Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 264:

Mark Seymour - She's Not Fooling Around
Marty Cain and the Humble Romans - In Love With My Guitar
Mary Onettes, The - The Disappearence of My Youth
Mary's Danish - Killjoy
Masters of the Microwave - Showdowwwn!
Meestro - Valley of the Growers
Megas (The) - The Message from Dr. Light/Level Select
Mel Street - The Town Where You Live
Melbourne Treatment (The) - A Hymn to G-d the Father
Melbourne Treatment (The) - The Ship of Dirty Thieves
Meligrove Band - Planets Conspire
Melly Scott - New Song
Melting Carousel - Several Other Universes
Melvins (The) - Wewe
Mercy Me - Drummer Boy
Mess Hall (The) - The Switch
Metallic Falcons - Nighttime and Morning
Metamorfosi - Violenti
Mia Carruthers - Breathe You In
Michael Bublé - Mack the Knife [Bonus]
Michael Bublé - Sway
Michael Miller - Mary
Michael Talbott and The Wolfkings - Winter Streets
Middle East (The) - The Darkest Side
Mighty Boosh (The) - Married On The Morrow
Mike Rutherford - Halfway There
Miki Jevremović - Nema Te
Milla Jovovich - Bang Your Head
Milloy - Damaged Goods
Milloy - Less Said
Mimi Goese - Fire & Roses
Minnutes - Pretty Baby (Tony Jackson cover)
Mint - Meet Me At The Morasko
Minuit - Bury You In Brazil
Minuit - Djordj - [george]
Minuit - Species I
Miranda Lee Richards - The Beginner
Mischief Brew - Oh Sweet Misery
Mississippi John Hurt - Goodnight Irene
Mock Orange - Holiday Dinner Song
Mock Orange - Old Movies
Mock Orange - World Of Machines
Modest (The) - Will Someone
Moe. - Kyle's Song
Moi Caprice - Someone Spent His Life With Her
Moi Caprice - We Leave Tonight
Moldy Peaches (The) - Lucky Number Nine
Monahans - Slow Burn
Monks (The) - Love in Stereo
Moody Blues (The) - Forever to be alone
More Assured, The - Ain't It Stange
Morgan and the Hidden Hands - Nice Day
Morgan Page - Fight For You
Morning Bride - The Good Seed
Moshe Dayan - Falling From 36,000 Feet
Most Serene Republic (The) - Phi
Mount Eerie - Between Two Mysteries
Mount Righteous - Shake the Rafters Loose
Mountain Goats, The - Sudden Oak Death
Mountain Goats, The - Thought About You a Little
Mourning Tide - Anti - Venom Saviour
Moving Picture Show - Saturday Night
Mr Hudson & The Library - One Specific Thing
mr. Gnome - Pirates
My Darling You! - The youthful feelings taken to the end
My Hidden Track - I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me A Pen
My Little Pony - The Sun Turns (Metaphorically Speaking, That Is)