Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 868:

Premiere - If You Want My Love
PRESIDENT FOR SURE - Биение сердца (хом мега песня!! и не т)
Presidents Of The United States Of America - Candy
Presidents Of The United States Of America - Meanwhile Back In The City
Presidents Of The United States Of America - Mobile Home
Presidents Of The United States Of America - Nuthin' But Luv
Presidents Of The United States Of America - Poke And Destroy
Presidents Of The United States Of America - Spoonman
Presidents Of The United States Of America - Tiny Explosions
Presidents Of The Usa - Feather Pluckin'
Presidents Of The Usa - Love Bug
Presidents Of The Usa - Lump
Presidents Of The Usa - Lunatic To Love
Presidents Of The Usa - Mach 5
Presley Elvis - Only you
Pressure - Be Free
Pressure - Love & Affection
Pressure Drop - Funkee Joint
Pressure Drop - Sound Of Time
Pressure Drop - Sounds Of Time
Pressure Drop - Warrior Sound
Preston School Of Industry - Doping For Gold
Preston School Of Industry - So Many Ways
Preston School Of Industry - Take A Stand/All This Sounds Gas
Preston School Of Industry - The Idea Of Fires
Preston School Of Industry - Where You Gonna Go?
Presuntos Implicados - Cada Historia
Presuntos Implicados - Esperaré
Presuntos Implicados - La Noche (feat. Teo Cardala)
Presuntos Implicados - Los Versos De Un Loco
Presuntos Implicados - Recibes Cartas
Presuntos Implicados - Satélite
Presuntos Implicados - Ser De Agua
Presuntos Implicados - Si Tu Quisieras
Pretenders - All My Dreams
Pretenders - Biker
Pretenders - Chill Factor
Pretenders - How Much Did You Get For Your Soul?
Pretenders - Hymn To Her
Pretenders - I Got You Babe
Pretenders - I Remember You
Pretenders - Lovers Of Today
Pretenders - Message Of Love
Pretenders - My City Was Gone
Pretenders - Night In My Veins
Pretenders - One Thing Never Changed
Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing
Pretenders - The Losing
Pretenders - Time The Avenger
Pretentious Flamedogs - Love And Beer
Prettier Than Pink - Para Sa Iyo
Pretty Balanced - Spring Cleaning
Pretty Balanced - The Romeo And Julia Song
Pretty Boy Floyd - Rock And Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire)
Pretty Boy Floyd - Shut Up
Pretty Girls Make Graves - All Medicated Geniuses
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Lovely Yell
Pretty Maids - Anytime Anywhere
Pretty Maids - As Guilty As You Are
Pretty Maids - Beautiful Madness
Pretty Maids - Breathless
Pretty Maids - Carpe Diem
Pretty Maids - Cielo Drive
Pretty Maids - Cold Killer
Pretty Maids - Fly Me Out
Pretty Maids - Future World
Pretty Maids - I.N.V.U.
Pretty Maids - Invisible Chains
Pretty Maids - Natural High
Pretty Maids - Pandemonium
Pretty Maids - Please Don't Leave Me
Pretty Maids - Queen Of Dreams
Pretty Maids - Spooked
Pretty Maids - Tortured Spirit
Pretty Maids - Twisted
Pretty Maids - Walk Away
Pretty Maids - When The Angels Cry
Pretty Poison - Catch Me (I'm Falling In Love)
Pretty Punk - Kiss The Girl
Pretty Punk - Save Me
Pretty Ricky - Get You Right
Pretty Ricky - I Want You
Pretty Ricky - Knockin Boots 08'
Pretty Ricky - Lay Your Body Down
Pretty Ricky - Make It Like It Was
Pretty Ricky - Never Let You Go
Pretty Things - Allnight Sailor
Pretty Things - Baron Saturday
Pretty Things - Defecting Grey
Pretty Things - Route 66 (1973) (BBC Sessions)
Pretty Things - She Was Tall, She Was High
Pretty Things - Sickle Clowns
Pretty Things - The Good Mr. Square
Pretty Willie - Good Thang
Pretty Willie - My Good Thang
Prezioso - Let's Talk About A Man
Prezioso - The First Picture Of You
Pride & Glory - Cry Me A River
Pride & Glory - Harvester Of Pain
Pride & Glory - In My Time Of Dyin'
Pride & Glory - In My Time Of Dying
Pride & Glory - Sweet Home Alabama