Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 380:

Akiko Shikata - Inori No Kanata
Tonight Alive - Ready
Marie Dubas - Les Housards De La Garde
Bob Dylan - Hero Blues
Moonsorrow - Karhunkynsi
Civil Twilight - Human
Judas Priest - The Ripper
Horrorpops - Everythings Everything
Fear Factory - Flesh Hold
Charles Dumont - Socrate
Jacques Douai - La Chanson D'Hacquoil Le Marin
Johnny Mathis - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Therion - Unguentum Sabbati
Max Boublil - ChatRoulette
A Rocket To TheMoon - She's Killing Me
Apple Square - It's Fun To See You Fall
Le Chanteur Sans Nom - N'Avez-Vous Pas Trouvé Mon Cœur ?
Carlene Carter - All Night Long
Judas Priest - Stained Class
M - Ton Echo
One Night Only - Bring Me Back Down
Rascal Flatts - Like I Am
Muse - Falling With The Crowd
Véronique Sanson - Les Choses Qu'on Dit Aux Vieux Amis
2Face Idibia - Appreciate It
Johnny Mathis - I Only Have Eyes For You
Horrorpops - Keep My Picture
Across Five Aprils - Life Underwater
Lestat - Repose En Paix
Sex Pistols - Did You No Wrong
Iron Maiden - Women In Uniforme
Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
Johnny Mathis - Dancing On The Ceiling
Therion - The Beauty In Black
Michel Jonasz - Premièrement
The Pretty Reckless - Factory Girl
Lacuna Coil - Soul Into Hades
Matt Costa - Emergency Call
Aya Hirano - Super Driver
Cali - Lettre Au Ministre Du Saccage Des Familles Et Des Jeunes Existances Dévastées
The Gathering - Locked Away
Nami Tamaki - Believe
Sex Pistols - Schools Are Prisons
Danielle Darrieux - Le Petit Moulin Tout Vermoulu
Yves Duteil - La Fanette
The Creepshow - Creatures Of The Night
Fally Ipupa - Attente
Jacques Douai - Mortlaine
Therion - Melek Taus
The Gathering - The Sky People
Hurts - The Water
Therion - Voyage Of Gurdjieff
Jennifer Paige - Bloom
Kat DeLuna - Put It On ( Feat. Lil Wayne)
Bernard Lavilliers - Ma Belle
Johnny Mathis - Jingle Bells
Carlene Carter - Why Be Blue ?
Saxon - Crusader
Michel Jonasz - Y a Rien Qui Dure Toujours
Dominique Walter - Chez Nous
Marie Dubas - Le Trente Et Un Du Mois D'août
One Night Only - Chemistry
Clement Albert - Tonight
Edith Piaf - Tous Les Amoureux Chantent
Estopa - Vino Tinto
Laura Pausini - It's Not Goodbye
Edith Piaf - Miss Otis Regrets
Bob Dylan - It Takes a Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry
Sex Pistols - Don't Give Me No Lip Child
Jacques Douai - Un Air D'Octobre
P-Square - Last Night
After Forever - Glorifying Means
Marie Dubas - Le Fanion De La Légion
Charles Dumont - Ce Soir Il Neige
Carlene Carter - My Dixie Darlin'
Bob Dylan - High Water (for Charlie Patton)
Mireille - Presque Oui Avec Jean Sablon)
Bob Dylan - Lay Down Your Weary Tune
A Rocket To TheMoon - On a Lonely Night
Jacques Douai - An Hini a Garan
Claude François - Fleur Sauvage
Moonsorrow - Pimeä
Frida Boccara - Jenny
Kalomnia - Watching The Sky
Matt Costa - These Arms
Sirenia - Downfall
2Face Idibia - Outside
Vanessa Paradis - Le Bon Dieu Est Un Marin
Maroon 5 - Last Chance
Destronics - Flirting Machine Part I
Carlene Carter - I'm So Cool
Miku Hatsune - Music Box
Jacques Douai - Aube
Across Five Aprils - Naivity Scene
Véronique Sanson - Mon Voisin
Sinsémilia - Le Dernier Concert
2Face Idibia - Go Down There
Richard Gotainer - Le Moustique
Oren Lavie - The Man Who Isn't There
Bob Dylan - In The Garden
Nami Tamaki - Realise
Carlene Carter - Me And The Wildwood Rose
AaRON - Birds In The Storm
Therion - The Opening
Therion - Din
Stacey Kent - Que Feras-tu De Ta Vie?
Nana Mizuki - Secret Ambition
B Girls - Baby
Daniel Guichard - Abracadabra
Edith Piaf - 'Cause I Love You
Edith Piaf - J'suis Mordue
Tarja Turunen - Magnificat : Quia Respexit
The Gathering - Solace
Carlene Carter - Madness
Bring Me The Horizon - Don't Go
Katharine McPhee - Had It All
2Face Idibia - Fly
Amberian Dawn - Snowmaiden
B Girls - Remix I Weh
The Gathering - Strange Machines
One Night Only - Hide
Edith Piaf - Gilles a Perdu (Dji L'a Pièrdou)
Stone Sour - Say You'll Haunt Me
Rita Mitsouko - Ding Ding Dong
One Night Only - Time
Carlene Carter - Change
Gotye - Hearts a Mess
Marie-Denise Pelletier - Le Rendez-Vous
Judas Priest - Victim Of Changes
Bob Dylan - Had a Dream About You, Baby
Les Sales Majestés - Né Pour Galérer
Jacques Douai - Maintenant Que La Jeunesse
Carlene Carter - I Love You Cause I Want To
B Girls - Mon Rayon De Soleil
Claude François - Alors Salut
The Gathering - In Between
Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens
Therion - Wisdom And The Cage
Therion - The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
Nana Mizuki - Dancing In The Velvet Moon
Marie-Denise Pelletier - Pour Une Histoire D'un Soir
The Gathering - New Horizon
Therion - Close Up The Streams
Akon - Oo La La
Danielle Darrieux - Je Vous Aime... (Si Vous N'osez Pas Me Dire)
Philippe Katerine - La Banane
Vanessa Williams - Colors Of The Wind
Alexz Johnson - Hurricane Girl
A Rocket To TheMoon - No One Will Ever Get Hurt
Carlene Carter - Every Little Thing
The Gathering - Alone
Bob Dylan - God Knows
Patrick Swayze - Time Of My Life
Bob Dylan - Girl From The North Country
Moonsorrow - Tuleen Ajettu Maa
Horrorpops - Hitchcock Starlet
LMFAO - Shots
Anna Blue - So Allein
Eilijah - Rien Qu'entre Nous
