Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 419:

Simple Minds - In Trance As Mission
Death Cab For Cutie - The Sound Of Settling
Cary Brothers - Loneliest Girl In The World
All That Remains - Sing For Liberty
Leonard Cohen - Tonight Will Be Fine
Basement Jaxx - Broken Dreams
Basement Jaxx - Hey U
Soul Decision - No One Does It Better
Elvis Costello - The Very Thought Of You
Boston - Smokin'
Cheap Trick - Hello There
Death Cab For Cutie - That's Incentive
Boston - Foreplay / Long Time
Tom Waits - Blue Valentines
Tom Waits - Warm Beer And Cold Women
We Came As Romans - Cast The First Stone
Cheap Trick - Time Is Runnin'
Annotation Of An Autopsy - Serpents
Firehouse - Overnight Sensation
Tiffany Alvord - Here's To Never Growing Up
Anathema - Emotional Winter
Eli Young Band - Throw And Go
Simple Minds - Ghostrider
Cheap Trick - Younger Girls
Firehouse - What You Can Do
Anathema - Forgotten Hopes
Her Bright Skies - Ghosts Of The Attic
In Flames - The Puzzle
Senses Fail - DB Cooper
Elvis Costello - I Threw It All Away
Karen Cheryl - La Querelle
Matt Corby - Winter
Elvis Costello - My Science Fiction Twin
All That Remains - Before The Damned
Death Cab For Cutie - The Ice Is Getting Thinner
Omg Girlz - Baddies
Firehouse - Perfect Lie
Tom Waits - Shore Leave
Tom Waits - Starving In The Belly Of a Whale
Anathema - Eternity Part I
Anathema - Wings Of God
All That Remains - The Air That I Breathe
Cheap Trick - Gonna Raise Hell
Simple Minds - Soul Crying Out
Simple Minds - Citizen (Dance Of Youth)
Chris - There's No Place I Can Figure It Out
The Hollies - Mickey's Monkey
Brice Conrad - Going Away
Eli Young Band - So Close Now
Annotation Of An Autopsy - Deities
Taylor Momsen - Nothing Left To Lose
Big Time Rush - Crazy For You
Tom Waits - I Never Talk To Strangers
Joy Division - Gutz
Senses Fail - Bad Reputation
Our Lady Peace - Dirty Walls
Firehouse - Oughta Be a Law
Famous Last Words - To Play Hide And Seek With Jealousy
Jessie J - Square One
Anathema - Far Away
Cheap Trick - Auf Wiedersehen
Karen Cheryl - Notre évasion
Firehouse - Call Of The Night
Firehouse - You Are My Religion
Cheap Trick - High Roller
Anathema - Alternative 4
Elvis Costello - Drum & Bone
Firehouse - Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
Cary Brothers - Someday
Never Shout Never - Honey-Dew
All That Remains - The Weak Willed
Kristina Maria - FML X2
Simple Minds - New Sunshine Morning
Simple Minds - I Wish You Were Here
Cheap Trick - Ghost Town
BlackRain - Blast Me Up
Moloko - Remain The Same
Manafest - Quit Thuggin'
Firehouse - Two Sides
Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing
One Less Reason - Four Letter Words
Death Cab For Cutie - No Sunlight
Relient K - William
Death Cab For Cutie - Prove My Hypotheses
Phantom Planet - One Ray Of Sunlight
Anathema - Sunset Of Age
Death Cab For Cutie - Some Boys
Soul Decision - Next Time
Cheap Trick - Little Sister
The Virgins - Murder
Our Lady Peace - Walking In Circles
Eli Young Band - I'm In Love
Our Lady Peace - Life
Phantom Planet - Do The Panic
Interpol - Memory Serves
Soul Decision - Ooh It's Kind Of Crazy
