Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 485:

Helloween - A Little Time
Helloween - A Take That Wasn`t Right
Helloween - Eagle Fly Free
Helloween - Electric eye (Judas Priest cover)
Helloween - Forever And One
Helloween - Future World
Helloween - How many tears (Live in GB`89)
Helloween - I'm Alive
Helloween - If I Knew (Complete)
Helloween - In The Middle Of A Heartbeat
Helloween - In The Middle Of A Heartbeat (Live)
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys
Helloween - Lay All Your Love On Me (COVER ABBA)
Helloween - Ride The Sky
Helloween - Space Oddity (David Bowie cover)
Helloween - The Hellion/Electric Eye
Helloween - The Smile Of The Sun
Helloween - World Of Fantasy
Helloween - Your Turn
HelloweenGamma Ray - 18 Years
Hellowen - A tale that wasn't right
Hellraiser - Snakes In The Kitchen
Hellsing - Logos Naki World - Hellsing Opening (TV-version)
Hellsongs - Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover)
Hellsongs - Princess Of The Night
Hellsongs - Rock The Night
Hellsongs - Run to the Hills
Hellyeah - You Wouldn't Know
Helmet - Beautiful Love
Helmet - Disagreeable
Helmet - Exactly What You Wanted
Helmet - Harmless
Helmet - Let Her Cry
Helmet - Pure
Helmet - Role Model
Helmet - Vaccination
Helmut Lotti - Adios Mujer
Helmut Lotti - African Sunrise
Helmut Lotti - Amazing Grace
Helmut Lotti - Asimbonanga
Helmut Lotti - Ave Maria
Helmut Lotti - Be Mine
Helmut Lotti - Bйsame Mucho
Helmut Lotti - Du, Nur Du Allein
Helmut Lotti - Eso Beso
Helmut Lotti - Guantanamera
Helmut Lotti - In My Heart
Helmut Lotti - Jikela Emaweni Hamba
Helmut Lotti - Jinglebells
Helmut Lotti - Kumbaya
Helmut Lotti - Kumbaya my Lord
Helmut Lotti - Marinheiro sу
Helmut Lotti - Minapendawe
Helmut Lotti - Nkosi Sikelele Afrika
Helmut Lotti - Out of Africa
Helmut Lotti - Parlami D'Amore, Mariú
Helmut Lotti - Pata Pata
Helmut Lotti - Shosholoza
Helmut Lotti - Suspicious Minds
Helmut Lotti - Tiritomba
Helmut Lotti - Trad: John Brown's Body
Helmut Lotti - Tula Tula
Helmut Lotti - You'll Win (Verdi / Triumph March Form Aida)
Helmut Qualtinger - Ogrim Und Gwassad
Helmut Qualtinger - Waun S D A Bech Host
Helmut Qualtinger & André Heller - Krüppellied
Helmut Qualtinger & André Heller - Wean, Du Bist A Oide Frau
Helrunar - Die Mühle
Helrunar - Glámr
Helrunar - Lichtmess
Helrunar - Sól
Helstar - Pandemonium
Hem - Radiation Vibe
Hemanta Mukherjee - Ei Meghla Dine Ekla
Hendrix Jimi - 1983 (a Merman i Should Turn to Be)
Hendrix Jimi - 51st Anniversary
Hendrix Jimi - Ain't no Telling
Hendrix Jimi - Belly Button Window
Hendrix Jimi - Bold as Love
Hendrix Jimi - Burning of The Midnight Lamp
Hendrix Jimi - Castles Made of Sand
Hendrix Jimi - Changes
Hendrix Jimi - Dolly Dagger
Hendrix Jimi - Drifting
Hendrix Jimi - Ezy Rider
Hendrix Jimi - Foxy Lady
Hendrix Jimi - Hey Joe
Hendrix Jimi - House Burning Down
Hendrix Jimi - In From The Storm
Hendrix Jimi - Little Miss Lover
Hendrix Jimi - Little Wing
Hendrix Jimi - Long Hot Summer Night
Hendrix Jimi - Manic Depression
Hendrix Jimi - May This be Love
Hendrix Jimi - Midnight Lightning
Hendrix Jimi - Rainy Day, Dream Away
Hendrix Jimi - Stone Free
Hendrix Jimi - Third Stone From The Sun
Hendrix Jimi - Voodoo Chile Blues
Hendrix Jimi - We Gotta Live Together
Hendrix Jimi - You Got me Floatin'
Henke - Seelenfütterung
HENLEY - Perfect World (English)
Henley - The Garden Of Allah
Henley Don - How Bad do You Want It?
Henley Don - Little Tin God
Henley Don - The Last Worthless Evening
Henri Salvador - Dans Tes Yeux
Henri Salvador - Envie De Toi
Henri Salvador - Le Voyage Dans Le Bonheur
Henri Salvador - Mourir A Honfleur
Henri Salvador - Thomas OMalley LIdole Des Chattes (Thomas OMalley Cat)
Henri Salvador - Tour De Manège (avec Toots Thielemans)
Henri Salvador & Lisa Ekdahl - All I Really Want Is Love
Henri Tachan - Annamite Phalloïde
Henri Tachan - Bosco
Henri Tachan - Ce Film
Henri Tachan - Dans Les Orchestres Militaires
Henri Tachan - Dans saltimbanque
Henri Tachan - Dors, Bonhomme...
Henri Tachan - Goupil
Henri Tachan - J'ai Relu le Grand Meaulnes
Henri Tachan - L'amour Et L'amitié
Henri Tachan - La Chasse à L'enfance
Henri Tachan - La Chasse À LEnfance
Henri Tachan - La Nuit
Henri Tachan - La Table Habituelle