Paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 1129:

Thrice - Stare At The Sun
Thrice - The Great Exchange
Thrice - Ultra Blue
Thrice - Words In The Water
Thrice - Yellow Belly
Thrills - Midnight Choir
Thrills - Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Thrills - Your Love Is Like Las Vegas
Thriving Ivory - Come November
Thriving Ivory - Kiss The Rain
Thriving Ivory - Moonlight
Thriving Ivory - Overrated
Thriving Ivory - Runaway
Thriving Ivory - She Must Think I'm Crazy
Thriving Ivory - Some Kind Of Home
Thriving Ivory - Stranger
Thriving Ivory - Unhappy
Thriving Ivory - While The Candle Still Burns
Throbbing Gristle - Blood On The Floor
Throbbing Gristle - Weeping
Throes Of Dawn - Blue Dead Skies
Throes Of Dawn - Hyperion
Throes Of Dawn - Ignition Of The Grey Sky
Throes Of Dawn - Slow Motion
Throes Of Dawn - The Destroying Angel
Throne - Douse
Throne Of Chaos - Gothamburg
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Autumn Tint Of Gold
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Dead End Roads
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - To Take Comfort (In Yesterday's Scars)
Throw The Fight - Lies
Throwdown - Don't Lose Sight
Throwdown - I'll Never Die A Poisoned Death
Throwdown - Widowed
Throwing Muses - Buzz
Throwing Muses - Call Me
Throwing Muses - Carnival Wig
Throwing Muses - Clear & Great
Throwing Muses - Crabtown
Throwing Muses - Dirty Water
Throwing Muses - Hate My Way
Throwing Muses - Honeychain
Throwing Muses - Say Goodbye
Thrush Hermit - Puerto Rico
Thrush Hermit - Uneventful
Thrush Hermit - Without You
Thulcandra - Frozen Kingdom
Thulcandra - Night Eternal
Thumb - It Ain't What You See
Thumper - Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
Thunder - Blown Away
Thunder - Dirty Love
Thunder - Don't Wait For me
Thunder - I'm Dreaming Again
Thunder - Shake The Tree
Thunder - She's so Fine
Thunder - Stubborn Kinda Love
Thunder Lord - Warrior
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Better Safe Than Safari
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Harpoons Of Love
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Panthers In Crime
Thunderbolt - Chaos Reigns Over Megiddo
Thunderflare! - Love On Blueberry Hill
Thunderhead - 25 Or 6 To 4
Thunderstone - Break The Emotion
Thunderstone - Drawn To The Flame
Thunderstone - Spread My Wings
Thunderstone - The Riddle (Nik Kershaw Cover)
Thundertale - Voices From The Dark
Thursday - A Sketch For Time's Arrow
Thursday - Autobiography Of A Nati
Thursday - Between Rupture And Rapture
Thursday - Counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Thursday - Division St (Acoustic)
Thursday - Fast To The End
Thursday - Into The Blinding Light
Thursday - Last Call
Thursday - Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart
Thursday - Resuscitation Of A Dead Man
Thursday - This Song Brought to You By a Falling Bomb (Live)
Thy Antichrist - 666
Thy Antichrist - Destruction Times
Thy Antichrist - Satan Inside Of Me
Thy Art Is Murder - Cactus
Thy Art Is Murder - Reign Of Darkness
Thy Catafalque - Fehér Berek
Thy Catafalque - Kabócák, Bodobácsok
Thy Catafalque - Tar Gallyak Végül