Joshua Radin - When We Are Together
Cheap Trick - Writing On The Wall
The Verve - Appalachian Springs
Enrico Macias - L´accordéon Dans Les Rues De Paris
Joe Jonas - Fast Life
Tom Waits - I'm Your Late Night Evening Prostitute
All That Remains - I Die In Degrees
All That Remains - Home To Me
Overdream - Solace
Goldfinger - Decision
Greenwheel - Disappear
Interpol - Next Exit
Cheap Trick - Oh Caroline
Basement Jaxx - Freakalude
Cheap Trick - One More
Aqualung - Hummingbird
Karen Cheryl - Amour Sérénade
Tom Waits - A Sweet Little Bullet From a Pretty Blue Gun
Moloko - Blink
Beady Eye - Girls In Uniform
Moloko - It's Nothing
Boston - Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me)
Valentin Marceau - Paris Perdu
Bad Company - Dirty Boy
Cary Brothers - Precious Lie
Phantom Planet - Wishing Well
Our Lady Peace - Out Of Here
Taylor Momsen - Just Tonight
Simple Minds - Love Song
Bad Company - This Could Be The One
Scorpions - Spirit Of Rock
Moloko - Over My Head
Simple Minds - Someone
Firehouse - Hold The Dream
The Puppini Sisters - Panic
Nazareth - Fast Cars
Our Lady Peace - Love And Trust
Goldfinger - Car Dog
Moonspell - Mephisto
Interpol - Mind Over Time
Audrey Valorzi - Invasion Of Love
Everlast - So Long
Interpol - Pace Is The Trick
Our Lady Peace - Neon Crossing
Major Lazer - Keep It Cool
Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There
Leonard Cohen - Take This Longing
Cheap Trick - Name Of The Game
Firehouse - I'm In Love This Time
Oreslan - Bloqué (ft. Gringe)
Tom Waits - Black Wings
The Vamps - Can We Dance
O-Town - Shy Girl
Our Lady Peace - Dreamland
Nazareth - I Want To Do Everything For You
Cary Brothers - Forget About You
Tom Waits - Big Joe And Phantom 309
Corson - We'll Come Again
Cheap Trick - I Don't Love Here Anymore
Karl Wolf - Maniac Maniac
Our Lady Peace - R.K. 2029
Chord Overstreet - Tribute To Cory
Interpol - Lights
Cheap Trick - He's a Whore
All That Remains - Become The Catalyst
Eli Young Band - Every Other Memory
Enrico Macias - La Vie Populaire
Senses Fail - You're Cute When You Scream
Everlast - Weakness
Cheap Trick - Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Cheap Trick - I'm The Man
Everlast - I'll Be There For You
Annotation Of An Autopsy - Gore Gore Gadget
The Virgins - Impressions Of You
Major Lazer - Sweat
Cheap Trick - Love Comes
Lorde - Tennis Court
Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year
In Flames - Black & White
Firehouse - Don't Treat Me Bad
Tom Waits - Barcarolle
Karen Cheryl - Naturell’ment
Karen Cheryl - Avec Toi C'est Venise
The Lumineers - Duet (Falling In Love)
Cheap Trick - Eight Miles Low
All That Remains - Erase
Katie Herzig - Crazy
Motionless In White - Fatal
Goldfinger - Pepsi-Cola Sucks
Cheap Trick - When You Need Someone
Suicidal Tendencies - Can't Stop
Simple Minds - Seeing Out The Angel
Cheap Trick - Smile
Phantom Planet - Geronimo
Major Lazer - Jah No Partial
Our Lady Peace - Blister
Lady Gaga - AWRA ( BURQA )
Firehouse - Have Mercy
Leonard Cohen - Why Don't You Try ?
Death Cab For Cutie - This Charming Man
Firehouse - Here For You
Cheap Trick - So Good To See You
Cheap Trick - Y.O.Y.O.Y.