Kilari Tsukishima - Happy
Hammerfall - Knights Of The 21st Century
Les Quatres Barbus - Chanson Des Cours
Therion - An Arrow From The Sun
Big Sean - Who Knows (ft. Mike Posner)
Jeanne Moreau - La Politesse
Rohff - Dans Ma Werss
Miley Cyrus - Ordinary Girl
Daniel Guichard - Chanson Pour Anna
The Gathering - On Most Surfaces (Inuït)
Bob Dylan - If Dogs Run Free
Dalida - Salma Ya Salama
France Gall - Starmania-Starmania (Starmania-France Gall)
The Gathering - Lost In Munch's Scream
Jacques Douai - Mariez-vous Fille
Johnny Mathis - Caroling, Caroling
Tarja Turunen - Little Lies
Hands On Approach - Black Tears
American Head Charge - Fiend
Johnny Mathis - Life Is a Song Worth Singing
Jennifer Paige - Questions
P-Square - Your Name
Mathias - Imaginatif
The Maine - Inside Of You
Pleymo - Shugga
P-Square - Super Fans
Jacques Douai - Le Tendre Et Dangereux Visage De L'amour
The Gathering - Kevin's Telescope
Brigitte Fontaine - Pas Ce Soir
One Night Only - Got It All Wrong
Hammerfall - Secrets
Carlene Carter - Something Already Gone
B Girls - Ou La Fai Mal a Moin
Edith Piaf - Mon Cœur Est Au Coin D'une Rue
Sepia - Ich Lebe
Therion - Clavicula Nox
Jacques Douai - Belle Qui Tient Ma Vie
The Gathering - Bad Movie Scene
Véronique Sanson - Ainsi S'En Va La Vie
Cobra Starship - Chew Me Up And Spit Me Out
Katy Perry - E.T. ( Futuristic Lover )
Maria Kanellis - Fantasy
Hammerfall - Let The Hammer Fall
Dominique Walter - Les Petits Boudins
Therion - The Wand Of Abaris
Sister Act - Oh Happy Day
Moonsorrow - Kaiku
Horrorpops - Copenhagen Refugee
One Night Only - Never Be The Same
The Gathering - Her Last Flight
Dark Princess - Stop My Heart
The Gathering - Stonegarden
Carlene Carter - You Are The One
Carlene Carter - Goodnight Dallas
Edith Piaf - Une Dame
Therion - Hellequin
Bob Dylan - 4th Time Around
Screw - S=R&B
Joe Dassin - Aux Champs élysées
Therion - Ship Of Luna
BaliMurphy - City Guide
Davia - Il Est Charmant
Marianne Faithfull - Wherever I Go
Cryptopsy - Graves Of The Fathers
After Forever - Only Everything
Jacques Douai - Mes Belles Amourettes
Judith - J'ai Pas Appris
Emana' - Soif De T'aimer
Edith Piaf - Le Rideau Tombe Avant La Fin
Sex Pistols - Seventeen
Claude François - Drame Entre Deux Amours
Jacques Douai - La Chanson De Tessa
Lastier - Dive Into Shine
Hammerfall - Ravenlord
Edith Piaf - Le Petit Brouillard
Sex Pistols - Problems
Selena Gomez - Intuition
The Gathering - My Electricity
Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder
The Gathering - Morphia's Waltz
The Gathering - Debris
Edith Piaf - Toi Qui Sais
Daraa J Family - Bayi Yonn
Eva - On Revient Toujours De Loin
Ash - Jey Kicks Darkness
Carlene Carter - You'll Be The One
Kat DeLuna - Right Now(NaNa) Feat. Akon
Eluveitie - Otherworld
Nevershoutnever - Harmony
Therion - Enter Vril-Ya
2Face Idibia - Nfana Ibaga (remix)
P-Square - Gimme That
Magical Dorémi - Générique Saison 4
Therion - Deggial
Claude François - Je Devrais Dormir
Charles Dumont - Toujours Aimer
Barbara - Romance
Therion - Morning Star
François Pérusse - Britney Spears
Mononc' Serge & Anonymus - Pas Pire
Therion - Kali Yuga, Part 2
Hammerfall - Keep The Flame Burning
The Gathering - Eléanor
A Rocket To TheMoon - Dakota
The Gathering - Nobody Dares
After Forever - Silence From Afar
Marie Dubas - Le Vieux Phonographe
Sirenia - The Fall Within
Celtic Frost - Obscured
Michel Jonasz - Big Boss
Bring Me The Horizon - Alligator Blood
David Deejay - No You, No Love
Hammerfall - Stone Cold
Carlene Carter - Cry
Hammerfall - Shadow Empire
One Night Only - Just For Tonight
Genesis - The Serpent
2Face Idibia - Ole
Adam Lambert - Can't Let You Go
After Forever - My Choice
Destine - Forget About Me
Magical Dorémi - Générique Saison 3
Pills Et Tabet - La Fille De Lévy
M-Flo - Miss You (Free Tempo Mix)
Judas Priest - Exciter
The Gathering - Golden Grounds
Hammerfall - Life Is Now
Geri Halliwell - Au Nom De L'Amour (Calling)
Jennifer Paige - Always You
Pills Et Tabet - J'ai Épousé La Fille De Lévy
Nicole Croisille - Le Temps Qui Passe
Hammerfall - The Unforgiving Blade
Charles Dumont - La Volupté
The Gathering - Fear The Sea
Therion - The Khlysti Evangelist
Moksha - Take This Smile
Hammerfall - Hammer Of Justice
Trey Songz - Say Aah
Romain Humeau - Je M'en Irai Toujours
Judas Priest - Beyond The Realms Of Death
INNA - I Surrender
Mireille - Puisque Vous Partez En Voyage (avec Jean Sablon)
Danielle Darrieux - Chanson De La Poupée
Vybz Kartel - Bycicle
Magical Dorémi - Générique Saison 1
Therion - Schwarzalbenheim
Eva - Sous Les Sunlights
Melissa Mars - And I Hate You
Michel Jonasz - Tic Tac
Mireille - Tant Pis Pour La Rime
Therion - Typhon
Eluveitie - Tegernakô
Charles Dumont - Inconnu, Excepté De Dieu
The Gathering - Third Chance
Edith Piaf - L'Escale
Daniel Guichard - C'est Pas Facile D'aimer
Therion - Birth Of Venus Illegitima
Claude François - Tout Ça C'était Hier
Tonight Alive - Hey Kid
Matt Pokora - Comme Un Soldat
Eluveitie - Calling The Rain
Phinéas Et Ferb - L'histoire De Danny
The Gathering - Share The Wisdom
4 Non Blondes - No Place Like Home
Therion - Muspelheim
Phinéas Et Ferb - Busted
Jacques Douai - Les Noces D'or
Therion - Eye Of Shiva
Deep Insight - Time Is a Remedy
Claude François - Qu'est-Ce Que Tu Deviens ?
