Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 416:

Krokus - Hot Shot
CocoRosie - Joseph City
Mustasch - It's Never Too Late
Queensryche - Sign Of The Times
U.D.O. - Leatherhead
Orphaned Land - The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem
Anti-flag - Ever Fallen In Love
God Dethroned - Loyal To The Crown Of God Dethroned
U.D.O. - Metal Eater
Dark Moor - Death
Children Of Bodom - Halo Of Blood
Anti-flag - Safe Tonight
Sirenia - Darkened Days To Come
Amon Amarth - Thousand Years Of Oppression
Dark Moor - An End So Cold
Heavenwood - Morning Glory Clouds (In Manus Tuas Domine)
Alkaline Trio - Into The Night
Moonspell - Fireseason
Tristania - Cypher
Queensryche - The Thin Line
Moonspell - Age Of Mothers
U.D.O. - The Eye Of The Eagle
Blondie - Europa
Candlemass - Dustflow
Carach Angren - Yonder Realm Photography
Emmure - The Philosophy Of Time Travel
Autopsy - Stillborn
Prong - No Question
Waltari - Main Stream
Manilla Road - Death By The Hammer
Prong - Take It In Hand
Archive - Silent
Dark Moor - Flying
U.D.O. - Manhunt
Candlemass - Black Stone Wielder
Prong - Drainpipe
Autopsy - Macabre Eternal
Molly Hatchet - Cheatin' Woman
U.D.O. - Warrior
Supercell - My Dearest
Amon Amarth - Without Fear
Death - Individual Thought Patterns
Candlemass - Droid
Prong - Messages Inside Of Me
Archive - Things Going Down
Candlemass - Lucifer Rising
Dark Moor - Hanged Man
Dark Moor - Mystery Of Goddess
U.D.O. - Metal Maniac Master Mind
Orphaned Land - Seasons Unite
Candlemass - The Bleeding Baroness
Fatboy Slim - Walk Like a Woman
August Burns Red - Sincerity
Gallows - Misery
August Burns Red - Creative Captivity
U.D.O. - Trip To Nowhere
Orphaned Land - Birth Of The Three (The Unification)
Anti-flag - Marc Defiant
Amon Amarth - We Shall Destroy
Manilla Road - Fire Of Ashurbanipal
Chevelle - To Return
Hardcore Superstar - One More Minute
Gamma Ray - Future Madhouse
Macklemore - Penis Song
God Dethroned - No Survivors
U.D.O. - Pull The Trigger
Prong - Without Hope
Moonspell - For a Taste Of Eternity
Gamma Ray - Cave Principle
Orphaned Land - Building The Ark
Krokus - Walking In The Spirit
Queensryche - At The Edge
Graveyard - Satan's Finest
Amon Amarth - Bleed For Ancient Gods
Julio Iglésias - Un Sentimental
Years Since The Storm - Another Shotgun Wedding
U.D.O. - Stay True
U.D.O. - Dirty Boys
CocoRosie - Gravediggress
Queensryche - All I Want
Orphaned Land - All Is One
U.D.O. - Black And White
Tristania - Diagnosis
Orphaned Land - In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue)
Dark Moor - The Night Of The Age
Moonspell - Moon In Mercury
U.D.O. - Stranger
Heavenwood - Rain Of July
Death - To Forgive Is To Suffer
Zebrahead - Get Back
Emmure - It's Not Just a Party, It's a Funeral
CocoRosie - Milkman
U.D.O. - Blitz Of Lightning
U.D.O. - The Key
U.D.O. - Azrael
Miguel - How Many Drinks ? (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Queensryche - Hand On Heart
Autopsy - Brain Damage
Dark Moor - The Sphinx
Heaven's Basement - Fire, Fire
U.D.O. - Streets On Fire
Gamma Ray - Countdown
Queensryche - One And Only
Jay Sean - Yalla Asia
Graveyard - Goliath
Queensryche - The Voice Inside
Queensryche - Burning Man
Mustasch - Desolate
Macklemore - Fake ID
Krokus - Looking To America
Candlemass - Abstract Sun
Death - Low Life
Freddie Mercury - Let's Turn It On
Sham 69 - Studenthead
Queensryche - The Mission
U.D.O. - Way Of Life
U.D.O. - Devil's Dice
Tristania - Patriot Games
Candlemass - The Prophecy
Tristania - Sirens
Amon Amarth - For The Stabwounds In Our Backs
Krokus - Rock City
Candlemass - Temple Of The Dead
U.D.O. - Infected
Sirenia - Fading Star
Prong - Disbelief
Dark Moor - Houdini's Great Escapade
Dark Moor - The Fall Of Melnibone
Dark Moor - El Último Rey
Zebrahead - Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right, But Three Rights Make a Left
Anti-flag - I Don't Believe
Moonspell - Firewalking
Amon Amarth - Once Sent From The Golden Hall
Kissin' Dynamite - Love Me Hate Me
Zebrahead - Walk Away
Queensryche - Blinded
Quiet Riot - Too Much Information
Archive - Interlace
God Dethroned - Sigma Enigma
U.D.O. - Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii)
Prong - Close The Door
Autopsy - Spill My Blood
Manilla Road - Return Of The Serpent King
Sirenia - Decadence
Graveyard - Cooking Brew
Emmure - I Should Have Called Ms. Cleo
Moonspell - Capricorn At Her Feet
Zebrahead - Demon Days
Zebrahead - Blindside
Puggy - Insane
Manilla Road - Imperious Rise
Pochette Surprise - Wa-g-k-gué
Death - Suicide Machine
Moonspell - Ataegina
U.D.O. - Unspoken Words
Puggy - Burned
Queensryche - My Empty Room
Amon Amarth - Valhall Awaits Me
Dark Moor - On The Hill Of Dreams
Ornella Vanoni - Non Dirmi Niente
Moonspell - Soulsick
Krokus - Playin' The Outlaw
Autopsy - Bridge Of Bones
Autopsy - Dirty Gore Whore
Orphaned Land - Children
Carach Angren - Lingering In An Imprint Haunting
Sham 69 - I'm Mad
U.D.O. - State Run Operation
August Burns Red - The First Step
Ronan Keating - Will You Ever Be Mine?
