Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 294:

Robert Pattinson - I Was Broken
Robots And Racecars - Seriously?
ROBOTS GO BEEP! - Zed's Dead, Baby... Zed's Dead
Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers - Barbarian
Rocket From The Crypt - Dollar
Rocketboys (The) - Endings
Rocketboys (The) - Take It From Me
Rodeo Ruby Love - Don't Go
roe - Atlas
roe - I Believe It
Ari Koivunen - Heartstealer
Flynnville Train - Nowhere Than Somewhere
Two Gallants - Ribbons 'Round My Tongue
Freezepop - Bike Thief
Freezepop - Manipulate (Mastermind Mix)
Deepfield - Don't Let Go
Bandana - Llega La Noche
Buddy - Last Call Waiting
Candy Butchers - It's A Line
Candy Butchers - Worry My Dome
Cara Dillon - Green Grows The Laurel
Caribou - Desiree
Casper & The Cookies - Kiss A Friend
Celebration - Foxes
Charlotte Hatherley - Roll Over (Let It Go)
Chiasm - Disorder
Cities & Thrones - "The War Is Mine"
Clare Bowditch And The Feeding Set - I Am Not Allowed
Clare Bowditch And The Feeding Set - You Can Stay The Night
Cliks (The) - Misery
Clintons (The) - Follow Me Home
Club 8 - The Friend I Once Had
Cofield Mundi - Give It Up
Coil - Broccoli
Colin James - Voodoo Thing
Color Fred (The) - Choke (Demo)
Colossal - The Dusk Of Us
Cooper Temple Clause, The - What Have You Gone And Done?
Copyrights (The) - Knee Deep
Corey Hart - Aint Enough For You
Cory Branan - A Girl Named GO
Crystal Kay - Together
Crystals (The) - There's No Other (Like My Baby)
Cynical Sense - A Poker Night
Klimt 1918 - Sleepwalk In Rome
D' Sound - Remember These Moments
Danger::Radio - Slow
Dark Tranquility - The Lesser Faith
David Dondero - The Prince William Sound
De/Vision - Flavour Of The Week
Deb Talan - The Darkest Season
Del Shannon - Why Don't You Tell Him
Die Krupps - Nothing Else Matters
Donnas (The) - It Takes One To Know One
Donny Osmond - Puppy Love
Donovan - Boy For Every Girl
Dory Previn - Children Of Coincidence
Dory Previn - The Perfect Man
Drag The River - Amazing G.
Duke Spirit (The) - Masca
Dykeenies (The) - The Panic
Kenna - Vexed And Glorious
Maritime - Guns Of Navarone
Ellegarden - (Can't Remember) How We Used To Be
Ely Guerra - No Quiero Hablar
Escapado - Coldblackdeathbloodmurderhatemachine
Eyedea And Abilities - A Murder Of Memories
Trap Them - Digital Dogs With Analog Collars
Most Serene Republic (The) - (Oh) God
Amon Amarth - Runes To My Memory
Lutemkrat - Never Surrender
Magica - All Waters Have The Colour Of Drowning
Gentle Giant - Proclamation
Gentle Giant - Take Me
Blind Myself - Leo Vs. Taurus
Gary Brooker - Home Loving
Gary Brooker - Trick Of The Night
Art Garfunkel - One Less Holiday
Art Garfunkel - The Things We've Handed Down
Freddie King - I'm Tore Down
John Denver - Matthew
Daron Norwood - Phantom Of The Opry (With Travis Tritt)
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Heart Of Matters
Blue Rodeo - Bad Timing (Bonus Track)
El-P - Constellation (Remix)
Erykah Badu - Certainly
Giorgio Conte - Vattene A Cuccia
Giorgio Conte - Henry Fonda & Co.
Giorgio Conte - Sultan
Giorgio Conte - Martin Pescatore
Birdman - The Old Man #2 (Interlude)
Stefano Centomo - Poi Passerà
Vincent Niclo - A Force De Toi
Saul Williams - Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare)
Machinemade God - Vengeance
Giorgio Conte - Lei
Juanse - Dealer Boogie