Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 1162:

U2 - Winter (Brothers version)
U2 - Yahweh (alternate version)
U2 & Luciano Pavarotti - One Love
U2 - 1987 - The Joshua Tree (Bonus CD) - 06. The Sweetest Thing
U2 - Bono - Never Let Me Go (Featuring Bono)I may not be alone, oh I, I may have found my home, I may have lost my way, but what I forgot to say,is never let me go
U2 - Linear DVD (Anton Corbijn) - Winter
U2 The Joshua Tree - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
U2, Brian Eno, Pavarotti - Your Blue Room
U2-Bono - With Or Without You
U96 - Das Boot 2001
Uaral - Acidal
Ub 40 - Burden of Shame
Ub 40 - Cherry oh Baby
Ub 40 - D.u.b.
Ub 40 - Higher Ground
Ub 40 - Homely Girl
Ub 40 - I Want to Make You Sweat
UB 40 - Looking In Your Big Brown Eyes
Ub 40 - One in Ten
Ub 40 - Please Don't Make me Cry
Ub 40 - Promises And Lies
Ub 40 - Reggae Music
Ub 40 - The Way You Do The Things You Do
Ub 40 - Way You do The Things You do
UB40 - Baby
UB40 - Breakfast In Bed
UB40 - Bring Me Your Cup
UB40 - Can't help falling in love
Ub40 - Cherry Oh Baby
Ub40 - Come Back Darling
Ub40 - Cover Up
UB40 - Crying Over You
UB40 - C`est La Vie
UB40 - Don't Blame Me
Ub40 - Don't Break My Heart
Ub40 - Don't Let It Pass You By
Ub40 - Don't Slow Down (Remix)
UB40 - Dream A Lie
UB40 - End Of War
UB40 - Every Breath You Take
Ub40 - Everything Is Better Now
Ub40 - Food For Thought
Ub40 - Groovin'
UB40 - Guns In The Ghetto
Ub40 - Here I Am
Ub40 - Here I Am (come And Take Me)
Ub40 - Higher Ground
UB40 - Holly Holy
Ub40 - Homely Girl
UB40 - I Got You Babe (with Chrissie Hynde)
UB40 - I Love It When You Smile
UB40 - I Would Do For You
Ub40 - I'll Be On My Way
Ub40 - I'm Not Fooled So Easily
Ub40 - If It Happens Again
Ub40 - Impossible Love
UB40 - It's My Delight
Ub40 - Just Another Girl
UB40 - Keep On Moving
UB40 - King
UB40 - Kingston Town
Ub40 - Kiss And Say Goodbye
UB40 - Lambsbread
UB40 - Lisa
Ub40 - Look At Me
UB40 - Looking Down At My Reflection
Ub40 - Love Is All Is Alright
UB40 - Madam Medusa
UB40 - Many Rivers
Ub40 - Many Rivers To Cross
UB40 - Matter Of Time
Ub40 - Maybe Tomorrow
UB40 - Mr Fix It
UB40 - My Best Girl
Ub40 - Nothing Without You
UB40 - One In Ten
UB40 - Oracabessa Moonshine
UB40 - Please Don`t Make Me Cry
UB40 - Present Arms
UB40 - Promises And Lies
Ub40 - Reasons
UB40 - Red, Red Wine (Original Version)
UB40 - Reggae Music
UB40 - Sardonicus
UB40 - Silent Witness
Ub40 - Since I Met You Lady
UB40 - Sing Our Own Song
Ub40 - Singer Man
Ub40 - Sins Of The Fathers
Ub40 - Someone Like Me
UB40 - Someone Like You
Ub40 - Sparkle Of My Eyes
UB40 - Stay A Little Bit Longer
Ub40 - Stick By Me
Ub40 - Style (Pablo)
UB40 - Sweat (Alalalalalong)
Ub40 - Sweet Cherrie
UB40 - Sweet Sensation
UB40 - Tears From My Eyes
UB40 - Tell Me Is It True
UB40 - The Buzz Feeling
Ub40 - The Buzz Feeling (Gunslinger)
UB40 - The Earth Dies Screaming
Ub40 - The Key
Ub40 - Things You Say You Love
UB40 - Tyler
UB40 - Until My Dying Day
UB40 - Watchdogs
UB40 - Wear You To The Ball
UB40 - Wedding Day
Uberbyte - Mother Earth
Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker - Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole
Uch - Tomorrow i'm gone
UDG - Nad Jinou Hladinou
UDG - Vahiné
Udit Narayan - Hello Hello Bol Ke
Udit Narayan - Jab Tum Mere Saamne Hoti Ho
Udit Narayan - Koi To Meri Fariyaad
Udit Narayan - Main Jogiya
Udit Narayan - Pal Pal Soch Mein
Udit Narayan - Phoolon Mein Khushboo Hai
Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
UDO - Blits of lightning
Udo - I miss you so (Ik mis je zo)
Udo - Tough Luck Ii
Udo - We're History
Udo Jürgens - 17 Jahr, blondes Haar
Udo Jürgens - Aber Bitte Mit Sahne
Udo Jürgens - Auf Der Suche Nach Mir Selbst
Udo Jürgens - Deine Einsamkeit
Udo Jürgens - Ein Ehrenwertes Haus
Udo Jürgens - Griechischer Wein
Udo Jürgens - Ich Schrieb Nie Ein Lied Für Karin
Udo Jürgens - Mit 66 Jahren
Udo Jürgens - Peace Now
Udo Jürgens - Tausend Jahre Sind Ein Tag
Udo Lindenberg - Affenstern
Udo Lindenberg - Airport (Dich Wiederseh'n)
Udo Lindenberg - Baltimore
Udo Lindenberg - Bananenrepublik
Udo Lindenberg - Bin Nur Ein Johnny
Udo Lindenberg - Bitte Keine Love Story
Udo Lindenberg - Bodo Ballegek
Udo Lindenberg - Der Dirigent
Udo Lindenberg - Der Sizilianische Werwolf
Udo Lindenberg - Der Teufel Ist Los
Udo Lindenberg - Detektiv Coolman
Udo Lindenberg - Die Größte Liebe
Udo Lindenberg - Es Fängt Immer Wieder An
Udo Lindenberg - Good Bye Jonny
Udo Lindenberg - Good Live City
Udo Lindenberg - Gott Wenn Es Dich Gibt
Udo Lindenberg - Gummi In Berlin
Udo Lindenberg - Gustav
Udo Lindenberg - Guten Tag, Ich Heiße Schmidt
Udo Lindenberg - Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuß Auf Liebe Eingestellt
Udo Lindenberg - Ich Lieb' Dich Überhaupt Nicht Mehr
Udo Lindenberg - In Den Ruinen Von Berlin
Udo Lindenberg - Interview Mit Gott
Udo Lindenberg - Jacques Gelee
Udo Lindenberg - Jamaika
Udo Lindenberg - Jonny Controlletti
Udo Lindenberg - Jonny Gigolo
Udo Lindenberg - Kann Denn Liebe Sünde Sein
Udo Lindenberg - Kannst Du Pfeifen Johanna
Udo Lindenberg - Kein Blick Zurück (Reprise Gustav)
Udo Lindenberg - Kralle
Udo Lindenberg - Mein Onkel Joe
Udo Lindenberg - Messer In Mein Herz
Udo Lindenberg - Mit Dir Sogar 'n Kind
Udo Lindenberg - Odyssee
Udo Lindenberg - Radio Song
Udo Lindenberg - Rhythm-A-Ning (Raubtier)
Udo Lindenberg - Russen
Udo Lindenberg - So Oder So Ist Das Leben
Udo Lindenberg - Stark Wie Zwei
Udo Lindenberg - Süße Sucht
Udo Lindenberg - Und Es Sind Die Finstern Zeiten
Udo Lindenberg - Votan Wahnwitz
Udo Lindenberg - Wir wollen doch einfach nur zusammen sein
Udora - A Falta
UEFA - Champion' League Hymne
UEFA - Champions League Hymn
UEFA - Champions League Hymne
UEFA - Chanpions League
Uematsu Nobuo - Sairin: Kata Tsubasa no Tenshi ~One Winged Angel (ACC)~
UF - Remixed (B2 Greenfield's Pancake Mix)
UFF - Lagrimas De Cocodril
Uff - Llueve
UFO - Another Saturday Night
UFO - Back Door Man
UFO - Belladona
UFO - Belladonna
UFO - Can't Buy A Thrill
UFO - Couldn't Get It Right
UFO - Cowboy Joe
Ufo - Dance Your Life Away
UFO - Electric Phase
UFO - Forsaken
UFO - Galactic Love
Ufo - Love Lost Love
UFO - Love To Love
Ufo - Profession Of Violence
Ufo - Rock Bottom (Live)
Ufo - Running On Empty
Ufo - Shake It About
Ufo - Slipping Away