Autopsy - An Act Of The Unspeakable
Macklemore - Inhale Deep
Zebrahead - The Art Of Breaking Up
Frédéric François - Valentino
Black Sabbath - I
Zebrahead - Wookie
Anti-flag - Tearing Down The Borders
Amon Amarth - A Beast Am I
Orphaned Land - Like Fire To Water
God Dethroned - The Art Of Immolation
Misery Index - Blood On Their Hands
Amon Amarth - North Sea Storm
Zebrahead - Someday
Anti-flag - Smash It To Pieces
Guster - That's No Way To Get To Heaven
Queensryche - Get Started
Amon Amarth - As Long As The Raven Flies
Zebrahead - Wannabe
Orphaned Land - The Path Ahead
Queensryche - Drive
Carach Angren - Al Betekent Het Mijn Dood
U.D.O. - Devil's Rendezvous
Ronan Keating - Scars
Queensryche - Great Devide
Gallows - Everybody Loves You (When You're Dead)
Heavenwood - A Poem For Matilde
Orphaned Land - Find Your Self, Discover God
Macklemore - Claiming The City
Death - Leprosy
Zebrahead - The Set-Up
Prong - Detached
Queensryche - Best I Can
God Dethroned - The Warcult
Misery Index - Bottom Feeders
Ronan Keating - Wasted Light
Manilla Road - Spiral Castle
Heavenwood - Since The First Smile...
Sham 69 - Breeding Dinosaurs
Queensryche - A Junkies Blues
Moonspell - A Poisoned Gift
Dark Moor - Mio Cid
Cult Of Luna - Dark City, Dead Man
U.D.O. - Future Land
Queensryche - An Intentional Confrontation
Orphaned Land - The Truth Within
Macklemore - Hold Your Head Up
Dark Moor - Alea Jacta
Amon Amarth - Wrath Of The Norsemen
Dark Moor - Love From The Stone
CocoRosie - Girl And The Geese
Zebrahead - Galileo Was Wrong
Amon Amarth - Victorious March
U.D.O. - Silent Cry
Ronan Keating - So Easy Lovin' You
Dark Moor - Living In a Nightmare (Orchestral Version)
Candlemass - Lidocain God
Mustasch - Daybreaker
Slash - Anastasia
Gamma Ray - Anywhere In The Galaxy
Prong - Sublime
Frank Zappa - Tell Me You Love Me
Death - Bite The Pain
Amon Amarth - Hermod's Ride To Hel - Lokes Treachery Part 1
U.D.O. - Don't Look Back
Dark Moor - Just Rock
U.D.O. - Independence Day
Anti-flag - Drink Drank Punk
Autopsy - Sadistic Gratification
Children Of Bodom - Red Light In My Eyes - Pt. II
Heavenwood - Tears Of Grief
Winx - Rêve
Never Shout Never - Old Timer
Macklemore - Good For You
Manafest - So Beautiful
Autopsy - Severed Survival
Queensryche - Spore
Autopsy - Destined To Fester
Carach Angren - Spectral Infantry Battalions
The Postal Service - Clark Gable
Amon Amarth - Risen From The Sea 2000
Anti-flag - Daddy Warbux
Never Shout Never - All Mine
Dark Moor - The Silver Key
Tristania - Magical Fix
Queensryche - Circles
Zebrahead - Check
Sham 69 - Get a Life
Moonspell - From Lowering Skies
Ronan Keating - As Much As I Can Give You Girl
Heavenwood - Her Scent In The Spiral
Candlemass - The Ebony Throne
Claude François - Et Je Ne Pense Plus à Toi
Ronan Keating - Heal Me
U.D.O. - Time Dilator
Autopsy - Hand Of Darkness
Ronan Keating - Come Be My Baby
Ronan Keating - My One Thing That's Real
Anti-flag - We Want To Be Free
Zebrahead - Subtract You
Ronan Keating - The One You Love
EpicLloyd - Holding The Seams Together
Carach Angren - Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena
Amon Amarth - Runes To My Memory
Queensryche - Spreading The Disease (Part 2)
Sasha Pieterse - I Can't Fix You
Waltari - Rap Your Body Beat
Ronan Keating - Turn It On Again
Never Shout Never - California Slang
Joe Cocker - Different Roads
Régine - Les Bleus
Carach Angren - An Ominous Recording
Ronan Keating - Wild Mountain Thyme
Zebrahead - Mindtrip
Never Shout Never - The Lousy Truth
Autopsy - Mangled Far Below
Zebrahead - Kick Your Ass Goodbye
Misery Index - Spectator
Zebrahead - Blur
Gamma Ray - One Life
Autopsy - Shit Eater
Tristania - Lavender
Equilibrium - Der Wassermann
Dark Moor - A Truth Of Me
Zebrahead - Runaway
Death - 1,000 Eyes
Dark Moor - Wheel Of Fortune
Anti-flag - Police Story
Amon Amarth - The Sound Of Eight Hooves
Years Since The Storm - Tastes Like Ghetto Heaven
Miles Kane - Happenstance
U.D.O. - Never Cross My Way
Ronan Keating - Get Back To What Is Real
Heavenwood - As Illusive As a Dream
Zebrahead - Ignite
Queensryche - Liquid Sky
Ronan Keating - Bring You Home
B.A.P - Coffee Shop
Kellin Quinn - Someone Else
Eden Dark - Je Veux Me Sentir Exister
Dark Moor - The Call
Queensryche - Doin' Fine
God Dethroned - Fire Storm
Queensryche - Open
Miles Kane - Quicksand
U.D.O. - Timekeeper
Never Shout Never - California
Zebrahead - She Don't Wanna Rock
Never Shout Never - The Duet
Cult Of Luna - Further
Blitz Kids - Run For Cover
Zebrahead - I'm Money
Ronan Keating - Lovin' Each Day
Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Emmure - Rough Justice
Zebrahead - Dissatisfied
Gallows - Odessa
Zebrahead - Morse Code For Suckers
Queensryche - At 30,000 Ft.
