Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 283:

Demonlord - The Valley Of Life
Derdian - War Of The Gods
Desperados - Dust Of History
Destiny - The Raven
Destiny - The Admiration Of Sadness
Destruction - Seeds Of Hate
Diabolical Masquerade - Hope - Victory Theme (Part II)
Diecast - Internal Revolution
Dionysus - Spirit
Disillusion - The Black Sea
Dog Fashion Disco - Chapter Two. The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covington
Dokken - Will The Sun Rise
Dorsal Atlantica - Vitória
Dorsal Atlantica - Childish Boots And Steps
Draconian - She Dies
Draconian - Earthbound
Dragonland - Too Late For Sorrow
Dream Theater - The Answer Lies Within
Dream Theater - Prophets Of War
Dreamland - Fade Away
Dying Wish - Haunted By Visions
Eisenherz - Träum Schön Kleines Kind
Eisregen - Eisenkreuzkrieger
Elis - Sleep And Death
Empyrium - Am Wolkenstieg
Enter My Silence - Thin Red Line
Eternal (the) - Remembrance Scars
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Lost Rune Of Thunder
Eugenik - Wotans Wilde Jagd
Euthanasia - Sanity
Excalion - Ivory Tower
Exciter - Aggressor
Exciter - Brutal Warning
Exsecratus - Suicide
Fairyland - Anmorkenta
Falkenbach - Roman Land
Fall Behind - Frustranger
Fear Of God - Love's Death
Fleshless - The Grudge Gear
Forlorn - Aerefull Ferd
Fragile Vastness - Don't Wake Me Up 'Till I'm Dead
Freedom Call - Heart Of The Rainbow
Freedom Call - Dimensions
Frostmoon Eclipse - World In Ruin
Frostmoon Eclipse - Drowning Within The Eclipse
Full Blown Chaos - Anchored Heart
Furia Animal - Hotel California
German Montero - Te Tengo Que Olvidar
Milly Quezada - Cuando Se Quiere Un Hombre Asi
Classic Crime (The) - Just A Man
Classic Crime (The) - Medisin
This Time Next Year - Cheers To A Late Night
Lower Definition - The Weatherman
Galgeras - Cast To Part
Galneryus - Holding The Broken Wings
Galneryus - Eternal Regret
Rick Springfield - One Reason (To Believe)
Rick Springfield - Psychoactive
Rick Springfield - Is Everybody Happy?
Ghoul (Italy) - The Vault Of The Witch
Glenn Tipton - The Holy Man
Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Don't Leave
Vanessa Hudgens - Amazed
Alanis Morissette - Orchid
Notch - Chévere (remix)
PlayRadioPlay! - Corner Office Bedroom
Ashley Tisdale - Time After Time
Ida Maria - Queen Of The World
Brenn Hill - Lost River Outpost
Peppino Di Capri - Le Donne Amano
Timbaland - 4 Minutes
Lori McKenna - Dance With The Ladies
Lori McKenna - Leaving This Life
Andrae Crouch - Say So
Doro Pesch - Fall For Me Again
Doro Pesch - Born To Bleed
Doro Pesch - Don't Go
Doro Pesch - Ceremony
Doro Pesch - Do You Like It?
Doro Pesch - Poison Arrow
Doro Pesch - Song For Me
Brenda - Ossessione
Andrae Crouch - Hollywood Scene
Tierra Cali - Una Traición
Killah Priest - Ghetto Jezuz
Across The Universe - Don't Let Me Down
Eisbrecher - Entlassen
Marisela - La Pareja Ideal
Gloomy Grim - Living Dead
God (Romania) - You're Everything
Jilliane - I Sleep With My Boss
Raffaello - T'accuntiente 'e 'na Mezz'ora
Kate Voegele - Hallelujah
God Forbid - Amendment
God Macabre - Into Nowhere