Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 380:

Evaline - Postpartum Modesty
Evan And Jaron - American Girl
Evan And Jaron - Can't Get You Off My Mind
Evan And Jaron - Distance
Evan And Jaron - He Shines
Evan And Jaron - Like The Rain
Evan And Jaron - Marvin
Evan And Jaron - Marvin (Reprise)
Evan and Jaron - You Don't Know me
Evan Dando - Waking Up
Evan Olson - Burn Me Down
Evan Taubenfeld - Boy Meet Girl
Evan Taubenfeld - It's Like That
Evan Taubenfeld - The Story Of Me And You
Evanecence - Lithium
Evanescence - 03 - Everybodys Fool
Evanescence - 04-Lithium (the open door)
Evanescence - 04-My Immortal (fallen)
Evanescence - 06. Field Of Innocence
Evanescence - 08-Taking Over Me
Evanescence - 09-Hello
Evanescence - 09-Lose Control (the open door)
Evanescence - 10-The Only One (the open door)
Evanescence - 11 - Whisper
Evanescence - 2000 - Fields Of Innosence
Evanescence - 2003 - Haunted
Evanescence - 9 - Hello
Evanescence - All that I am living for
Evanescence - Angel Of Mine
Evanescence - Anywhere
Evanescence - Bleed (I Must Be Dreaming)
Evanescence - Breathe no more (fallen outtakes)
Evanescence - Bring Me Back To Life
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Demo Version)
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life(ost сорви голова)
Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober(позвони мне, когда будешь трезв)
Evanescence - Don't fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
Evanescence - Everybodys Fool (минусовка)
Evanescence - Exodus Lyrics
Evanescence - Going Under (. So go on and scream . Scream at me I & m so far away. )
Evanescence - If You Don't Mind
Evanescence - Imaginary
Evanescence - Lacrymosa
Evanescence - Like You
Evanescence - Lose controle
Evanescence - Lost In Paradise
Evanescence - My Immortal (Album Version) (+text)
Evanescence - My Immortal (in memory Miklosh Feher)
Evanescence - My Immortal (минусовка)
Evanescence - My Immortal Acoustic (Bonus Track)
Evanescence - My Immortal(Original version)
Evanescence - My Immortal-Its
Evanescence - My October.
Evanescence - New Way To Bleed
Evanescence - The Last Song I'm Wasting On You
Evanescence - The Last Song Im Wasting On You (Bonus Track)
Evanescence - The Only One
Evanescence - This pain is just to real
Evanescence - Together Again
Evanescence - Unknown Song
Evanescence - Wake Me Up Inside (remix)
Evanescence - Whisper (Origin)
Evanescence - Whisper Lyrics
Evanescence - You
Evanescence (Anywhere but home - live in Paris) - Breath No More
Evanescense - Bring me to life-пасадобль
Evanescense - Call Me When You're Sober
Evanescense - Even In Death
Evanescense - Missing
Evanesence - I & m so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears
Evanesence - Imaginary
Evanesens - Bring me to life
Evangelist O. O. Anumati - Rejoice
Evans Blue - Erase My Scars
Evans Blue - Graveyard Of Empires
Evans Blue - Warrior
Evans Sara - That's The Beat Of A Heart (The Warren Brothers/Sara Evans)
Eve - I'm Caught Up