Jacques Douai - Sirène – Anémone
Horrorpops - Highway 55
Jacques Douai - Les Amants
Phinéas Et Ferb - La Reine Disco Du Golf Miniature
Vanessa Paradis - Chat Ananas
Genesis - In Limbo
Jacques Higelin - Lettre à La Petite Amie De L'ennemi Public N°1
The Gathering - Coldwar Kid
Edith Piaf - Le Chacal
The Fall Of Troy - Quarter Past
Phinéas Et Ferb - Mes Petits Frères
Genesis - All In a Mouse's Night
You Me At Six - Poker Face
The Gathering - Downfall
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Marie-Denise Pelletier - À Dix-Sept Ans
One Night Only - All I Want
Daniel Guichard - Il Pleurait
Therion - Raven Of Dispersion
Mononc' Serge & Anonymus - Chaque Salope Cherche Un Gros Cave Et Chaque Gros Cave Cherche Une Salope
Patrice Mabire - L’héritage
Therion - Feuer Overtüre/Prometheus Entfesselt
The Gathering - Black Light District
Amberian Dawn - Incubus
After Forever - De-Energized
Ash - Change Your Name
Germaine Lix - Mon Petit Kaki
Big Sean - Cooler Than Me (ft.Mike Posner)
The Gathering - Illuminating
Judas Priest - Epitaph
David Deejay - So Bizzare
Richard Gotainer - Avant De Voir Ses Yeux
Rastamytho - Reves
Axelle Red - Venez Vers Moi
Renzo Arbore - Cacao Meravigliao
Ash - Space Shot
Claude François - Quelquefois
Hammerfall - Warriors Of Faith
Claude François - Rubis
Claude François - Jacques a Dit
Cora Vaucaire - Le Roi Renaud (Complainte Du...)
Genesis - Burning Rope
Hammerfall - Dreamland
Sirenia - One By One
The Gathering - In Motion #1
Carlene Carter - I Fell In Love
Pokemon - Le Plus Grand Maître Pokémon
Hammerfall - Trailblazers
Le Soldat Lebrun - La Vie D'un Cowboy
Therion - The Wondrous World Of Punt
Richard Gotainer - Maman Flashe Et Papa Flippe
Genesis - The Conqueror
Patrice Mabire - Comme Un Pantin(parkinson)
The Fall Of Troy - Act One, Scene One
Phinéas Et Ferb - Chains On Me
The Gathering - Liberty Bell
Michael Jackson - Girl You're So Together
Bei Maejor - Gamez
Sex Pistols - Bodies
Jeanne Moreau - J'Ai L'Air De Plaisanter
El Canto Del Loco - Gracias
Dani - Why ?
P-Square - Miss You Die
Bruno Mars - Again
The Birthday Massacre - The Birthday Massacre
The Gathering - Shot To Pieces
Michel Jonasz - Les Éponges Mouillées
The Gathering - A Passage To Desire
Bob Dylan - I Shall Be Free
Genesis - No Reply At All
Judas Priest - Dreamer Deceiver
Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Genesis - Window
Hammerfall - My Sharona
Genesis - Anything Now (inédit 1998)
Genesis - Ripples...
Eluveitie - Nil
Across Five Aprils - Pray For Rain
Hammerfall - Howlin´ With The ´Pac
Jacques Douai - Brave Capitaine
P-Square - Bye Bye
Louise Forestier - Lindberg
Michel Jonasz - My Name Is Jonasz
AKB48 - Kanpeki Gu No Ne
Eluveitie - Lament
2Face Idibia - No Shaking
Genesis - Scenes From a Night's Dream
Judas Priest - Last Rose Of Summer
The Gathering - The Blue Vessel
Hammerfall - The Fire Burns Forever
Edith Piaf - Le Rendez-Vous
Lilly Wood & The Prick - Down The Drain
Genesis - In The Wilderness
One Night Only - What's Your Melody
Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
Eluveitie - Kingdom Come Undone
Los Machucambos - Guararé
Pleymo - Lié
After Forever - Two Sides
Therion - Call Of Dagon
Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing
Lady Gaga - Superstar
Eluveitie - Quoth The Raven
Benjamin Biolay - 15 Septembre
After Forever - Free Of Doubt
The Gathering - A Constant Run
Michel Jonasz - Minuit Sonne
The Gathering - Broken Glass
Edith Piaf - Le Prisonnier De La Tour
Genesis - A Winter's Tale (Single 1968)
Richard Gotainer - Nadine a Oilpé
Edith Piaf - Monsieur Et Madame
Jennifer Paige - Edge
Eluveitie - The Dance Of Victory
Genesis - One Day
Genesis - Taking It All Too Hard
Eluveitie - Uis Elveti
Eluveitie - Gray Sublime Archon
Hammerfall - The Fallen One
Hurts - Mother Nature
2Face Idibia - Holy Pass
Genesis - Dodo
A Rocket To TheMoon - Like We Used To
Genesis - Way Of The World
Judas Priest - Living After Midnight
The Gathering - Probably Built In The Fifties
Genesis - In Hiding
Luce - Etienne
Hammerfall - Natural High
Genesis - The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
The Ranger$ - Number 1 Dime
Bob Dylan - If You See Her, Say Hello
Genesis - The Battle Of Epping Forest
Suzanne Feyrou - Je T'aime
BaliMurphy - Quatre Ans
Sirenia - On The Wane
Judas Priest - White Heat, Red Hot
Sex Pistols - Submission
Lacuna Coil - Stars
Genesis - Aisle Of Plenty
Carlene Carter - Sweet Meant To Be
Carlene Carter - The Leavin' Side
The Gathering - Colorado Incident
Jessica Mauboy - Get 'Em Girls Feat. Snoop Dogg
Kokane - Stacey Adams
Michel Jonasz - Je Descendrai La Rivière
Bob Dylan - Kingsport Town
Hammerfall - Eternal Dark
Brigitte Fontaine - Je Suis Un Poète
Albert Viau - L'épluchette
Moonsorrow - Tuulen Tytär/Soturin Tie
Therion - The Wild Hunt
Jennifer Paige - Broken Things
L'Arcusgi - Lamentu Di U Prigiuneru
Jacques Douai - Je Me Réjouis
P-Square - I'm a Still That Special Man
Therion - Son Of The Staves Of Time
Mathias - Protège La Terre
The Gathering - Red Is a Slow Colour
Richard Gotainer - Elle Est Partie Avec Robert : L'hiver
Akiko Shikata - Hoshiyomi
Bob Dylan - Katie's Been Gone
Carlene Carter - The Winding Stream
Carlene Carter - Easy From Now On
Eluveitie - The Essence Of Ashes
Evanescence - Closer Than Before
Edith Piaf - Le Contrebandier
La Fuente - L'eau, Le Vent, Le Feu
Hammerfall - The Templar Flame
The Creepshow - Cherry Hill