Goldfinger - If I'm Not Right
Molly Hatchet - It's All Over Now
Joy Division - Inside The Line
Cheap Trick - This Time Around
Firehouse - Get Ready
All That Remains - Stand Up
Elvis Costello - Running Out Of Fools
Basement Jaxx - Right Here's The Spot
Major Lazer - Scare Me
Firehouse - I Live My Life For You
Senses Fail - American Death
Cheap Trick - Man-U-Lip-U-Lator
Death Cab For Cutie - Song For Kelly Huckaby
O-Town - Craving
Everlast - I Can't Move
Death Cab For Cutie - A Diamond And a Tether
Juliet Simms - Old Movie
Elvis Costello - Days
The Chemical Brothers - Get Up On It Like This
Everlast - On The Edge
Death Cab For Cutie - Information Travels Faster
Pete Murray - Broken
Firehouse - The Dark
Firehouse - Unbelievable
Anathema - Shroud Of Frost
Cheap Trick - I Dig Go-Go Girls
Souf - Danse Avec Moi
Tom Waits - Gun Street Girl
Everlast - My House
Eli Young Band - I Love You
Boston - Hitch a Ride
Elvis Costello - Sulphur To Sugarcane
Kalia - Million Boy (Feat. Yoni Yo)
Our Lady Peace - Are You Sad?
Vanessa Carlton - Carousel
Radical Face - Voice Of Our Age
Firehouse - The Day, The Week, And The Weather
Cheap Trick - I'll Be With You Tonight
Nazareth - Pop The Silo
Plain White T's - Should've Gone To Bed
Relient K - Part Of It
Eli Young Band - Enough Is Enough
Taylor Momsen - Miss Nothing
Death Cab For Cutie - Monday Morning
Beady Eye - Evil Eye
Simple Minds - This Is Your Land
Cheap Trick - She's Got Motion
Cary Brothers - The Glass Parade
Taylor Momsen - Kill Me
Katie Herzig - Holding Us Back
In Flames - Behind Space '99
Taylor Momsen - Since You're Gone
Nazareth - Bad Bad Boy
Senses Fail - Family Tradition
Christina Grimmie - With Love
The Puppini Sisters - Jeepers Creepers
Suicidal Tendencies - Naked
Kotoko - Agony
Matt Corby - Made Of Stone
Tom Waits - Putnam County
Goldfinger - Someone Else
Tamar Braxton - If You Don't Wanna Love Me
Miranda Lambert - That's The Way The World Goes 'Round
Cheap Trick - One On One
Everlast - Letters Home From The Garden Of Stone
The Wanted - We Own The Night
Basement Jaxx - Gimme Somethin' True
Cheap Trick - Too Much
Iggy Azalea - The Last Song
Bad Company - Old Mexico
Suicidal Tendencies - Children Of The Bored
Everlast - Stay
Radical Face - We're On Our Way
Cheap Trick - Can't Stop But I'm Gonna Try
Cheap Trick - Need Your Love
Manafest - You Are (Glory)
Everlast - The Warning
Elvis Costello - All These Strangers
Aqualung - Mr. Universe
Bad Company - Racetrack
Kristina Maria - We Belong Together
Tom Waits - Frank's Theme
Aqualung - Falling Out Of Love
Aqualung - Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell On You)
Basement Jaxx - On The Train
Anathema - A Natural Disaster
Falling In Reverse - Fuck The Rest
Nazareth - Sweetheart Tree
Goldfinger - Woodchuck
Eli Young Band - Radio Waves
Basement Jaxx - A Possibility
Tom Waits - Sea Of Love
Death Cab For Cutie - A Movie Script Ending
Annotation Of An Autopsy - Years Of Disgust
Karen Cheryl - Sing To Me Mama
Cheap Trick - Never Had a Lot To Lose
All Time Low - Painting Flowers
Jamie Woon - Street
Christina Grimmie - Over Overthinking You
Elvis Costello - Everybody's Crying Mercy
In Flames - Like You Better Dead
Boston - You Gave Up On Love
Simple Minds - Cry Again
Moloko - Be Like You