Fransisca Hall - Until It Hurts
Dark Moor - From Hell
Carach Angren - The Carriage Wheel Murder
Zebrahead - Fly Daze
Mustasch - My Disorder
Imany - Take Care
Dark Moor - Nevermore
Amon Amarth - Amon Amarth
Manilla Road - Decimation
Gamma Ray - Hear Me Calling
Orphaned Land - Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II
Orphaned Land - A'salk
Luke Bryan - Good Directions
Moonspell - Lustmord
Ronan Keating - Life Is a Rollercoaster
Ronan Keating - When The World Was Mine
Heavenwood - Frithiof's Saga
Heavenwood - Moonlight Girl
Misery Index - Embracing Extinction
Never Shout Never - Wrong Side Of Town
Dark Moor - The Mysterious Maiden
Queensryche - Hot Spot Junkie
Amon Amarth - As Loke Falls
Years Since The Storm - The Bay Harbor Butcher
Claude François - Donne Un Peu De Rêve
Ronan Keating - Let Her Down Easy
Luke Bryan - Sorority Girl
Autopsy - The Birthing
Anti-flag - The Freaks, Nerds, & Romantics
Never Shout Never - Big City Dreams
Moonspell - 2econd Skin
Mustasch - Your Father Must Be Proud Of You
Luke Bryan - In Love With The Girl
Autopsy - When Hammer Meets Bone
Dark Moor - The Bane Of Daninsky, The Werewolf
Prong - No Justice
Ronan Keating - Back In The Backseat
Zebrahead - The Real Me
Orphaned Land - Vayehi Or
Queensryche - Revolution Calling
Candlemass - A Sorcerer's Pledge
Hardcore Superstar - C'mon Take On Me
Luke Bryan - The Car In Front Of Me
Ornella Vanoni - Un'ora Sola Ti Vorrei
Krokus - Come On
Amon Amarth - The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter
Imany - Kisses In The Dark
Patti Labelle - When You Smile
Gamma Ray - Short As Hell
Prong - Cut Rate
Manilla Road - Spirits Of The Dead
Dark Moor - The City Of Peace
Moonspell - Tired
Zebrahead - Light Up The Sky
Claude François - Il Reste Toujours
Autopsy - Seven Skulls
Zebrahead - Go
Jay Sean - Break Ya Back
Graveyard - Endless Night
Patti Labelle - You Saved My Life
U.D.O. - Pray For The Hunted
Amon Amarth - Töck's Taunt - Loke's Treachery Part II
Amon Amarth - Siegreicher Marsch (Victorious March)
Dark Moor - Born In The Dark
Ronan Keating - I've Got My Heart On You
Dark Moor - Cancíon Del Pirata
Gamma Ray - (We Won't) Stop The War
Black Sabbath - Seventh Star
Gamma Ray - Victim Of Fate
Heavenwood - Sudden Scars
Graveyard - Ungrateful Are The Dead
Steelheart - I Breathe
Dark Moor - The Gates Of Oblivion
Autopsy - Mutant Village
U.D.O. - Book Of Faith
Zebrahead - Chrome
Queensryche - If I Could Change It All
Ornella Vanoni - L’Appuntamento
Zebrahead - Hello Tomorrow
Death - Misanthrope
Manilla Road - Into The Courts Of Chaos
Luke Bryan - Too Damn Young
U.D.O. - Renegade
The Saturdays - Wildfire
Children Of Bodom - The Days Are Numbered
Dark Moor - Your Symphony
Zebrahead - Veils And Visions
Queensryche - Breakdown
Amon Amarth - God, His Son And Holy Whore
Candlemass - Mourner's Lament
Amon Amarth - Blood Eagle
Pendulum - Granite
Ronan Keating - Blown Away
Steelheart - Wait
Moonspell - AbYsmo
U.D.O. - Heart Of Gold
Autopsy - Running From The Goathead
Blondie - China Shoes
Luke Bryan - Baby's On The Way
Misery Index - Retaliate
August Burns Red - You Should Be Taking Flight Right Now
Mustasch - Lonely
Amon Amarth - ...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be
Luke Bryan - Apologize
Sham 69 - Alice
Never Shout Never - Sorry
Hardcore Superstar - Honey Tongue
Luke Bryan - It's a Shore Thing
Archive - Rise
Luke Bryan - Every Time I See You
Ornella Vanoni - Io Ti Daro' Di Piu'
Autopsy - Ridden With Disease
U.D.O. - Desperate Balls
Heavenwood - Soulsister
Slot - Lego
Anti-flag - Stars And Stripes
Anti-flag - 20 Years Of Hell
Never Shout Never - Simple Enough
Children Of Bodom - Touch Like Angel Of Death
Emmure - You Sunk My Battleship
The Saturdays - Somebody Else's Life
Autopsy - Deathmask
Lit - You Tonight
Ronan Keating - Suspicious Minds
Tristania - Himmelfal
Children Of Bodom - The Nail
Graveyard - Blue Soul
Moonspell - Os Senhores Da Guerra
Zebrahead - We're Not a Cover Band, We're a Tribute Band
Never Shout Never - Falling Up
Jarabe De Palo - La Flace
God Dethroned - Drowning In Mud
Amon Amarth - Satan Rising
Never Shout Never - Aeroplane
Candlemass - House Of 1000 Voices
Autopsy - Charred Remains
Tristania - Arteries
Queensryche - Redemption
Autopsy - The 24 Public Mutilations
Pendulum - The Fountain
Queensryche - Hero
Orphaned Land - Ya Benaye
Autopsy - Blood Orgy
Amon Amarth - Bloodshed
Heavenwood - Season '98
Archive - Wiped Out
Ronan Keating - This Is Your Song
Steelheart - Dancin' In The Fire
Luke Bryan - Country Man
Anti-flag - Cities Burn
Luke Bryan - Tailgate Blues
Ben Rector - Need You Tonight
Ronan Keating - Easy Now My Dear
Children Of Bodom - Dead Man's Hand On You
Blue Öyster Cult - O.D.'d On Life Itself
Amon Amarth - Annihilation Of Hammerfest
Manilla Road - Return Of The Old Ones
Zebrahead - Swing
Prong - The Banishment
Cindy Faustin - Gourmandise
Tich - Little By Little
Duran Duran - Hothead
Queensryche - LuvnU
Candlemass - Tot
Bon Jovi - With These Two Hands
Carach Angren - Ethereal Veiled Existence
Queensryche - Falling Behind
U.D.O. - Can't Get Enough
Queensryche - Wot We Do
Queensryche - Falling Down
Emmure - If God Only Knew
Queensryche - Hit The Black
Nina Simone - Rags And Old Iron
Black Sabbath - Cross Of Thorns
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups
Zebrahead - Nothing To Lose
Black Sabbath - Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Miles Kane - Darkness In Our Hearts
Black Sabbath - Devil And Daughter
Miles Kane - Counting Down The Days
Orphaned Land - Pits Of Despair
Manilla Road - Dementia
Queensryche - Wot Kinda Man
God Dethroned - Falling Down
Nina Simone - Something To Live For
Queensryche - The Killer
Autopsy - Humiliate Your Corpse
Megan And Liz - Release You
Queensryche - Hundred Mile Stare
Misery Index - Love It Or Leave It
Luke Bryan - Just a Sip
Zebrahead - Karma Flavored Whisky
Never Shout Never - Ladybug
Pendulum - Axle Grinder
Graveyard - Rss
Nina Simone - Hush, Little Baby
P-Square - Personally
Joe Cocker - Wayward Soul
Heavenwood - Luna
Manilla Road - Divine Victim
