (From Jonah: A Veggietales Mov
Chris Rice - Calling Out Your Name
Chris Rice - Calling Out Your Name (From Awesome God: A Tribute
Chris Rice - Go Light Your World
Chris Rice - Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
Chris Rice - Lemonade
Chris Rice - Love Like Crazy
Chris Rice - My Cathedral
Chris Rice - Nothin'
Chris Rice - Pardon My Dust
Chris Rice - Questions For Heaven
Chris Rice - Smile
Chris Rice - So Much For My Sad Song
Chris Rice - The Best Song Ever
Chris Rice - Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus)
Chris Roberts - Du Kannst Nicht Immer 17 Sein
Chris Roberts - Du Kannst Nicht Immer Siebzehn Sein
Chris Roberts - Du Wirst Wieder Tanzen Gehn
Chris Roberts - Hals Über Kopf Verliebt
Chris Roberts - Laß Meine Hand Nicht Los
Chris Rock - Afro Circus
Chris Rodriguez - Sanctuary
Chris Rodriguez - You Break It, We Fix It
Chris Ryan - Bones
Chris Ryan - Color Of Your Eyes
Chris Salvatore - Look At the Mess You've Made
Chris Santiago - Break Free
Chris Sligh - Only You Can Save
Chris Sligh - Typical
Chris Smither - So Long
Chris Smither - Tell Me Why You Love Me
Chris Spedding - Guitar Jamboree
Chris Spedding - Jump In My Car
Chris Spedding - New Girl In The Neighbourhood
Chris Spedding - Silver Bullet
Chris Spedding - Sweet Disposition
Chris Spedding - Woman Trouble
Chris Stills - When The Pain Dies Down
Chris Syler - Soy
Chris Taker & Jackie Chan - rush hour
Chris Thile - If The Sea Was Whiskey
Chris Thile - You're An Angel, And I'm Gonna Cry
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - Loneliness And Desperation
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - My Little Girl In Tennessee
Chris Thomas King - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
Chris Thomas King - John Law Burned Down The Liquor Sto'
Chris Tomlin - All Bow Down
Chris Tomlin - All The Way My Savior Leads Me
Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Chris Tomlin - Anymore
Chris Tomlin - Awake My Soul
Chris Tomlin - Chosen Generation
Chris Tomlin - Crown Him
Chris Tomlin - Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) (from album "Glory In The Highest: Christmas Songs Of Worship")
Chris Tomlin - Everlasting God
Chris Tomlin - Everything
Chris Tomlin - Exalted (Yahweh)
Chris Tomlin - Faithful
Chris Tomlin - Forever
Chris Tomlin - Glorious
Chris Tomlin - God Almighty
Chris Tomlin - God's Great Dance Floor
Chris Tomlin - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Chris Tomlin - Holy Is The Lord
Chris Tomlin - Inderscribable
Chris Tomlin - Indescrible
Chris Tomlin - Jesus Messiah
Chris Tomlin - Jesus My Redeemer
Chris Tomlin - Jesus, Son Of God
Chris Tomlin - King Of Glory
Chris Tomlin - Marvelous Light
Chris Tomlin - My Deliverer
Chris Tomlin - On Our Side
Chris Tomlin - Our God (Is Greater)
Chris Tomlin - Praise The Father, Praise The Son
Chris Tomlin - Shepherd Boy
Chris Tomlin - Sovereign
Chris Tomlin - Take my life (and let it be)
Chris Tomlin - Thank You God For Saving Me
Chris Tomlin - The River
Chris Tomlin - The Wonderful Cross
Chris Tomlin - The Wonderful Cross (With Matt Redman)
Chris Tomlin - Unchanging (Raise Up Holy Hands)
Chris Tomlin - Undignified
Chris Tomlin - Unfailing Love
Chris Tomlin - We Fall Down
Chris Tomlin - We Fall Down (My Jesus I Love Thee)
Chris Tomlin - You Are All To Us
Chris Tomlin - You Are My King
Chris Tomlin - Your Grace Is Enough
Chris Trapper - Away We Go
Chris Trapper - Black And Blue Christmas
Chris Trapper - Every Time I See You
Chris Trapper - Yearning To Be Burning
Chris Trousdale - If Only Feat. Anna (From Play) Lyrics
Chris Trousdale - Love's Gonna Getcha
Chris Walker - How Do You Heal A Broken Heart
Chris Wallace - Best Mistake
Chris Wallace - Hurricane
Chris Wallace - Keep Me Crazy
Chris Wallace - Ready To Fall
Chris Webby - The Rain
Chris Whitley - Big Sky Country
Chris Whitley - Dirt Floor
Chris Whitley - From A Photograph
Chris Willis - Louder
Chris Willis & David Guetta - Love Is Gone
Chris Young - Center Of My World
Chris Young - Don't Leave Her If You Can't Let Her Go
Chris Young - Drinkin' Me Lonely
Chris Young - Flowers
Chris Young - Gettin' You Home
Chris Young - I Can Take It From There
Chris Young - Lay It On Me
Chris Young - Neon
Chris Young - She's Got This Thing About Her
Chris Young - The Man I Want To Be
Chris Young - The Shoebox
Chris Young - Tomorrow
Chris Young - Where Would I Be
Chris Zabriskie - You're Assuming The Gravity Wouldn't Crush You Instantly
Chrisette Michele - A Couple Of Forevers
Chrisette Michele - Better
Chrisette Michele - Fragile
Chrisette Michele - Golden
Chrisette Michele - Goodbye Game
Chrisette Michele - Is This The Way Love Feels
Chrisette Michele - Love Is You
Chrisette Michele - My Heart
Chrisette Michele - Notebook
Chrisette Michele - On My Own
Chrisette Michele - Pray Me Well
Chrisette Michele - What You Do (ft. Ne-Yo) (Main)
Chrishan - Rescue
Chrishan - Vickies
Chrishan - Video
Chrishan - When You Miss Me
Chrishan - Work It Out
Chrissie Hynde - I Shall Be Released
Chrissie Hynde - Spiritual High
Chrissy Depauw - Pleasant Surprise