Moloko - If You Have a Cross To Bear You May As Well Use It As a Crutch
Miranda Lambert - Take It Out On Me
Big Time Rush - Just Getting Started
Neil Diamond - Hello Again
Cheap Trick - Way Of The World
Bad Company - With You In a Heartbeat
Karen Cheryl - Tchoo Tchoo (Hold On The Line)
We Came As Romans - An Ever-Growing Wonder
Beady Eye - Start Anew
Everlast - Sen Dog
Jamie Woon - TMRW
Anathema - Under a Veil (Of Black Lace)
Death Cab For Cutie - 20th Century Towers
Cheap Trick - Don't Make Our Love a Crime
Cheap Trick - You're All I Wanna Do
Firehouse - Trying To Make a Living
Eli Young Band - Crazy Girl
Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody
Everlast - Ticking Away
Cheap Trick - Oo La La La
Simple Minds - Hunter And The Hunted
Miranda Lambert - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Elvis Costello - The Crooked Line
Miranda Lambert - Down
Cheap Trick - Baby Loves To Rock
Nina Simone - Brown Baby
Simple Minds - Graffiti Soul
Cheap Trick - Clock Strikes Ten
Die Ärzte - Ich Mag Frauen Mit Dicken Titten
Everlast - Let It Go
Miranda Lambert - What About Georgia?
Senses Fail - Sick Or Sane (Fifty For a Twenty)
Everlast - Some Of Us Pray
Swish And Flick - Sly In Slytherin
Bad Company - Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
Miranda Lambert - More Like Her
Simple Minds - Great Leap Forwards
The Hollies - Man With No Expression
Our Lady Peace - The Right Stuff
Basement Jaxx - Stay Close
The Hollies - Satellite Three
Amon Amarth - Shape Shifter
Everlast - Whitey
All That Remains - Not Fading
Simple Minds - Get a Grip
Tom Waits - Nirvana
Miranda Lambert - Dry Town
Cheap Trick - Who D' King
Miranda Lambert - Fine Tune
Firehouse - The Meaning Of Love
Nazareth - May Heaven Keep You
Overdream - Navigator
Neil Diamond - He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother
Nazareth - Madelaine
Cheap Trick - World's Greatest Lover
All That Remains - Follow
Cheap Trick - Southern Girls
Lene Marlin - Worth It
Cheap Trick - Borderline
Firehouse - Jumpin'
Neil Diamond - Courtin' Disaster
Nina Simone - Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' You
Cheap Trick - Shelter
Everlast - Everyone
Phantom Planet - The Happy Ending
Miranda Lambert - I Can't Be Bothered
Neil Diamond - Suzanne
Simple Minds - Christine
Sanctus Real - Nothing Between
Anathema - Electricity
Everlast - Funky Beat
Everlast - Goodbye
Karl Wolf - Life On a Break
Candlemass - Ancient Dreams
Firehouse - Life Goes On
Eli Young Band - The Fight
Miranda Lambert - Hurts To Think
Cheap Trick - On The Radio
Nazareth - Every Young Man's Dream
Our Lady Peace - Happiness & The Fish
We Came As Romans - I Will Not Reap Destruction
Simple Minds - Room
Miranda Lambert - Makin' Plans
Raffaela Carrà - Soli Sulla Luna
Enrico Macias - Un Rayon De Soleil
Death Cab For Cutie - 405
Anathema - Angelica
Bad Company - Tell It Like It Is
Asking Alexandria - Creature
Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head
Death Cab For Cutie - For What Reason
In Flames - Pinball Map
Cheap Trick - Rearview Mirror Romance
Cheap Trick - Cry, Cry
We Came As Romans - The King Of Silence
Simple Minds - Take a Step Back
Radical Face - Haunted
Death Cab For Cutie - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Anathema - Temporary Peace