Blue Öyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Anti-flag - No Difference
Pendulum - Comprachicos
U.D.O. - The Punisher
Zebrahead - Strength
Zebrahead - E Generation
Nina Simone - I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
Never Shout Never - Hazel Eyez
Ronan Keating - Give You What You Want
Zebrahead - Ricky Bobby
Nina Simone - Blue Prelude
Candlemass - Waterwitch
David Ban - L'alpaguer
Never Shout Never - Awful
Capture The Crown - LAX
U.D.O. - In The Darkness
Nina Simone - Where Can I Go Without You
Pendulum - Blood Sugar
Autopsy - Human Genocide
Blondie - Backfired
Candlemass - Mirror, Mirror
U.D.O. - Raise The Crown
Imany - I Lost My Keys
God Dethroned - Under a Darkening Sky
Heavenwood - Wasted Recumbence
Imany - Please And Change
Candlemass - Soothe Me Into Oblivion
Capture The Crown - Ladies & Gentlemen... I Give You Hell
Nina Simone - Fine And Mellow
Claude François - Où S’en Aller
Pochette Surprise - Que Des Promesses
Hardcore Superstar - Shades Of Grey
Nina Simone - My Man's Gone Now
Krokus - Better Than Sex
Nina Simone - He Needs Me
Primal Fear - Hands Of Time
Autopsy - Always About To Die
Krokus - Burning Bones
U.D.O. - Living On a Frontline
Ronan Keating - These Days
Sirenia - El Enigma De La Vida
Will Young - Come On
Queensryche - Ryhthm Of Hope
Moonspell - Than The Serpents In My Hands
MBLAQ - Sexy Beat
U.D.O. - The Instigator
Nina Simone - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Nina Simone - The Other Woman
Krokus - Back-Seat Rock And Roll
Queensryche - Desert Dance
Hardcore Superstar - Won't Go To Heaven
U.D.O. - Run For Cover
Jay Sean - Where You Are
Amon Amarth - Hel
Orphaned Land - Barakah
Moonspell - At Tragic Heights
Krokus - Stayed Awake All Night
Luke Bryan - Harvest Time
Krokus - I Want It All
Ronan Keating - If You Love Me
Zebrahead - I'm Definitely Not Gonna Miss You
Pendulum - Slam
Ozzy Osbourne - Time After Time
Queensryche - Reach
Moonspell - Flesh
Luke Bryan - Muckalee Creek Water
Anti-flag - Zapatista, Don't Give Up
Nina Simone - Assignment Sequence
Nina Simone - For Myself
Emmure - Johnny Carson Didn't Have To Die
Nina Simone - It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
Anti-flag - Anatomy Of Your Enemy
Autopsy - An End To The Misery
Joe Cocker - I Can Hear The River
Eskimo Callboy - The Kerosene Dance
U.D.O. - Powersquad
Amon Amarth - Sorrow Throughtout The Nine Worlds
Nina Simone - I'm Going Back Home
Ronan Keating - She Gets Me Inside
Krokus - Angel Of My Dreams
Nina Simone - Why Keep On Breaking My Heart
Capture The Crown - Fork Tongued
Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night
Zebrahead - Nudist Priest
Candlemass - Dark Are The Veils Of Death
Ronan Keating - The Way You Make Me Feel
U.D.O. - Lay Down The Law
U.D.O. - We're History
Jenn Grant - Dreamer
Nina Simone - How Can I
Symphony X - A Winter's Dream - The Ascension (Part II)
Carach Angren - Bloodstains On The Captain's Log
Eskimo Callboy - Internude
Miles Kane - Kingcrawler
Steelheart - Buried Unkind
Amon Amarth - Stand Up To Go Down
Miles Kane - Give Up
Manilla Road - Conquest
Death - Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
God Dethroned - Arch Enemy Spain
Autopsy - Critical Madness
Woodkid - The Great Escape
Nina Simone - Balm In Gilead
Tom Odell - I Know
Europe - Secret Society
Megadeth - Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
Rniz - Movo-R Feat Movozoxe
Queensryche - Queen Of The Reich
Never Shout Never - Until I Die Alone
Pendulum - The Tempest
So Nyeo Shi Dae - Love & Girls
Candlemass - Hammer Of Doom
Nina Simone - July Tree
Luke Bryan - Crash My Party
Luke Bryan - Buzzkill
Heavenwood - In The Meadows Of Heaven
Death - Out Of Touch
Waltari - Sillanpää (Bridge End)
Macklemore - Bush Song
Emmure - Bison Diaries
Anti-flag - Got The Numbers
Steelheart - Take a Little Time
Luke Bryan - I'm Hungover
Luke Bryan - Ya'll Can Have This Town
Steelheart - Cabernet
Carach Angren - The Shining Was a Portent Of Gloom
Amon Amarth - Asator
Nina Simone - I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Amon Amarth - Legend Of a Banished Man
Nina Simone - Our Love (Will See Us Through)
Tristania - Night On Earth
Nina Simone - For a While
Jay-Z - Picasso Baby
Ronan Keating - To Be Loved
Shrek - Je Veux Un Héro
Queensryche - Last Time In Paris
Ronan Keating - Fires
Nina Simone - Chain Gang (Work Song)
Patrick Stump - Greed
Nina Simone - Tomorrow Is My Turn
Prong - Revenge... Best Served Cold
U.D.O. - Restricted Area
Orphaned Land - A Call To Awake (The Quest)
Luke Bryan - Small Town Favorite
Blue Öyster Cult - Stone Of Love
Selena Gomez - Music Feels Better
Misery Index - Dissent Part 3. The Imperial Ambition
Never Shout Never - Malibu
Pendulum - Different
Anti-flag - A Start
Black Sabbath - Age Of Reason
Death - Destiny
Pendulum - Through The Loop
Randy Houser - How Country Feels
Autopsy - I Shit On Your Grave
Luke Bryan - You Make Me Want To
Never Shout Never - Silver Ecstasy
Luke Bryan - Stuck On You
Sirenia - Darkling
Emmure - Rusted Over Wet Dreams
Woodkid - Boat Song
Emmure - Umar Dumps Dormammu
U.D.O. - Black Widow
EpicLloyd - PAWN
Autopsy - Burnt To a Fuck
Patrick Stump - Saturday Night Again
Zebrahead - Livin' Libido Loco
Jay-Z - Somewhere In America
U.D.O. - Preachers Of The Night
Orphaned Land - My Requiem
Emmure - Felony
Miles Kane - Don't Forget Who You Are
Broken Iris - Unfolding Time
Nina Simone - In The Morning
Nina Simone - Why? (The King Of Love Is Dead)
Steelheart - Twisted Future
Nina Simone - Compassion
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - My Swagger Has a First Name
Hardcore Superstar - Sorry For The Shape I'm In
Nina Simone - Exactly Like You
Dark Moor - Mortal Sin
Nina Simone - Love O' Love
Amon Amarth - Coming Of The Tide
Bon Jovi - Gotta Have a Reason
Fleshcrawl - Anthem Of Death
Nina Simone - I'm Gonna Leave You
Autopsy - Pagan Saviour
Nina Simone - Will I Find My Love Today
Nina Simone - Fodder On My Wings
Alex Hepburn - Bad Girl
Nina Simone - I Loves You, Porgy
Dark Moor - Return For Love
Capture The Crown - You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife!