Judas Priest - Savage
Ben L'Oncle Soul - Partir
Pink - Raise Your Glass
Johnny Mathis - The Little Drummer Boy
Lil Wayne - Knockout
Hammerfall - At The End Of The Rainbow
Genesis - There Must Be Some Other Way
Genesis - Blood On The Rooftops
Mireille - Les Trois Petits Lutins
Edith Piaf - Les Deux Copains
Hammerfall - Rebel Inside
The Gathering - Talking Aabout The Revolution
The Gathering - Mediaeval City
Bowling For Soup - Love Goes Boom
Hammerfall - On The Edge Of Honour
Bowling For Soup - I Don't Wish You Were Dead Anymore
Jacques Douai - Quand Vous Voudrez Faire Une Amie
Bowling For Soup - Star Song
Eluveitie - Bloodstained Ground
The Gathering - Gaya's Dream
Hammerfall - Hallowed Be My Name
Genesis - Where The Sour Turns To Sweet
Bob Dylan - Jokerman
Hammerfall - Dark Wings, Dark Words
Magical Dorémi - Générique Saison 2
Magical Dorémi - Ending Saison 3 (Version Française)
Jacques Douai - Beaux Musiciens
Therion - Vanaheim
Judas Priest - Hot Rockin'
Blind Guardian - Surfin' USA
Marilyn Monroe - Blood Brothers Soundtrack
Magical Dorémi - Ending Saison 4 (Version Française)
Hammerfall - I Want Out
Hammerfall - Last Man Standing
Michel Jonasz - C'est Ca Le Blues
Bowling For Soup - Only Young
Dani - La Petite Qui Revient De Loin
Rohff - Le Virs
Destine - Spiders
Bowling For Soup - Hooray For Beer
Destine - Sinking Sand
The VinTaGe Classics - Crash
Genesis - One Man's Fool
Richard Gotainer - La Planète Des Animaux
Akiko Shikata - Souheki No Mori
Claude François - Toute La Vie
Kasabian - Underdog
Bob Dylan - Golden Loom
One Night Only - Stay At Home
The Creepshow - Zombies Ate Her Brain
Judas Priest - Saints In Hell
Genesis - Vancouver (face b Single 1978)
A1 - Caught In The Middle
Michel Jonasz - Un Chausson Aux Pommes
Genesis - Firth Of Fifth
Judas Priest - Genocide
Genesis - Snowbound
Hammerfall - Valkyries
BUCK-TICK - Baby I Want You
Tino Rossi - Ce Soir
One Night Only - It's Alright
Carlene Carter - Baby Ride Easy (Duo Dave Edmunds)
Jacques Douai - Ma Douce Annette
Marie Dubas - Les Filles De Lorient
Genesis - Please Don't Ask
Jacques Douai - Amarylis
Hammerfall - Control The Divine
Pills Et Tabet - Au Revoir
Judas Priest - Before The Dawn
Alyssa Shouse - Heres To You
Luce - Louxor J'adore
Therion - Helheim
Kelly Rowland - Grown Woman
Magical Dorémi - Générique Naisho
Sirenia - Led Astray
The Libertines - Vertigo
Michael Whitaker Smith - Take Me Over
Michel Jonasz - Une Seule Journée Passée Sans Elle
Jacques Douai - L'horloger
Genesis - Sign Your Life Away (inédit 1998)
Eluveitie - The Somber Lay
Pills Et Tabet - Prends La Route
Michel Jonasz - Ne Garde Rien
Eluveitie - Ne Regv Na
Richard Gotainer - Chipie
Edith Piaf - Exodus
Hammerfall - Run With The Devil
The Gathering - No One Spoke
2Face Idibia - Enter The Place
Bob Dylan - I And I
The Gathering - On a Wave
Mylène Farmer - Oui Mais... Non
Johnny Mathis - Love Is Blue
Kelly Rowland - Shake Them Haters Off
Eluveitie - Thousandfold
Bob Dylan - Let's Stick Together
Booba - Caesar Palace
Genesis - Hold On My Heart
The Gathering - Leaves
Judas Priest - Island Of Domination
Hammerfall - Threshold
Genesis - Just a Job To Do
Les Compagnons De La Chanson - C'était Mon Copain
Judas Priest - All The Way
The Gathering - Anthology In Black
Michel Jonasz - Les Ricochets
Secret Story 3 - Sexy Cindy
Mathias - Ma Melody
Matt Costa - Whistey And Wine
Hammerfall - The Champion
Selina - Küssen Macht Suchtig
Miku Hatsune - Hope
Arcade Fire - Half Light II (No Celebration)
After Forever - Life's Vortex
Eluveitie - Dessumiis Luge
Johnny Mathis - Windmills Of Your Mind
Judas Priest - One For The Road
Screw - Hai No Souretsu
Judas Priest - Judas Rising
Eluveitie - Lugd'non
The Gathering - The Big Sleep
Judas Priest - Rock Hard Ride Free
The Gathering - The West Pole
Genesis - Hearts On Fire (face b Single 1992)
Guns N' Roses - Goodnight Tonight
A Rocket To TheMoon - Mr. Right
Akon - Life Of a Superstar
Hammerfall - Riders Of The Storm
Therion - Cú Chulainn
Static-x - The Trance Is The Motion
Michel Jonasz - Lucifer
Judas Priest - Eulogy
Judas Priest - Desert Plains
Marie Dubas - Tant Pis Pour La Rime
Jacques Douai - Au Port Du Havre
Bowling For Soup - (Ready Or Not) Omaha Nebraska
L'Arcusgi - Sumenta
Phinéas Et Ferb - Cliptastic (partie 1/2)
Moonsorrow - Fimbulvetr Frost
Genesis - Anything She Does
Carlene Carter - Nowhere Train
Eluveitie - Sempiternal Embers
2Face Idibia - Swallow Your Pride
Static-x - Love Dump
Eluveitie - The Song Of Life
After Forever - Blind Pain
Judas Priest - Leather Rebel
Bowling For Soup - America (Wake Up Amy)
Lussi - Barbie Girl(avec Francois)
Static-x - Otsego Undead
Genesis - Run Out Of Time (inédit 1998)
Mireille - Les Pieds Dans L'eau
Jacques Douai - La Belle Jambe
Blind Guardian - Hallelujah
Luc Barney - Les Petits Pois
Anthony Joubert - William The Fly
Therion - Tuna 1613
Static-x - Structural Defect
Carlene Carter - That Very First Kiss
Bowling For Soup - Make This Up To You
2Face Idibia - Ocho
The Gathering - In Sickness And Health
Judas Priest - Take On The World
The Gathering - Jelena
Jacques Douai - Douce D'amour
Richard Gotainer - Les Baffes
Judas Priest - Green Manalishi
Fally Ipupa - Sopeka
Mike Brant - Dans Les Bras De La Tendresse
Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather
Charles Dumont - Je Cherche L'or Du Temps
Henry Garat - Je T'aimerai Toujours, Toujours
Mononc' Serge & Anonymus - J'pue Pas, J'sens L'punk
