Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 279:

Tony Colombo - A' Musica
Intruder - It's A Good Life
Iron Fire - Whirlwind Of Doom
Iron Fire - Break The Spell
Iron Fire - Legend Of The Magic Sword
Iron Savior - Children Of The Wasteland
Isis - Garden Of Light
Hermione Crookshanks Experience (The) - Hey Hey Ron
Hermione Crookshanks Experience (The) - So Conceited
Hinky Punks (The) - Don't Mind Me
Venice Maki - Bound To Crash
Venice Maki - Tribulations
McFly - Room On The 3rd Floor
Jairus - Sidewalk Dances
Jairus - Cut The Six Minute Caller
Job For A Cowboy - Relinquished
Etana - Live And Love Life
Subtle - The No
Purebloods (The) - Unbreakable Vow
Remus Lupins (The) - Enervate
Remus Lupins (The) - Loosen Your Tie
Sneakoscopes (The) - Ron, You're My Best Friend
Alex Lunati - Di Te
Thalia - Isla Para Dos
Good With Grenades - Calendar Girl
Your Favorite Enemies - Open Your Eyes
Victoria Vox - Buttercup
Benighted - Grind Wit
Dragonheart - Eyes Of Hell
Kalmah - Holy Symphony Of War
Hanzel Und Gretyl - Verbotenland
Hello Marquee - Mouth Of Gold
Farewell To Freeway - Lemmings
Rachel Ferguson - Never Good Enough
Danaè - Venere Immobile
Tribe After Tribe - The Watch
Tribe After Tribe - Come To See You Fall
Tribe After Tribe - Proud And Beautiful
Tribe After Tribe - Fire Dancers
Tribe After Tribe - 100 000
Tribe After Tribe - Tabla Rosa
Spencer Davis Group - This Hammer
Spencer Davis Group - My Babe
Ever Stays Red - Life In The Fire
Automatic (The) - Responsible Citizen
Paula Abdul - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
James Ingram - She Loves Me (The Best That I Can Be)
Aaryn Doyle - What It Takes
Korpiklaani - Keep On Galloping
Kramp - Doðduðum Günlere
Daylights (The) - Outsider
Lake Of Tears - Children Of The Grey
Land Of Charon - Szállj Kék Madár
Leaves' Eyes - Viking's Word
Leprosy - Resídentes Olvidados
Hector El Father - Te Encontré
Leyenda - Sueños De Libertad
Lik - Evig Natt
Lillian Axe - Misery Loves Company
Lillian Axe - The Needle And Your Pain
Lita Ford - Gotta Let Go
Lita Ford - Killin' Kind
Logos - Lucha Por Lo Que Tú Crees
For Love And Hate - Nightmares
Goodnight Anthem (The) - Dont Forget Me
Coretta Scott - Cross My Fingers
Kaskade - Angle On My Shoulder
Jasmine V. - Time
Pia Tuccitto - Un Po' Ti Assomiglio
Pia Tuccitto - Se Chiudi Gli Occhi