Never Shout Never - New Sound
Never Shout Never - Sacrilegious
Savages - Husbands
Nina Simone - Blackbird
Nina Simone - Tell Me More And More And Then Some
Anti-flag - The Project For a New American Century
Miles Kane - My Fantasy
Fleshcrawl - Into The Depths Of No Return
August Burns Red - Missing This Opportunity
Nina Simone - Nobody
Emmure - Last Words To Rose
Capture The Crown - 'Til Death
Stephen Marley - Pale Moonlight (How Many Times)
Jay-Z - Heaven
Orphaned Land - Ornaments Of Gold
Fleshcrawl - Embraced By Evil
Cult Of Luna - Leave Me Here
Tristania - The Emerald Piper
Eskimo Callboy - Wonderbra Boulevard
Patrick Stump - Oast (It's Gonna Get Better)
Waltari - External
U.D.O. - System Of Life
Heavenwood - Leonor
Dark Moor - Ah! Wretched Me!
Selena Gomez - Stars Dance
Luke Bryan - Dirt Road Diary
Steelheart - Forgive Me
Years Since The Storm - Speak To The Trees
L'affaire Louis Trio - La Nuit
Never Shout Never - Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway
Amon Amarth - Ride For Vengeance
U.D.O. - Shadows Come Alive
Kim Sozzi - Til I Cry You Out Of Me
Pendulum - Streamline
Sleeping With Sirens - Stomach Tied In Knots
Heavenwood - 13Th Moon
Fleshcrawl - Damned In Fire
Symphony X - A Winter's Dream - Prelude (Part I)
Eskimo Callboy - 5$ Bitchcore
Nina Simone - New World Coming
Selena Gomez - Write Your Name
Zebrahead - What's Going On?
Moonspell - Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum)
Nina Simone - The Man With a Horn
Selena Gomez - Undercover
Death - Without Judgement
Nina Simone - Revolution, Pts. 1, 2
Patrick Stump - Porcelain
Patrick Stump - Everybody Wants Somebody
Nina Simone - Chilly Winds Don't Blow
Never Shout Never - Magic
Dark Moor - The Ghost Sword
U.D.O. - 24/7
Eros Ramazzotti - {L'ultimo Metrò}
Krokus - Hellraiser
Heavenwood - Once a Burden
Autopsy - Gasping For Air
Patti Labelle - Don't Make Me Over
Jay-Z - Versus
U.D.O. - Braindead Hero
Faber Drive - Life Is Waiting
Ronan Keating - On My Way
Heavenwood - Lament
Nina Simone - Real Real
Dark Moor - Going On
Ronan Keating - In Love There Is No Pride
Nina Simone - The Desperate Ones
Zebrahead - One Shot
Autopsy - Arch Cadaver
God Dethroned - Winter Campaign 2002
Ronan Keating - Nineteen Again
Black Sabbath - Digital Bitch
Prong - Looking For Them
August Burns Red - Provision
Luke Bryan - Five O'Clock Angel
Zebrahead - Move On
Queensryche - One Foot In Hell
Zebrahead - All For None And None For All
U.D.O. - Mean Machine
Gamma Ray - Fire Below
Fleshcrawl - Impure Massacre Of Bloody Souls
Nina Simone - To Love Somebody
MBLAQ - Running & Running
Ornella Vanoni - Senza Fine
Never Shout Never - The Past
Nina Simone - Just In Time
Anti-flag - Wake Up!
Heavenwood - Frozen Images
Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt
Anti-flag - Tearing Everyone Down
Manilla Road - Out Of Control With Rock & Roll
Zebrahead - Let It Ride
Jeremy Camp - Let It Fade
The Sugarhill Gang - Apache
Mustasch - The Wave
Blondie - Detroit 442
Steelheart - Say No More
Krokus - Help!
