Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 278:

Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
Dave & Sugar - Fool By Your Side
Dave & Sugar - Golden Tears
Dave & Sugar - Got Leavin' On Your Mind
Dave Alvin - Abilene
Dave Alvin - Loser
Dave Alvin - Nine Volt Heart
Dave Alvin - Ol' 55
Dave Alvin - So Long Baby,Goodbye
Dave Alvin - Somewhere In Time
Dave And Ansil Collins - Double Barrel
Dave Barnes - Brothers & Sisters
Dave Barnes - Carry Me Through
Dave Barnes - On A Night Like This
Dave Barnes - Stay Away
Dave Barnes - You're Love Will Never Change
Dave Barnes - Your Love Will Never Change
Dave Brooks - Redeemer, Savior, Friend
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Unsquare Dance
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Crocodile Man
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Elvis Presley
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Farewell To Bitterroot Valley
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Farewell To Fiddler's Rim
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Happytown (All Right With Me)
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Long, Black Road Into Tulsa Town
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Love, The Magician
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Tanglewood Tree
Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer - Texas Underground
Dave Christie - Saddle Up
Dave Clark Five - At The Place
Dave Clark Five - Do You Still Love me
Dave Clark Five - Don't Let me Down
Dave Clark Five - Everybody Get Together
Dave Clark Five - Everybody Knows (i Still Love You)
Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over
Dave Clark Five - I am on my Own
Dave Clark Five - I Like it Like That
Dave Coffill - Another Day, Another Time
Dave Cousins - Blue Angel
Dave Davies - Beautiful Delilah
Dave Davies - Fortis Green
Dave Davies - Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
Dave Davies - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Dave Davies - Is This The Only Way ?
Dave Davies - Matter Of Decision
Dave Davies - Mean Disposition
Dave Davies - Move Over
Dave Davies - No More Mysteries
Dave Davies - Visionary Dreamer
Dave Davies - Wait
Dave Davies - Where Do You Come Fom ?
Dave Davies - Where Do You Come From
Dave Days - Down by Jay Sean (Cover) + some Lady Gaga
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich - Breakout
Dave Dobbyn - Loyal
Dave Dobbyn - Outlook For Thursday
Dave Dobbyn - The Lap Of The Gods
Dave Dudley - 1953 Dear John Honky Tonk Blues
Dave Dudley - Alligator Man
Dave Dudley - Angel
Dave Dudley - Ballad Of Forty Dollars
Dave Dudley - D. J. Memphis Joe
Dave Dudley - Drought
Dave Dudley - Fly Away Again
Dave Dudley - Fools Rush In
Dave Dudley - Fraulein
Dave Dudley - Geisha Girl
Dave Dudley - George (And The North Woods)
Dave Dudley - Girl On The Billboard
Dave Dudley - Keep On Truckin'
Dave Dudley - My Kind Of Love
Dave Dudley - Pool Shark
Dave Dudley - Quittin' Time
Dave Dudley - Seven Lonely Days
Dave Dudley - There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
Dave Dudley - Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun
Dave Dudley - Truck Driving Man
Dave Dudley - What We're Fighting For (Single Version)
Dave Edmunds - Baby, Let's Play House
Dave Edmunds - Back To School Days
Dave Edmunds - Dance Dance Dance
Dave Edmunds - Dear Dad
Dave Edmunds - Deborah
Dave Edmunds - Goodbye Mister Good Guy
dave edmunds - i hear you knockin'
Dave Edmunds - Lady Madonna
Dave Edmunds - Let It Be Me
Dave Frishberg - My Attorney Bernie
Dave Gahan - 21 Days
Dave Gahan - A Little Lie
Dave Gahan - Breathe
Dave Gahan - Closer
Dave Gahan - Deeper and Deeper
Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floor (Junkie XL Vocal Remix)
Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floors
Dave Gahan - Down
Dave Gahan - Endless accoustic
Dave Gahan - ENDLESS-акустика!!!!!
Dave Gahan - Goodbye
Dave Gahan - Hidden Houses
Dave Gahan - Hold on
Dave Gahan - I Need You
Dave Gahan - I Need You [caterpillars extended version]
Dave Gahan - Insoluble
Dave Gahan - Kingdom (rmx)
Dave Gahan - Love will leave [Das Shadows Rewerk]
Dave Gahan - Maybe
Dave Gahan - Miracles (studio session)
Dave Gahan - Saw Something (studio session)
Dave Gahan - Use You
DAVE GAHAN - «HOURGLASS» - solo album. 22.10.2007. - Use You
Dave Gahan ex. Depeche Mode - Dirty Sticky Floors
Dave Hollister - Baby Do Those Things
Dave Hollister - Call On Me
Dave Hollister - Destiny
Dave Hollister - Don't Take My Girl Away
Dave Hollister - Forever
Dave Hollister - Good Ole Ghetto
Dave Hollister - Keep Lovin' You (Remix)
Dave Hollister - One Woman Man
Dave Hollister - Striving
Dave Hollister - The Program
Dave Koz - Careless Whisper
Dave Koz - Shadow of Your Smile (Love Theme from The Sandpiper) - Chris Botti, Dave Koz, , Johnny Mathis
Dave Koz - Start All Over Again
Dave Koz - Start All Over Again (feat.Dana Glover)
Dave Koz - The Dance
Dave Kushner - This Life (Sons Of Anarchy Theme Song)
Dave Mason - Baby Please
Dave Mason - Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving
Dave Mason - Feelin Allright
Dave Mason - Headkeeper
Dave Mason - If You've Got Love
Dave Mason - Look At You Look At Me
Dave Mason - We Just Disagree
Dave Mason - World In Changes
Dave Mathews Band - Dreamed I Killed God
Dave Mathews Band - Lover Lay Down
Dave Matthews - Everyday (Acoustic)
Dave Matthews - Grace Is Gone (AOL Sessions)
Dave Matthews - Gravedigger
Dave Matthews - Warehouse
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Christmas Song
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Crash Into Me
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Cry Freedom
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Dancing Nancies
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Down By The River
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Jimi Thing
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Little Thing
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Minarets
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Seek Up
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - When The World Ends
Dave Matthews and Neil Young - Alone and forsaken
Dave Matthews Band - Bartender
Dave Matthews Band - Can't Stop
Dave Matthews Band - Coretz,the Killer (Live At Central Park)
Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me (Live Version)
Dave Matthews Band - Dancing Nancies
Dave Matthews Band - Grace Is Gone (Busted Version)
Dave Matthews Band - Help Myself
Dave Matthews Band - I'll Back You up
Dave Matthews Band - JTR (John The Revalator)
Dave Matthews Band - Kit Kat Jam (Lillywhite Version)
Dave Matthews Band - Melissa
Dave Matthews Band - Mercy
Dave Matthews Band - Mother, Father