2Face Idibia - I Sing
Carlene Carter - Appalachian Eyes
Amberian Dawn - Lost Soul
Daniel Guichard - Allez, J'me Sauve
Edith Piaf - Le Métro De Paris
Hammerfall - Legion
Jacques Douai - L'amour Sans Amour
Betraying The Martyrs - Survivor
Hammerfall - A Legend Reborn
Hammerfall - Destined For Glory
Sum 41 - Little Know It All (Feat Iggy Pop)
Bowling For Soup - Crayon
Eluveitie - Siraxta
Rise Against - Worth Dying For
Jacques Douai - Pierre De Grenoble
Savant Des Rimes - Ne Passe Pas Par Là
Civil Twilight - Perfect Stranger
Johnny Mathis - Its De Lovely
Therion - (Call Of) Jotunheim
Johnny Mathis - I'm Stone In Love With You
Enrique Bunbury - Los Habitantes
The Gathering - Even The Spirits Are Afraid
Genesis - Ballad Of Big
Hammerfall - A Past And Future Secret
Bowling For Soup - 99 Biker Friends
Michel Jonasz - Le Roi Des Fous Et Des Oiseaux
Genesis - Calling All Stations
Mike Posner - Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Judas Priest - Night Comes Down
Les Parisiennes - Le Tunnel Sous La Manche
Judas Priest - One Shot At Glory
Carlene Carter - Come On Back
Judas Priest - Out In The Cold
Judas Priest - Evening Star
Static-x - Machine
Genesis - Living Forever
Daniel Guichard - Les Secondes
Judas Priest - Riding On The Wind
Amberian Dawn - Curse
Tarja Turunen - Enough
Richard Gotainer - La Bande a Bonnot
Hélène Et Les Garçons - La Route De San Francisco
Daniel Guichard - Rien a Donner
Eva - Ni Ophélie Ni Loreleï
After Forever - The Key
Genesis - I'd Rather Be You (face b Single 1987)
Therion - (Old) Midgård
Judas Priest - Parental Guidance
Screw - Celestial Bliss
Kidtonik - Toi
Daniel Guichard - Le Bonheur De Vivre En Commun
Olivia Ruiz - La Renarde (duo Avec Weepers Circus)
Keen'V - Explique Moi
Genesis - Dusk
Hammerfall - Between Two Worlds
Daniel Guichard - Elle Avait Plein D'amis
Plumb - My Sweet, My Lovely
The Gathering - Thunder Without Fequencies (Song For Gertrud)
Superbus - Eddy
The Gathering - The Philosopher And The Soldier
Phinéas Et Ferb - No Candy In Me
Michel Jonasz - Le Bleu Du Ciel
Judas Priest - Death
Bim - Ready To Love
David Deejay - Persia
The Gathering - Like Fountains
Fally Ipupa - Malembé
Michel Jonasz - La Chanson Du Compositeur
Marie Dubas - La Samba Mondaine
Dope - I'm Back
Genesis - Say It's Alright Joe
Matt Costa - Downfall
Pills Et Tabet - Les Fleurs Et Les Champignons
Hammerfall - Born To Rule
Germán Meoro - Te Besaría
Mantus - Blaue Grenze
Genesis - Fireside Song
Judas Priest - Breaking The Law
Daniel Guichard - Elle Me Disait
Michel Jonasz - Mon Territoire De Chien
Plumb - Walk Away
The Gathering - You Learn About It
Judas Priest - I'm a Rocker
Idir - A Ma Fille
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Edith Piaf - Monsieur x
Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun
Glee Cast - Hate On Me
Rhapsody - The Wizard's Last Rhymes
Genesis - Anyway
Judas Priest - Prophecy
Static-x - Get To The Gone
Bob Dylan - Let's Keep It Between Us
Bowling For Soup - The Gilligan's Island Theme
Genesis - Evidence Of Autumn (face b Single 1980)
Jeanne Moreau - Tout Ce Que Je Veux
Soum Bill - Politico Djantra
The Creepshow - Sell Your Soul
Rise Against - Behind Closed Doors
The Flobots - White Flag Warrior
Kari Kimmel - Remember
Genesis - Riding The Scree
Judas Priest - You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
Rhapsody - Heart Of The Darklands
Plumb - Lie Low
Daniel Guichard - La France a Grand-Papa
Judas Priest - Jekyll And Hyde
Static-x - Burn To Burn
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Olivia Ruiz - La Java Des Bombes Atomiques
Destine - Where Are You Now
Plumb - Me
Ginette Garcin - Il Allumait Les Réverbères
Eluveitie - Tarvos
Richard Gotainer - Belle Des Champs, Le Retour
Judas Priest - Freewheel Burning
The Gathering - Pale Traces
Eva - Dis-Moi D'ou VientLe Vent
Carlene Carter - World Of Miracles
Judas Priest - Heroes End
Richard Gotainer - L'automodébile
Christiane Chantal - Le Ballet Des Poupées Animées
Bowling For Soup - Epiphany
Claude François - Stop Au Nom De L'amour
Plumb - Late Great Planet Earth
Across Five Aprils - I Am The Polar Bear
Mathias - Un Peu De Bonheur
Sugar Sugar Rune - Opening
Therion - Three Ships Of Berik Part 1: Calling To Arms And Fighting The Battle
Plumb - Worlds Collide: a Fairy Tale
After Forever - Attendance
Karima - Tout Donner
Mathias - Un Jour De Pluie
Luca Turilli - Sospiro Divino
Hammerfall - The Abyss
The Gathering - Everyday Is Like a Thousand Years
Zaz - Trop Sensible
Genesis - The Lamia
The Gathering - A Noise Severe
David Deejay - Kiss The Deejay
Judas Priest - Killing Machine
Luca Turilli - Lost Horizons
Therion - Black Diamonds
Marie-Denise Pelletier - Manquer D'amour
Rhapsody - The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream
Sirenia - The Other Side
Judas Priest - Devil's Child
Genesis - The Dividing Line
Edith Piaf - La Demoiselle Du Cinquième
Phinéas Et Ferb - Backyard Beach
Moonsorrow - Aurinko Ja Kuu
Annie Cordy - Le Bal a Doudou (La Raspa)
Rhapsody - Never Forgotten Heroes
Genesis - More Fool Me
Genesis - It's Gonna Get Better
Luca Turilli - Silver Moon
Brigitte Fontaine - Prohibition
Carlene Carter - Little Love Letter No. 1
The Gathering - Six Dead, Three To Go
Genesis - The Musical Box
Lady Antebellum - Never Alone
Carlene Carter - Go Wild
Sheryfa Luna - Crois En Toi
Therion - Ginnungagap (The Black Hole) (Prologue)