Heavenwood - Slumber
Queensryche - The Voice
Fleshcrawl - Soulskinner
Supercell - Sayonara Memories
Selena Gomez - Nobody Does It Like You
Gamma Ray - Beyond The Black Hole
Krokus - World In Fire
Pendulum - Set Me On Fire
Fleshcrawl - Center Of Hate
Steelheart - Ahh Song
Krokus - Freedom
Jay-Z - Part II (On The Run) (feat Beyoncé)
Luke Bryan - Been There, Done That
Jeremy Camp - Without You
Jeremy Camp - Carried Me
Luke Bryan - Doin' My Thing
Fleshcrawl - Carved In Flesh
Ozzy Osbourne - Crucify
Tarrus Riley - Let Me In
Ornella Vanoni - La Musica è Finita
Nina Simone - Nearer Blessed Lord
Waltari - My Own Satisfaction
Jeremy Camp - Beautiful One
Nina Simone - Rich Girl
Fleshcrawl - Feed The Demon's Heart
August Burns Red - Redemption
The Verve - Noise Epic
Eskimo Callboy - Transilvanian Cunthunger
Tristania - Requiem
Jeremy Camp - Let It Snow
Grieves - Pressure Cracks
Dark Moor - Emperor
Zebrahead - Too Bored To Bleed
Ellie Goulding - You, My Everything
Pendulum - The Terminal
Tristania - Number
Fleshcrawl - From The Dead To The Living
Krokus - Fight On
Anti-flag - One People, One Struggle
Grieves - War For The Crippled
Patrick Stump - Bad Side Of 25
Moonspell - The Southern Deathstyle
Never Shout Never - Hummingbird
Capture The Crown - RVG
Dark Moor - Silver Lake
Quadron - Sea Salt
Krokus - Bailout Blues
Jeremy Camp - Free
Krokus - Hangman
Candlemass - The Bells Of Acheron
Amon Amarth - Metalwrath
Luke Bryan - Wild Weekend
Queensryche - Warning
Gallows - Victim Culture
The Verve - Judas
Jeremy Camp - Breath
Orphaned Land - The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness
Steelheart - All Your Love
François Valéry - Danger Public
Amon Amarth - Snake Eyes
Dark Moor - For Her
Nina Simone - The Assignment Song
Queensryche - Fear City Slide
Jay-Z - Nickels And Dimes
Grieves - I Ate Your Soul
Emmure - The Key To Keeping The Show Fresh Is... I'm Dead
Jay-Z - La Familia
Dark Moor - Halloween (Helloween)
Grieves - Purgatory Music
Queensryche - Another Rainy Night
Maska - Loin Des Ennuis (ft. The Shin Sekaï)
Queensryche - Around The World
Tarrus Riley - Something Strong
Nina Simone - Poppies
Grieves - Sunny Side Of Hell
Dave - Le Marchand De Rêves
Hardcore Superstar - Cry Your Eyes Out
Quadron - Jeans
Grieves - Bottom Of The Bottle
Quadron - Better Off
Grieves - Another Love
Never Shout Never - First Dance
Heavenwood - Obsolete
Hellyeah - Hellyeah
Moonspell - Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
Orphaned Land - From Broken Vessels
Hardcore Superstar - Bring Me Back
Prong - Regal
Anti-flag - Antithetic To The Cure
Luke Bryan - Little Bit Later On
Grieves - Gwenevieve
Grieves - Get Down
Dark Moor - First Lance Of Spain
Luke Bryan - Rain Is a Good Thing
Emmure - Cross Over Attack
Fleshcrawl - Bloodsoul
Manilla Road - Far Side Of The Sun
Macklemore - White Privilege
Never Shout Never - Fifteen
Queensryche - Don't Look Back
Luke Bryan - If You Ain't Here To Party
Olly Murs - Love Shine Down
Grieves - Nature Vs Nurture
Jay-Z - FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (feat Rick Ross)
Sirenia - All My Dreams
Black Sabbath - Walk Away
Fleshcrawl - As Blood Rains From The Sky
Moonspell - Once It Was Ours
Nina Simone - Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter
Carach Angren - The Funerary Dirge Of a Violinist
God Dethroned - Sickening Harp Rasps
Zebrahead - Dear You (Far Away)
Steelheart - We All Die Young
Nina Simone - I Love My Baby
Tarrus Riley - Let Peace Reign
Autopsy - My Corpse Shall Rise
Steelheart - Virgin Soul
Queensryche - Walk In The Shadows
Dark Moor - When The Sun Is Gone
Zebrahead - Type a
Amon Amarth - A Fury Divine
Candlemass - The Edge Of Heaven
U.D.O. - One Step To Fate
Nina Simone - I Am Blessed
Zebrahead - Lightning Rod
Boyzone - Angel
Manilla Road - Grindhouse
Nina Simone - I Like The Sunrise
Mustasch - Nailed To Pain
Dark Moor - Don't Look Back
The Verve - See You In The Next One (Have a Good Time)
Blondie - (Can I Find) The Right Words (To Say)
Sirenia - The Funeral March
Heavenwood - One Step To Devotion
Zebrahead - Blackout
Children Of Bodom - Transference
Luke Bryan - Chevrolet
Connie Talbot - Building Bridges
Zebrahead - Song 10
Moonspell - Full Moon Madness
Capture The Crown - Deja Vu
Quadron - Favorite Star
Years Since The Storm - The Worst Things Always Happen a Mile Away From Home
Grieves - Against The Bottom
Cody Simpson - Love (ft. Ziggy Marley)
Lights - I Can't See The Light
Olly Murs - Don't Say Goodbye
Years Since The Storm - Left Floating In The Sea
Orphaned Land - The Simple Man
Moonspell - Ruin And Misery
Grieves - Growing Pains
Luke Bryan - Chuggin' Along
Heavenwood - Shadowflower
Tarrus Riley - One Two Order
Cody Simpson - No Ceiling
Nina Simone - Break Down And Let It All Out
Nina Simone - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
The Verve - Where The Geese Go
Waltari - In The Cradle
Eskimo Callboy - Bury Me In Vegas
Jeremy Camp - My God
Sham 69 - Spunky Candy
Sirenia - Winter Land
U.D.O. - No Limits
Fleshcrawl - Awaiting The End
Disclosure - What's In Your Head
Disclosure - Help Me Lose My Mind
Black Sabbath - Loner
Steelheart - Shangrila
The Verve - Star Sail
The Verve - Space And Time
Fleshcrawl - Rotten
Fleshcrawl - Nothing But Flesh Remains
Wintersun - Sleeping Stars
U.D.O. - Lost Passion
Grieves - Heartbreak Hotel
Anti-flag - No Borders, No Nations
Anti-flag - We Don't Need It
Orphaned Land - Fail
Jeremy Camp - Lay Down My Pride
Cult Of Luna - And With Her Came The Birds
Miles Kane - Inhaler
Never Shout Never - Between Two Worlds
Kid Rock - Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp
Alain Chamfort - Seul à La Fin
Anti-flag - 911 For Peace
Howie Day - Secret
Grieves - Pack It Up
Grieves - No Matter What
Krokus - Russian Winter
U.D.O. - Danger
Al Mike - Leïla (Habibi) (Feat. Gazi Demirel)
Nina Simone - Solitude
Lena Katina - You Lift Me Up
Howie Day - Slow Down
Fleshcrawl - Path Of Endless Fire
Helmet - Make Room
Black Sabbath - Loser Gets It All
Misery Index - The Seventh Cavalry
Gamma Ray - Revelation
Lucia - Silence
Ronan Keating - Only For You
Nina Simone - I Can't See Nobody
Mustasch - Parasite
Fleshcrawl - Flesh Bloody Flesh
Helmet - Goodbye
Nina Simone - The Laziest Gal In Town
Luke Bryan - Spring Break-Up
Godsmack - Spiral
Jeremy Camp - Reckless
Nina Simone - Gin House Blues
Howie Day - Undressed
Amon Amarth - Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
Fleshcrawl - Recycling The Corpses
Nina Simone - Stop
Ornella Vanoni - Domani è Un Altro Giorno
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - I'm The Rehab, You're The Drugs
Heavenwood - Fading Sun
White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65
Maitre Gims - Le Retour D'E.T.