Goldfinger - Uncomfortable
Anathema - Nocturnal Emission
Firehouse - Acid Rain
Suicidal Tendencies - I Wasn't Ment To Feel This Way/Asleep At The Wheel
Elvis Costello - Gigi
Our Lady Peace - Hope
Everlast - My Medicine (Demo Version)
Everlast - Angel
All That Remains - Aggressive Opposition
Everlast - Mercy On My Soul
Neil Diamond - Love To Love
Radical Face - Severus And Stone
Cheap Trick - High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise
In Flames - Ropes
Everlast - What It's Like
Eli Young Band - Mystery In The Making
Eli Young Band - When You Come Down My Way
Suicidal Tendencies - Animal
Cheap Trick - Downed
Cheap Trick - It's Up To You
Anathema - Eternity Part II
Anathema - Pressure
Cheap Trick - Standing On The Edge
Neil Diamond - You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Tom Waits - When You Ain't Got Nobody
Our Lady Peace - Trapeze
Simple Minds - Belfast Child
Miranda Lambert - Sin For a Sin
Simple Minds - Kiss The Ground
O-Town - Take Me Under
Miranda Lambert - Me And Charlie Talking
Firehouse - Get a Life
Miranda Lambert - New Strings
Cheap Trick - You Say Jump
The Puppini Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Basement Jaxx - Breakaway
Radical Face - All Is Well (It's Only Blood)
Our Lady Peace - Sorry
Boy Epic - Too Young To Love
Simple Minds - Glitterball
Steelheart - Electric Chair
Neil Diamond - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Neil Diamond - The Man You Need
Cody Simpson - La Da Dee
Neil Diamond - Pretty Amazing Grace
Sanctus Real - Eternal
Cheap Trick - The Doctor
Cheap Trick - Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
Everlast - We're All Gonna Die
Everlast - Put Your Lights On
Eli Young Band - Oklahoma Girl
Overdream - New Existence
Senses Fail - Bite To Break Skin
Eli Young Band - How Quickly You Forget
Simple Minds - Criminal World
Basement Jaxx - Feels Like Home
Suicidal Tendencies - Disco's Out, Murder's In
Eli Young Band - The Falling
The Puppini Sisters - Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
Miranda Lambert - All Kinds Of Kinds
Anathema - ...Alone
Leonard Cohen - The Butcher
Cheap Trick - You Talk Too Much
Cheap Trick - If You Need Me
Basement Jaxx - Hot & Cold
Nazareth - Fat Man
Goldfinger - Feel Like Making Love
Neil Diamond - O Holy Night
Boston - With You
Anathema - Eternity Part III
Senses Fail - Choke On This
Miranda Lambert - Bring Me Down
Neil Diamond - Don't Make Me Over
Simple Minds - The Man Who Sold The World
Simple Minds - No Cure
Death Cab For Cutie - Pity And Fear
Miranda Lambert - Maintain The Pain
Firehouse - Don't Fade On Me
Cheap Trick - Perfect Stranger
Cheap Trick - Everybody Knows
Cheap Trick - Cry Baby
Andréanne A. Malette - Mes Noels D'avant
Miranda Lambert - I Just Really Miss You
Cheap Trick - Tonight It's You
Our Lady Peace - A Story About a Girl
Anathema - Anyone, Anywhere
Everlast - Painkillers
Cheap Trick - Let Her Go
Relient K - Combos And Skittles
Eminem - Topless
Firehouse - Sleeping With You
Big Time Rush - Get Up
Olympe - Merci
Miranda Lambert - Somebody Else
Miranda Lambert - Mama, I'm Alright
Our Lady Peace - Under Zenith
Aqualung - 36 Hours
Neil Diamond - I Walk a Crooked Street
Major Lazer - Bubble Butt