Genesis - Cuckoo Cocoon
Daniel Guichard - Pour Ne Plus Penser a Toi
Véronique Sanson - Il a Tout Ce Que J'Aime
Judas Priest - Rock You All Around The World
Moonsorrow - Jotunheim
Judas Priest - Running Wild
Edith Piaf - Soudain Une Vallée
Judas Priest - Heavy Duty
Led Zeppelin - You Shook Me
Plumb - Solace
Bowling For Soup - Walk Of Shame
Pierrot - Haruka
Plumb - Endure
J-na - C'est Chaud L'ami
Edith Piaf - Ça Ira
Judas Priest - Jawbreaker
Rhapsody - Old Age Of Wonders
Judas Priest - Run Of The Mill
Annie Cordy - La Petite Rouquine Du Vieux Brooklin
Rhapsody - Bloody Red Dungeons
Blind Guardian - A Voice In The Dark
Judas Priest - Devil Digger
Bowling For Soup - Live It Up
Amberian Dawn - Lionheart
Moonsorrow - Tuulen Koti, Aaltojen Koti
Judas Priest - Love Zone
Hammerfall - Road Of No Release
The Fall Of Troy - Nobody's Perfect
Judas Priest - Sinner
Stacey Kent - Mi Amor
Hammerfall - Templars Of Steel
Olivia Ruiz - Tout C'qu'est Dégueulasse
Claude François - À Part Ça La Vie Est Belle
Hammerfall - Rising Force
The Gathering - A Life All Mine
The Gathering - No Bird Call
Horrorpops - Miss Take
Therion - Trul
Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance
Johnny Mathis - It's Not For Me To Say
P-Square - Bizzy Body (remix)
Plumb - Unnoticed
Sirenia - Seven Keys And Nine Doors
Daniel Guichard - Si Je T'aime
Genesis - One For The Vine
Annie Cordy - Oh ! Bravo
Daniel Guichard - Voyou
Fredrika Stahl - Rocket Trip To Mars
Bowling For Soup - If You Come Back To Me
2Face Idibia - One Love
Pills Et Tabet - Y a Toujours Un Passage a Niveau
Genesis - It's Yourself (Face b Single 1976-1977)
Bowling For Soup - No Opinion
Bob Dylan - Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking
Static-x - Bled For Days
Genesis - One-Eyed Hound (face b Single 1968)
Genesis - If That's What You Need
Charles Dumont - Ta Cigarette Après L'amour
Dope - Bitch
Judas Priest - Dying To Meet You
Olivia Ruiz - Six Mètres
Moonsorrow - Pakanajuhla
Zazie - Tout Vas Bien
Jacques Douai - Belle, Belle (Madrigal)
Horrorpops - Private Hall Of Shame
Judas Priest - Burn In Hell
Saxon - Denim And Leather
Genesis - Illegal Alien
Static-x - December
Plumb - Better
Naruto - Ending 03 Viva Rock
Judas Priest - Hot For Love
Daniel Guichard - Le Panam' De Mes Dix Ans
Destine - Stars
Daniel Guichard - Reste Auprès De Moi
Bob Dylan - Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie
Finger Eleven - Temporary Arms
Judas Priest - Hellrider
Eluveitie - Carnutian Forest
Genesis - Squonk
David Deejay - Jacuzzi
Judas Priest - Hell Is Home
Therion - The Siren Of The Woods
Bowling For Soup - BFS Birthday Song
The Black Box Revelation - I Think I Like You
Bowling For Soup - Me With No You
Sadsys - Human Tragedy
The Gathering - Treasure
Dope - Burn
Peter Gabriel - Frag Mich Nicht Immer
Judas Priest - Demonizer
Pills Et Tabet - 27, Rue Des Acacias
Genesis - The Silent Sun
Annie Cordy - On Est Tous Un Peu Bohèmes
Lights - The Last Thing On Your Mind
Johnny Mathis - Sleigh Ride
Rhapsody - Dragonland's Rivers
Pierrot - Psychedelic Lover
Judas Priest - Metal Gods
Luca Turilli - Kyoto's Romance
Enrique Iglesias - Why Not Me
Peter Gabriel - The Rhythm Of The Heat
Genesis - Alone Tonight
Johnny Mathis - Small World
The Gathering - Sand And Mercury
98 Degrees - You Should Be Mine
Therion - Quetzalcoatl
Annie Cordy - L'hurluberlu
After Forever - Intrinsic
Kotoko - 421 - a Will -
Genesis - The Lady Lies
Tino Rossi - Pourquoi Ces Larmes
Genesis - Like It Or Not
Genesis - Dance On a Volcano
Jennifer Paige - Downpour
Destine - Wake Me
Michel Jonasz - Miss Molly
After Forever - Follow In The Cry (The Embrace That Smothers, Pt 2)
Static-x - Sweat Of The Bud
Claude François - Aïda
Hammerfall - Curse My Name
Rhapsody - The Last Angels' Call
Peter Gabriel - Secret World
Judas Priest - Lochness
Annie Cordy - La Frotteuse De Parquet
Destine - California Summer
Kelly Marie - Feels Like I'm In Love
The Gathering - We Just Stopped Breathing
Soprano - Châteaux De Sable
Therion - Adulruna Rediviva
Bowling For Soup - Here We Go
Pokemon - Nous Sommes De Retour
Charles Dumont - Des Grives Aux Loups
Lights - I Owe You One
Mireille - Le Vieux Château
Judas Priest - Awakening
Lolene - Rich (fake It Til You Make It)
Hammerfall - Ride Into Obsession
Zaz - Ni Oui Ni Non
Keen'V - Mon Corps Sur Elle
Bob Dylan - Goin' To Acapulco
Emillie Autumn - Marry Me
Cali - L'amour Fou
Charles Dumont - Ma Star Academy
Mermaid Melody - Les Battement De Mon Coeur
Cobra Starship - Cobras Never Say Die
Hammerfall - Breaking The Law
Daniel Guichard - Vive Le Marié
Peter Gabriel - Und Durch Den Draht
Peter Gabriel - That Voice Again
Danielle Darrieux - Le Premier Rendez-Vous
Plumb - Drugstore Jesus
Genesis - Mad Man Moon
Annie Cordy - Les Douaniers Du Clair De Lune
Moonsorrow - Jumalten Kaupunki/Tuhatvuotinen Perintö
Edith Piaf - Ça Fait Drôle
Judas Priest - Sands Of Time
Les Sales Majestés - L'Elite
Janel Parrish - Rainy Day
Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)
Judas Priest - Love Bites
Daniel Guichard - T'as Voulu Aller a La Ville
Judas Priest - Future Of Mankind
Claude François - Je Veux Rester Seul Avec Toi
Annie Cordy - La Femme Du Pêcheur
Luca Turilli - Altitudes
Claude François - Ce Soir, Je Vais Boire
Peter Gabriel - Kiss Of Life
Genesis - Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
The Gathering - Your Troubles Are Over
Marie Dubas - Mais Qu'est-Ce Que J'ai ?