Anti-flag - Fuck The Flag
Death - Beyond The Unholy Grave
Dark Moor - Life For Revenge
Dark Moor - Devil In The Tower
Children Of Bodom - All Twisted
Howie Day - Postcard From Mars
U.D.O. - Raiders Of Beyond
Grieves - Vice Grip
Helmet - FBLA II
Fleshcrawl - Rest In Pain (R.I.P.)
Helmet - Driving Nowhere
Luke Bryan - Drinkin' Beer And Wastin' Bullets
Jeremy Camp - Letting Go
Disclosure - Voices
Selena Gomez - Like a Champion
Years Since The Storm - Manbearpig
Imany - Grey Monday
Dark Moor - Green Eyes
Autopsy - Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
Dave - Heureusement Que La Musique Est Là
Nina Simone - Just Say I Love Him
Universum - War Of Ages
Autopsy - I Sodomize Your Corpse
Helmet - Overrated
Nina Simone - Night Song
Ronan Keating - Keep On Walking
Grieves - Heatstroke
Ronan Keating - Friends In Time
Prong - List Of Grievances
The Verve - Virtual World
Universum - Ignite The Subconscious
Jeremy Camp - No Matter What
White Zombie - Shack Of Hate
Grieves - Cloud Man
Gallows - Last June
The Sunstreak - Once Upon a Lie
White Zombie - Drowning The Collosus
Jeremy Camp - Nothing
Orphaned Land - His Leaf Shall Not Wither
Ronan Keating - Time For Love
Tarrus Riley - Devil's Appetite
Dark Moor - In The Heart Of Stone
Vanessa Hudgens - $$$ex
Anti-flag - A New Kind Of Army
Pendulum - Self Vs. Self
Jay-Z - Crown
White Zombie - I Zombie
Fleshcrawl - War Of The Dead
Blowsight - Bandit For Life
Nina Simone - Memphis In June
Nina Simone - Blues For Mama
Ronan Keating - Mama's Arms
Grieves - Lock Down
Candlemass - Blumma Apt
Nina Simone - Satin Doll
U.D.O. - Hot Tonight
One Direction - Best Song Ever
Archive - Stick Me In My Heart
Blue Öyster Cult - Celestial The Queen
Helmet - Brand New
Luke Bryan - Shake The Sand Off The Sheets
Death - In Human Form
Helmet - On Your Way Down
EpicLloyd - L Verse
Lights - Flux And Flow
Zebrahead - Time
Heavenwood - Foreclosure
Ronan Keating - Brighter Days
God Dethroned - Hating Life
Jeremy Camp - We Need
U.D.O. - Kick In The Face
Fleshcrawl - About Mortality
Pendulum - Visions
Patrick Stump - Spotlight (New Regrets)
Eskimo Callboy - Muffin Purper-Gurk
Fleshcrawl - Contribution Suicide
Universum - Blank Infinity
Fleshcrawl - Scourge Of The Bleeding Haunted
Helmet - Biscuits For Smut
Autopsy - Born Undead
Never Shout Never - Time Traveller Blues
Heavenwood - Flames Of Vanity
CocoRosie - Haitian Love Songs
Nina Simone - I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometime)
Grieves - Identity Cards
Sham 69 - Windowstare
Maitre Gims - Hasta La Vista (ft. L'Institut)
Orphaned Land - Of Temptation Born
Emmure - Demons With Ryu
Nina Simone - You Better Know It
Nina Simone - The Twelfth Of Never
Autopsy - Praise The Children
Dark Moor - Gadir
White Zombie - Grindhouse (A Go-Go)
Sham 69 - Loudmouth
Morten Harket - Natten
Universum - Genetic Sequence Distortion
Steelheart - Shine a Light For Me
U.D.O. - Go Back To Hell
Universum - Morte Noir
Howie Day - So Stung
Helmet - Turned Out
Everlife - Look Through My Eyes
Dark Moor - The Road Again
Grieves - The Room We Hide In
Joe Cocker - One Night Of Sin
Fleshcrawl - Hellspawn
Fleshcrawl - Carnal Devourment
Nina Simone - Mr. Smith
Never Shout Never - Harmony
Dark Moor - Lovers
Moonspell - Wolves From The Fog
Jeremy Camp - Right Here
Everlife - Coffee At Midnight
Helmet - See You Dead
White Zombie - Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks, And Cannibal Girls
Eskimo Callboy - Is Anyone Up
Autopsy - Bludgeoned And Brained
The Verve - Make It Till Monday
Zebrahead - Be Careful What You Wish For
Ronan Keating - The Long Goodbye
Luke Bryan - Do I
Candlemass - Black Eyes
Helmet - Crashing Foreign Cars
U.D.O. - Animal House
Woodkid - Stabat Mater
CocoRosie - Miracle
Fightstar - My Own Summer
Tarrus Riley - Larger Than Life
Nina Simone - If You Pray Right
Queensryche - In This Light
Helmet - Pariah
Heavenwood - Weeping Heart
Krokus - Spirit Of The Night
Nina Simone - O-O-H Child
Nina Simone - Porgy
Tarrus Riley - Getty Getty No Want Ee
The Verve - Valium Skies
White Zombie - Welcome To Planet Motherfucker / Psychoholic Slag
Manilla Road - Flesh And Fury
Nina Simone - Marriage Is For Old Folks
Jeremy Camp - You Never Let Go
Capture The Crown - Insomniac
Pendulum - Immunize
Candlemass - Prologue
Selena Gomez - B.E.A.T.