Neil Diamond - Baby, Can I Hold You
Death Cab For Cutie - Coney Island
All That Remains - Days Without
Eminem - Bitch (Skit) (feat. Zoe)
Jamie Woon - Waterfront
Neil Diamond - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
Our Lady Peace - Sell My Soul
Neil Diamond - I'm Guilty
Elvis Costello - My Three Sons
Pichi Pichi Pitch French - Générique Saison 1
Cheap Trick - All Those Years
Nazareth - The Toast
Simple Minds - Underneath The Ice
Eli Young Band - I Still Think It's Me
Against The Current - 22 (Ft. Alex Goot And Friends)
Goldfinger - My Everything
Cheap Trick - Kiss Me Red
Die Ärzte - Gabi Gibt 'ne Party
Neil Diamond - Don't Be Cruel
Death Cab For Cutie - Expo '86
In Flames - Zombie Inc
Anathema - Re-Connect
Neil Diamond - Skybird
Neil Diamond - River Deep-Mountain High
Asking Alexandria - Moving On
Cheap Trick - Invaders Of The Heart
Cheap Trick - Goodnight
Eli Young Band - That's The Way
RED - Die For You
Cheap Trick - Carnival Game
Jay-Z - BBC (feat Nas)
Eminem - Invasion (The Realest)
Death Cab For Cutie - Company Calls Epilogue (Alternate)
Everlast - Babylon Feeling
Anathema - Sweet Tears
U.D.O. - Mastercutor
Tom Waits - Poncho's Lament
Neil Diamond - Love Potion Number Nine
Neil Diamond - I'm a Believer
Elvis Costello - Too Blue
Loic Leproust - Dans Chaque Pays Son Enfer
Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes
Everlast - Blinded By The Sun
Beady Eye - Face The Crowd
Tom Waits - First Kiss
Loic Leproust - Galère
Eminem - Buffalo Bill
Eminem - All She Wrote
Miranda Lambert - Love Song
Nazareth - Local Still
Death Cab For Cutie - New Candles
Neil Diamond - First You Have To Say You Love Me
Simple Minds - Hypnotised
Everlast - Get Down
Basement Jaxx - Hush Boy
Megan Nicole - Treasure
Everlast - Sleeping Alone
Cheap Trick - All We Need Is a Dream
Elvis Costello - Must You Throw Dirt In My Face
Major Lazer - Jet Blue Jet
All That Remains - Passion
Vanessa Carlton - London
Cheap Trick - Pop Drone
Simple Minds - All The Things She Said
Tom Waits - God's Away On Business
Elvis Costello - Harry Worth
Molly Hatchet - Boogie No More
Beady Eye - I'm Just Saying
Cheap Trick - The Flame
Major Lazer - Jessica
Miranda Lambert - Girl Like Me
Moloko - Pure Pleasure Seeker
Andréanne A. Malette - Bohèmes
Senses Fail - Frost Flower
Everlast - Tired
Goldfinger - FTN
Major Lazer - Reach For The Stars
Cheap Trick - Next Position Please
Eli Young Band - Life At Best
Cheap Trick - Baby No More
Eddie Vedder - Once In a While
Neil Diamond - Straw In The Wind
Loic Leproust - Amour
One Direction - Just Can't Let Her Go
Neil Diamond - Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Eli Young Band - Skeletons
Audrey Valorzi - Hug Me
Neil Diamond - Take Care Of Me
Jessie J - Magnetic
Tom Waits - Underground
Tom Waits - Poor Little Lamb
Jules Larson - Bend Into The Break (feat AG)
Death Cab For Cutie - I Was Once a Loyal Lover
Cheap Trick - Love's Got a Hold On Me
Major Lazer - Mashup The Dance
Loic Leproust - L'arbre De La Liberté
Everlast - Deadly Assassins
Eminem - Got Next
Eminem - Shit On You (with D12)
Karen Cheryl - Nos Années De Lycée
Neil Diamond - Carmelita's Eyes
Mary Has A Gun - Hypnotized
Aqualung - 7 Keys
Simple Minds - 20th Century Promised Land
Neil Diamond - Can Anybody Hear Me?