Klaas - Downtown
Alice In Chains - Head Creeps
Lights - Jess & Jonny
Shin Chan - Générique
Daniel Guichard - T'en Fais Pas
The Creepshow - Shake
Johnny Mathis - Let The Sunshine In
Wwe - Not Enough For Me (Michelle McCool Theme)
Hurts - Verona
Judas Priest - United
Moonsorrow - Ukkosenjumalan Poika
Carlene Carter - Love Like This
Daniel Guichard - À Quoi Bon Chercher
Daniel Guichard - Mon Enfance
Barclay James Harvest - Rock n Roll Star
Luca Turilli - Pyramids And Stargates
Judas Priest - Steeler
Judas Priest - Peace
Hammerfall - Hammerfall
Wings - Rock Show
Therion - Secret Of The Runes (Epilogue)
Edith Piaf - Les Marins, Ça Fait Des Voyages
Hélène Et Les Garçons - Méfie Toi Des Garçons
Bowling For Soup - Endless Possibilities
Bob Dylan - I Feel a Change Comin' On
Blind Guardian - Tanelorn (Into The Void)
Matt - Lizy
Moonsorrow - Sankaritarina
Genesis - Lilywhite Lilith
Rhapsody - Triumph Or Agony
Unswabbed - Si Souvent
Genesis - Robbery, Assault And Battery
Brigitte Fontaine - Harem
Jacques Douai - Le Petit Bossu
Rhapsody - Nightfall Of The Grey Mountains
Judas Priest - War
Duffy - Well,well,well
The Fall Of Troy - I Just Got This Symphony Goin'
Johnny Mathis - Gina
Jean Yanne - Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant
Sex Pistols - E.M.I
Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla
Zazie - Etre Et Avoir
Destine - In The End
Paradise Lost - No Celbration
Pokemon - Une Place Au Soleil
Unswabbed - Ailleurs
Therion - Wine Of Aluqah
The Gathering - Travel
SAWA - ManyColors
Static-x - Shit In a Bag
Plumb - Concrete
Plumb - Taken
Magical Dorémi - Kitto Ashita Wa
Wings - Silly Love Songs
Therion - Emerald Crown
Plumb - Nice Naive And Beautiful
Bowling For Soup - Changed My Mind
Clement Albert - A Man About Town
Rhapsody - Queen Of The Dark Horizons
Alexis Y Fido - La Cama
Saxon - Do It All For You
My Chemical Romance - The Only Hope For Me Is You
Genesis - Broadway Melody Of 1974
Michel Jonasz - La Porte De Vanves
Andrea Bocelli - Miserere
Hélène Et Les Garçons - Ce Train Qui S'en Va
Rastamytho - Nouvel Air
Genesis - The Light Dies Down On Broadway
Plumb - Without You
Andrea Bocelli - Ingemisco
Andrea Bocelli - La Mia Latizia Infondere Vorrei
Blackmore's Night - Once In a Million Years
Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street
Daniel Guichard - T'aimer Pour La Vie
Therion - Dark Venus Persephone
Andrea Bocelli - Che Ha Detto Il Medico?
Peter Gabriel - Washing Of The Water
Carlene Carter - The Rain
Bob Dylan - In The Summertime
Andrea Bocelli - Ave Verum Corpus, K618
Judas Priest - On The Run
Carlene Carter - It Takes One To Know Me
Full Moon - New Futur
Lights - River
Genesis - Dreaming While You Sleep
Great Northern - Houses
Edith Piaf - Un Grand Amour Qui S'achève
Richard Gotainer - C'est Ce Soir Noël
Michel Polnareff - Allô Georgina
Judas Priest - Subterfuge
Peter Gabriel - Du Bist Nicht Wie Wir
Andrea Bocelli - Marcello. Finalmente!
Alice In Chains - Sludge Factory
Juli - Elektrisches Gefühl
René La Taupe - Tu Parles Trop Fort
Blind Guardian - Wheel Of Time
Peter Gabriel - Mother Of Violence
Scorpions - The Game Of Life
Therion - Gothic Kabbalah
Therion - Lemuria
Jacques Douai - Comment Voulez-vous Que J'file
Ensiferum - Abandoned
2Face Idibia - Oh Papa
The Gathering - In Motion #2
Therion - Nifelheim
The Gathering - Great Ocean Road
Folkearth - Gryningssång
Pokemon - Laquelle Choisir ?
Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Andrea Bocelli - The Power Of Love
Peter Gabriel - Not One Of Us
Genesis - Since I Lost You
Bowling For Soup - SOHO
Pierrot - Barairo No Sekai
Genesis - Am I Very Wrong ?
Peter Gabriel - The Time Of The Turning
Rascal Flatts - My Wish
Genesis - In Too Deep
Rhapsody - The Dark Secret
Véronique Sanson - Monsieur Dupont
Edith Piaf - Chante-Moi (version Anglaise)
Hammerfall - Legacy Of Kings
Therion - Chain Of Minerva
Sheryl Crow - What Does It Matter ?
Genesis - The Cinema Show
Luca Turilli - Black Rose
Lights - Up Up And Away
Annie Cordy - Notre Dernier Automne
Alice In Chains - Rain When I Die
Rhapsody - The Last Winged Unicorn
Sirenia - The Mind Maelstrom
Andrea Bocelli - Tu, Ca Nun Chiagne
Maroon 5 - How
Bowling For Soup - Ring Of Fire
Phinéas Et Ferb - Perry, L'Ornithorynque
Horrorpops - Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
Mantus - Der Letzte Bus
Alice In Chains - Dam That River
Judas Priest - Troubleshooter
Static-x - Wisconsin Death Trip
Therion - The Shells Are Open
Therion - Via Nocturna (Part I: The Path + Part II: Hexentanz)
Genesis - Tell Me Why
Judas Priest - Blood Red Skies
Amberian Dawn - River Of Tuoni
Leslie - Hier Encore
Plumb - In My Arms
Claude François - Bernadette
Peter Gabriel - Humdrum
Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail
Jeanne Moreau - Lits D'Amour
Alice In Chains - God Am
Tinchy Stryder Ft Taio Cruz - Second Chance
Sheryl Crow - Tried To Be True
Secret Story 3 - Big Boss John
The Gathering - Adrenaline
Daniel Guichard - Vieillir Ensemble
Hammerfall - Take The Black
Andrea Bocelli - E Lucevan Le Stelle…
One Night Only - Can't Stop Now
Daniel Guichard - Ce N'est Pas a Dieu Que J'en Veux
Blind Guardian - To France
Luca Turilli - The Age Of Mystic Ice
Alice In Chains - Sea Of Sorrow
Les Sales Majestés - En Silence
Bob Dylan - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Andrea Bocelli - Possente Amor Mi Chiama
The Gathering - The Earth Is My Witness
Genesis - Your Own Special Way
Judas Priest - Pestilence And Plague
Soum Bill - L'un Pour L'autre
Auburn - Perfect Two
Mike Posner - Drug Dealer Girl
Peter Gabriel - Lay Your Hands On Me
Stone Sour - Hesitate