Lights - Heavy Rope
White Zombie - Blur The Technicolor
Nina Simone - God, God, God
Zebrahead - Feel This Way
God Dethroned - Passiondale
Lights - Romance Is
Fightstar - Hold Out Your Arms
Helmet - Surgery
Alex Hepburn - Angelina
Sirenia - This Darkness
Universum - Aeon Displacement
Never Shout Never - The Look
The Verve - Columbo
Universum - Sum Of The Universe
Godsmack - The Departed
Emmure - Looking a Gifthorse In The Mouth
Everlife - Find Yourself In You
Julio Iglésias - Ce Qui Me Manque
Blue Öyster Cult - ME 262
Candlemass - Dancing In The Temple (Of The Mad Queen Bee)
Nina Simone - Everyone's Gone To The Moon
Helmet - Pure
Dark Moor - Together As Ever
Patrick Stump - Cryptozoology
Fightstar - Grand Unification (Part 2)
Silverchair - Nobody Came
Nina Simone - It's Cold Out Here
Fleshcrawl - Forced To Kill
Grieves - He Won't Answer
Carach Angren - Sir John
Maska - Lève Ton Verre
Fightstar - Paint Your Target
Fightstar - Drown
Disclosure - January
White Zombie - Revenge
Tarrus Riley - Marcus Garvey
Nina Simone - Chauffeur
Silverchair - Shade
Prong - Letter To a Friend
One Less Reason - The Wrong One
Fightstar - Its Blood Is Black
White Zombie - Skin
Pendulum - Under The Waves
Helmet - Blacktop
Universum - Disconnected
Fightstar - Waste a Moment
Fleshcrawl - Slaughter At Dawn
The Verve - One Day
Luke Bryan - Cold Beer Drinker
Ronan Keating - Love Won't Work (If We Don't Try)
Grieves - October In The Graveyard
Dark Moor - Dies Irae (Amadeus)
Moonspell - Ancient Winter Goddess
Imany - I've Gotta Go
Helmet - Beautiful Love
Joe Cocker - Love Don't Live Here Any More
Fightstar - Mercury Summer
Fleshcrawl - Legions Of Hatred
One Less Reason - Blueprints
Fleshcrawl - Into The Crypts Of Scattered Souls
August Burns Red - Mosley
Joe Cocker - Lucinda
Helmet - Like I Care
Glee Cast - Old Time Rock & Roll / Danger Zone
Ronan Keating - Make You Feel My Love
One Less Reason - Pieces Of You
White Zombie - Future Shock
One Less Reason - No You No Me
Helmet - Sinatra
U.D.O. - With a Vengeance
Déborah Cox - I'm Your Natural Woman
Floricienta - Quereme Sólo a Mi
Pendulum - Plastic World
Quadron - Horse
Zebrahead - Bootylicious Vinyl
Blondie - Here's Looking At You
Everlife - Where You Are
Graveyard - Evil Ways
Silverchair - Punk Song #2
Everlife - Crazy Lately
Silverchair - Strange Behaviour
Ornella Vanoni - Tutta La Gente Del Mondo
Nina Simone - Blue Skies
Grieves - Irreversible
Nano - Now Or Never
Miles Kane - Rearrange
August Burns Red - Accidental Shot Heard 'Round The World
Pendulum - Encoder
Nina Simone - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Everlife - Attention
Silverchair - Those Thieving Birds (Part 2)
Nina Simone - See-Line Woman
Luke Bryan - I Did It Again
Helmet - Harmless
White Zombie - Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
Jeremy Camp - God With Us
Silverchair - Pop Song For Us Rejects
Everlife - Strangers Like Me
Queensryche - Retail Therapy
Fifth Harmony - Me & My Girls
Prong - Look Up At The Sun
Hardcore Superstar - Smoke'em
Déborah Cox - You Know Where My Heart Is
Hellyeah - It's On!
Lights - Where The Fence Is Low
Grieves - If Luck Was a Lady
Déborah Cox - This Gift
Dark Moor - Philip The Second
White Zombie - Ratmouth
Luke Bryan - Over The River
Luke Bryan - Your Goodbye Wasn't Good Enough
Fleshcrawl - The Age Of Chaos
Tarrus Riley - Love Created I
Howie Day - Everything Else
Omg Girlz - Incredimazable
Helmet - Unwound
Misery Index - The Carrion Call
One Less Reason - Worthless
White Zombie - Grease Paint And Monkey Brains
Howie Day - Stay This Way
Nina Simone - The Backlash Blues
Fightstar - Build An Army
Patrick Stump - As Long As I Know I'm Getting Paid
Anti-flag - Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Sheep In Shepherd's Clothing)
Ronan Keating - Once Upon a Lifetime
Silverchair - Undecided
Everlife - I Can See Clearly Now
Déborah Cox - New Blowtop Blues
Amon Amarth - Gods Of War Arise
Jay-Z - Oceans (feat Frank Ocean)
One Less Reason - Ghost
One Less Reason - I'm Not (Happy For You)
The Verve - Stormy Clouds
Déborah Cox - Misery
Heavenwood - Downcast
Nina Simone - Images
Déborah Cox - (Never Knew Love Could) Hurt So Much
Helmet - Everybody Loves You
Fightstar - Damocles
Patrick Stump - Run Dry (X Heart x Fingers)
Silverchair - Lie To Me
Queensryche - The Hands
White Zombie - Demon Speed
Orphaned Land - Blessed Be Thy Hate
Amon Amarth - Thor Arise
U.D.O. - Break The Rules
Never Shout Never - Lost At Sea
Alex Bacsou - ALex Bacsou
Nina Simone - Tomorrow (We Will Meet Once More)
U.D.O. - Heavy Metal W:O:A
CocoRosie - Child Bride
Lights - Frame And Focus
Anti-flag - Protest Song
White Zombie - Creature Of The Wheel
Everlife - Go Figure
Years Since The Storm - Your Daughter’s a Whore
Luke Bryan - Suntan City
Everlife - Evidence
Nina Simone - Day And Night
Selena Gomez - Sad Serenade
White Zombie - Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony)
Universum - Slaves To The New Order
Zebrahead - Your New Boyfriend Wears Girl Pants
Pete Murray - Tonic
Fleshcrawl - In The Dead Of Night
U.D.O. - Backstreet Loner
Pochette Surprise - You Win-You Lose
Lights - Everybody Breaks a Glass
Déborah Cox - I Won't Give Up
Asking Alexandria - The Death Of Me
EpicLloyd - Ain't Got No Watch
François Valéry - Une Chanson D'été
Pete Murray - Trust
Déborah Cox - Just a Dance
Pendulum - The Island, Pt. II (Dusk)
Silverchair - Pure Massacre
Floricienta - Y La Vida
One Less Reason - Life In a Way
The Verve - I See Houses
Helmet - High Visibility
Jeremy Camp - Nothing Else I Need
Pete Murray - This Pill
Grieves - Catapults
Zebrahead - Good Thing
Stephen Marley - The Traffic Jam
Jeremy Camp - Come Alive
Nina Simone - Love Me Or Leave Me