Enrico Macias - J'ai Chanté
Simple Minds - This Time
Everlast - Moneymaker
Basement Jaxx - We March On
Lee Brice - Love Like Crazy
Death Cab For Cutie - I Was a Kaleidoscope
Nazareth - Freewheeler
Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster
Plan B - Darkest Place
Miranda Lambert - Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
O-Town - Girl
Neil Diamond - Everybody
Neil Diamond - Reminisce For a While
Simple Minds - Oh Jungleland
The Hollies - Quit Your Low Down Ways
Neil Diamond - Save The Last Dance For Me
Eli Young Band - Drunk Last Night
Eminem - Ricky Ticky Toc
Eminem - Session One
Kat-tun - Lock On
Boston - Cryin'
Goldfinger - January
Christina Grimmie - Tell My Mama
Our Lady Peace - Made Of Steel
Cheap Trick - Rock 'N' Roll Tonight
Firehouse - Get In Touch
Eli Young Band - Room Goes Dark
MBHK - Game Over
Cheap Trick - Don't Be Cruel
Eminem - Tonya (Skit)
Eminem - Get You Mad (feat. King Tech)
Eminem - Move On (feat. Aaron London)
Cheap Trick - Busted
Oh Land - Frostbite
Relient K - C.U.R.B.
Neil Diamond - Blue Highway
Lady Gaga - 'Applause'
All That Remains - Hold On
Tom Waits - Tom Traubert's Blues
Miranda Lambert - Love Your Memory
Nazareth - Kentucky Fried Blues
Neil Diamond - Open Wide These Prison Doors
Neil Diamond - I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
Everlast - Dirty
Juliet Simms - Wild Child
Relient K - Candlelight
Everlast - Even God Don't Know
Neil Diamond - Heartlight
Bad Company - Fame And Fortune
The White Panda - Midnight Life
Nina Simone - It Might As Well Be Spring
Elvis Costello - Mr. Feathers
Christina Grimmie - Think Of You
Etta James - Don't Blame Me
Eminem - A Drop In The Ocean (feat. Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Ron Pope)
Plan B - Lost My Way
Elvis Costello - Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is Eve
Neil Diamond - Mr. Bojangles
Ariana Grande - Baby I
78violet - Hothouse
Eminem - Bump Heads (feat. 50 Cent, G-Unit)
Our Lady Peace - Where Are You?
Falling In Reverse - Self-Destruct Personality
Plan B - What You Gonna Do
Death Cab For Cutie - Fake Frowns
Cheap Trick - Tell Me Everything
Quietdrive - After All
Cabron - Frunzele Si Iarba
Eminem - We As Americans
Death Cab For Cutie - Technicolor Girls
Cheap Trick - Love Comes A-Tumblin' Down
Etta James - My Funny Valentine
Everlast - God Wanna
Neil Diamond - Silver Bells
Neil Diamond - Little Drummer Boy
Elvis Costello - 20% Amnesia
Goldfinger - Liar
Simple Minds - Kick It In
Anathema - Better Off Dead
All That Remains - Relinquish
Anathema - Harmonium
Etta James - Cigarettes & Coffee
Cheap Trick - Hummer
Cheap Trick - Just Got Back
Under The Flood - Drive
Miranda Lambert - Run Daddy Run
Graveyard - The Suits, The Law & The Uniforms
Silverchair - Steam Will Rise
Eminem - Where I'm At
Cheap Trick - Let Go
Neil Diamond - Ten Lonely Guys
Loic Leproust - Handicap
Silverchair - The Man That Knew Too Much
Neil Diamond - If There Were No Dreams
Eminem - The Apple
Eminem - Dead Wrong (Remix)
Etta James - My Dearest Darling
Nazareth - Talkin' 'Bout Love
Plan B - Couldn't Get Along
Loic Leproust - Alors Regardez Le Bonheur
Loic Leproust - Pas Sérieux S'abstenir
Simple Minds - Book Of Brilliant Things
Bad Company - Rock Of America
We Came As Romans - Fade Away
New Order - I Told You So
Cheap Trick - How Are You?