Sheryl Crow - Straight To The Moon
The Gathering - Capital Of Nowhere
Therion - TOF - The Trinity
Judas Priest - Reckless
Pokemon - Ce Monde Est Merveilleux
Hammerfall - The Metal Age
Bob Dylan - It's All Good
The Gathering - These Good People
Andrea Bocelli - Ah, La Paterna Mano
Judas Priest - Pain And Pleasure
Aqua - Live Fast - Die Young
The Gathering - Nighttime Birds
Jacques Douai - Chante Vigne
Andrea Bocelli - Se La Gente Usasse Il Cuore
Peter Gabriel - Blood Of Eden
Rhapsody - The Myth Of The Holy Sword
Peter Gabriel - The Barry Williams Show
Peter Gabriel - Waiting For The Big One
Naruto Shippuden - Rocks
Alice In Chains - It Ain't Like That
Luca Turilli - Frozen Star
Digimon - Générique
Jacques Douai - Prairie Adieu Mon Espérance
Claude François - En Rêvant a Noël
Folkearth - Hoplites Awaiting Command
Sheryl Crow - Time Has Come Today
Carlene Carter - The Sweetest Thing
Andrea Bocelli - Lunge Da Lei…
Therion - Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
2Face Idibia - Pako
The Creepshow - Doghouse
B Girls - Mon L'eme
Andrea Bocelli - Musetta! – Testa Adorata
Andrea Bocelli - La Dolcissima Effigie
Hammerfall - Never, Ever
Eluveitie - Sacrapos - At First Glance
Kevin Bazinet - Mistery Love
Judas Priest - The Four Horsemen
Despistaos - La Chica De La Curva
Johnny Mathis - You Are Beautiful
Plumb - Free
Julian Perretta - Like I Do
Shape Of Despair - Woundheir
Andrea Bocelli - Pourquoi Me Réveller
Luca Turilli - Shades Of Eternity
Sheryl Crow - American Girl
Judas Priest - You Say Yes
Naruto Shippuden - Sign
Alice In Chains - I Stay Away
Therion - Three Treasures
Judas Priest - Eat Me Alive
The Gathering - Rollercoaster
Eluveitie - The Endless Knot
Andrea Bocelli - Offertorio
Peter Gabriel - I Grieve
Finger Eleven - Thin Spirits
Genesis - Duchess
Alice In Chains - So Close
Plumb - Pennyless
Andrea Bocelli - Io L'ho Parduta!…
Genesis - Genesis > Wind And Wuthering Eleventh Earl Of Mar One For The Vine Your Own Special Way Wot
Annie Cordy - Y En A, y En a Pas
Screw - Until a Lifeless Day
Andrea Bocelli - Un Nuovo Giorno
Annie Cordy - Visa Pour L'amour (Duo Luis Mariano)
David Koven - Marvin
Blind Guardian - Road Of No Release
Alice In Chains - Junkhead
Nevershoutnever - Your Biggest Fan
Peter Gabriel - Animal Magic
Booba - Jour De Paye
Hammerfall - Bring The Hammer Down
Amberian Dawn - My Only Star
Rhapsody - Il Canto Del Vento
Sheryl Crow - The Weight
Folkearth - Naglfar Sets Sail
Judas Priest - Brain Dead
Genesis - Let Us Now Make Love (1970)
Daniel Guichard - Je N'ai Pas Le Cœur a Sourire
Alice In Chains - Nothin' Song
Alice In Chains - Bleed The Freak
Andrea Bocelli - Ella Mi Fu Rapita!
Sheryl Crow - Run, Baby, Run
Genesis - Not About Us
Folkearth - Returne To Waelhalle
André Lamarre - La Valse Du Souvenir
Peter Gabriel - Here Comes The Flood
Unswabbed - Coma
Rhapsody - Dar-Kunor
Ensiferum - Stone Cold Metal
Jacques Douai - Compère Guilleri
Genesis - Keep It Dark
Rufus Wainwright - Imaginary Love
Genesis - Afterglow
Young Wheeze - Danse Sur Ce Son
Jason Derulo - Fallen
Judas Priest - Heavy Metal
Genesis - The DayThe Light Went Out (face b Single 1978)
Luca Turilli - Dark Comet's Reign
Genesis - I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
Johnny Mathis - Can't Get Out Of This Mood
Genesis - Uncertain Weather
Peter Gabriel - Der Rhythmus Der Hitze
Kôba - Jamais Sans Ma Fille
Judas Priest - Shadows In The Flame
Sheryl Crow - Volvo Cowgirl 99
Skillet - Locked In a Cage
Les Quatres Barbus - L'Age De Raison
Carlene Carter - The Lucky Ones
Sepia - Kalt
Hammerfall - The Way Of The Warrior
Across Five Aprils - The Darkest Road
Sheryl Crow - Rodeo
Ensiferum - Tumman Virran Taa
Judas Priest - Bloodstone
Skillet - I Can
Bowling For Soup - Sick Of Myself
L'Arcusgi - Per Un Dumane
Ensiferum - White Storm
Skillet - Take
Michel Jonasz - L'Air Que L'On Respire
Richard Gotainer - Le Taquin Et La Grognon
Soum Bill - Qui Saura
Judas Priest - Locked In
Alice In Chains - Over Now
Judas Priest - Electric Eye
Daniel Guichard - A Part Tes Yeux
A Rocket To TheMoon - Life Of The Party
Alice In Chains - I Can't Remember
Skillet - Eating Me Away
Bowling For Soup - Sometimes
ZZ Top - Just Got Back From Baby's
Rufus Wainwright - Greek Song
Olivia Ruiz - Malagueña Salerosa
Sheryl Crow - We Do What We Can
Daniel Guichard - Rater Sa Vie
Peter Gabriel - Wallflower
Unswabbed - En Silence
Shaman King - Générique
Plumb - Jekyll And Hyde
Carlene Carter - Ring Of Fire
Bowling For Soup - Much More Beautiful Person
Judas Priest - All Guns Blazing
Moonsorrow - Unohduksen Lapsi
Michel Jonasz - Rock a Gogo
Hammerfall - Living In Victory
Peter Gabriel - The Time Of The Turning (Reprise) / The Weavers Reel
Luca Turilli - The Miracle Of Life
Germán Meoro - Pase Lo Que Pase
Genesis - Congo
Sheryl Crow - Reach Around Jerk
Andrea Bocelli - La Serenata
Plumb - Phobic
Bowling For Soup - Dumb
Andrea Bocelli - Questa o Quella
Secret Story 3 - Mister FX
Static-x - Otsegolation
Sheryl Crow - Indian Summer
Unswabbed - Shred Up
Benjamin Biolay - Les Grands Ensembles
Peter Gabriel - Excuse Me
Alice In Chains - Put You Down
Chimaira - Satan's Wizard
Therion - Uthark Runa
Skillet - More Faithful
Moonsorrow - Luopion Veri
Skillet - You Are My Hope
Therion - The Dreams Of Swedenborg
Alice In Chains - We Die Young
Rise Against - Dancing For Rain
Plumb - Candycoatedwaterdrops
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance Ft. Amanda Wilson
Andrea Bocelli - Tombe Degli Avi Miei
Eluveitie - Druid
Johnny Mathis - When I Am With You
ZZ Top - Squank
Pokemon - La Chanson D'Ondine
Toofan - Déloger
Lady Gaga - Born This Way