Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 289:

Angels Of Light (The) - Lena's Song
Annette Hanshaw - Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home?
Antlers (The) - Nothing Matters When We're Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)
Apparatjik - Datascroller
Arborea - Dance Sing Fight
Art Of Fighting - Eastbound
Art Of Fighting - Your Resistance
Audition, The - The Art of Living
Avery Pkwy - I Miss Your Open Arms
Awful Logic - AB
Awful Logic - Contamination
Awful Logic - Ghosting
Awful Logic - The Beast
Basta - Wiedersehen Macht Freude
Christina Rosenvinge - Glue
Christina Rosenvinge - Teclas Negras
Coque Malla - El Sombrero
Chino Y Nacho - Taki
Chino Y Nacho - Una Oportunidad “dentro De Mí” [versión Bachata]
Nicolas Bonazzi - Non E' Pianeta Per Noi
Röyksopp - 49 Percent
Röyksopp - Remind Me
Rabbi Shergill - Maen Bolia
Radar Bros. - Open ocean sailing
Radiance Effect (The) - Lost in the Sun
Radio Pirate DJ - 009.5
Radio Romantics - Seasons Greedings
Rah Rah - The Innocent One
Raine Maida - 21st Century Blues
Ramafame - On the Towers of tears
Razorcuts (The) - Silhouette
Real Estate - Drum
Real People (The) - For You
Reason, The - Unquestionable
Rebecca Schiffman - Burn Down the School
Rebecca Schiffman - Nick's Song
Rebecca Schiffman - Warning to a Talented Violinist
Rebel Emergency - They Said
Receptionists (Vassar NY) (The) - Under The Rug
Red Knife Lottery - Raise No Fool
Red Light Green Light - Habit vs. Habitat
Red Wanting Blue - We'll Never Last
Reef - New Thinking
Hoyt Axton - Rusty Old Halo
Hoyt Axton - Devil
Golden Earring - Mitch Mover
Golden Earring - Say My Prayer
Golden Earring - One Shot Away From Paradise
Golden Earring - Freedom Don't Last Forever
Golden Earring - Quiet Eyes
Golden Earring - Deja Voodoo
Golden Earring - Holy Holy Life
Golden Earring - The Hammer Of Love
Golden Earring - The Thief
City And Colour - Sleeping Sickness
Cruz Martinez Y Los Super Reyes - Muevelo
Glenn Hughes - From Now On
Justin McBride - Tough
Glenn Hughes - Written All Over Your Face
Glenn Hughes - Change Yourself
Gladys Knight - The Man I Love
David Gilmour - Smile
Ken Hensley - It Won't Last
Caetano Veloso - A Rã
Caetano Veloso - O Último Romântico
Caetano Veloso - Depois Que O Ilê Passar
Caetano Veloso - Nao Me Arrependo
Caetano Veloso - Trilhos Urbanos
Caetano Veloso - María La O
Tift Merritt - Something To Me
White Tie Affair (The) - The Letdown
Eugenio Bennato - Canzone Per Beirut
David Ball - What Do You Want With His Love
David Ball - Loser Friendly
Brotherhood (The) - Till Death
Burn - Melt-Meta-Growth
Cheap Thrills - The New Decade
Gerardina Trovato - Dammi Un'ora
Gogol Bordello - Sacred Darling
Smokey Robinson - It's A Good Feeling
Wynonna Judd - What It Takes
Wynonna Judd - Love By Grace