Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 234:

Contortionist (The) - Realms
Coral, The - Bye Bye Love [live]
Corduroy Smile - Rain
Cormorant - Hanging Gardens
Cormorant - The Emigrant's Wake
Corpus Callosum - Hymnal
Corpus Callosum - The Ballads of the Things You Don't Know
Corpus Christi - Starry Nights, Cloudy Hearts
Corrs, The - When the Stars Go Blue (Ryan Adams cover)
Cotton Mather - My Before and After
Cowboy Junkies (The) - Close My Eyes
Cowboy Junkies (The) - One
Cowboys Fringants, Les - Döner au suivant
Crash Parallel - Casualties of War
Crash (The) - Filthy Flower
Crazy Loop - Famikon (English)
Creature Rock - Tiny Yellow Leaves
Creatures, The - Tantara!
Crescents (The) - Ride Of Valkyries
Crown Atlantic - Hello, Second Movement
Crown Atlantic - There Are No Worries
Cubanate - Lord Of The Flies
Cuddlefish - Marco Polo
Culture Reject - Blueprint
Cutting Pink With Knives - Cosmic Explosion of the Velvets
Cutting Pink With Knives - St. Mark
Cymbals Eat Guitars - The Living North
Maldita Nerea - Con Trocitos
Kenotia - Love The Look, Hate The Lifestyle
Falco - Qué Pasa Hombre
Flowin Immo - Jaman (Mallorca Remix)
Beatmo - Convolution
KäseOne - Liebe Ist
Jeremy Dyen - Onswitch
Tony Maiello - Il Linguaggio Della Resa
Scenzah - Nur Weil Ich Dich Liebe
Dø (The) - On My Shoulders
Dúné - Jack Beats Jim Leads
Dúné - Memories
Despairsray - Horizon
Dali's Car - Cornwall Stone
Dan DeMarco - On the Way
Daniel Johnston - Love Is Weird
Daniel Johnston - To Go Home
Daniel Kirkley - Unrepeatable
Danielle Ate The Sandwich - Conversations with Dead People
Danny Tieger - Love A Day Later
Dark Dark Dark - Dig a Grave
Dark Room Notes - Broken Nail
Dark Room Notes - Treetops
Darla Farmer - The Vigilant Mr. Lynch
Dave Davies - In You I Believe
Dave Davies - Visionary Dreamer
Davenport Cabinet - Nostalgia In Stereo
David Berkeley - Miss Maybe
David Kitt - Nobody Leaves
David Rovics - Alaska
David Rovics - Butcher for Hire
David Rovics - Ghost Dance Lullaby
David Rovics - I Have Seen the Enemy
David Rovics - Outside Agitator
David Rovics - Song for Hugh Thompson
David Rovics - The Village Where Nothing Happened
David Rovics - We Just Want the World
David Soul - Going In With My Eyes Open
David Soul - One More Mountain Climb
David Vandervelde - I Will Be Fine
Dead And Divine - The Lovely Bones
Dear Reader - Bend
Deathklok - Murdertrain A Comin'
Deborah Harry - French Kissin' in the USA
Della Terra - Leafless
Delorentos - Waiting
Dengue Fever - Tooth and Nail
Desolate Ways - Eternal Dreams