Mike Hough - Stained
Plan B - Live Once
Beth Hart - Bang Bang Boom Boom
Goldfinger - Stalker
Senses Fail - Bonecrusher
Elvis Costello - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding
Eminem - Go To Sleep (with Obie Trice, DMX)
Eminem - The Cypher
Burn Season - Life So Short
Etta James - I'll Take Care Of You
Everlast - The Crown
Cary Brothers - Think Awhile
Karen Cheryl - Comme Une Enfant Abandonnée
Death Cab For Cutie - The Face That Launched 1000 Shits
Everlast - I Get By
Etta James - If I Can't Have You
Alex Velea - E Marfa Tare
Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder & Lead
Eths - Cerebellum
Our Lady Peace - The World On a String
Quietdrive - Until The End
Eli Young Band - Level
Burn Season - Wasted
Cheap Trick - If I Could
Everlast - The Ocean
Motionless In White - Bleed In Black And White
Everlast - Never Missin' a Beat
Asking Alexandria - Break Down The Walls
Neil Diamond - Walk On Water
Plan B - Bizness Woman
Everlast - Syndicate Soldier
Burn Season - Carry On
Loic Leproust - L'étudiants De La Chine
Neil Diamond - Talking Optimist Blues (Good Day Today)
All That Remains - Dead Wrong
Katy Perry - Roar
Eminem - Stimulate
Eminem - Public Enemy #1
Cheap Trick - My Gang
Cheap Trick - Wrong Side Of Love
Pulcino Pio - Le Poussin Piou CHA CHA CHA
Etta James - That's All
Etta James - Tell It Like It Is
Etta James - Welcome To The Jungle
Neil Diamond - A Million Miles Away
Etta James - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
Death Cab For Cutie - No Joy In Mudville
Tom Waits - Cold Water
Boston - Party
Our Lady Peace - Starseed
Firehouse - If It Changes
Simple Minds - Calling Your Name
Eminem - I Love You More
Leonard Cohen - There Is a War
Etta James - I'm a Fool
Everlast - Friend
Cheap Trick - These Days
Barenaked Ladies - Enid
The Pierces - Piece Of You
Tom Waits - Take Care Of All My Children
Barenaked Ladies - Little Tiny Song
Collectif Métissé - Mariana
Against The Current - Not Over You
Etta James - Imagination
Burn Season - Boredom
Raffaela Carrà - Lumières
All That Remains - From These Wounds
Basement Jaxx - Jus 1 Kiss
Megan Nicole - Begin Again
Fuego - Una Vaina Loca (Feat. El Porto Alvarez)
Etta James - All I Could Do Was Cry
Karen Cheryl - Oh Mamma Mia
Simple Minds - King Is White And In The Crowd
Eminem - Second Chance (feat. Ludacris & Lil Wayne)
O-Town - Sexiest Woman Alive
Karen Cheryl - Les Neiges D’été
Eli Young Band - Guardian Angel
Everlast - Broken
Everlast - Friday The 13th
Goldfinger - Tell Me
RaNia - Up
Loic Leproust - A Petits Pas
Gueule De Loup - Les Gueux
Tom Waits - A Little Rain
Death Cab For Cutie - Two Cars
Eli Young Band - My Old Man's Son
Neil Diamond - I'll See You On The Radio (Laura)
Cheap Trick - I Want Be Man
Etta James - In The Basement, Part 1
All That Remains - What If I Was Nothing
Everlast - Kill The Emperor
Suicidal Tendencies - I'll Buy Myself
Greenwheel - Dim Halo
Cheap Trick - You're All Talk
Barenaked Ladies - Call And Answer
Neil Diamond - If I Lost My Way
Barenaked Ladies - Life In a Nutshell
Eminem - No Apologies
Son Ga In - Tinkerbell
Interpol - All Fired Up
Miranda Lambert - Love Is Looking For You
Roni Tran - Broken Yet Holding On
Neil Diamond - Red, Red Wine
Everlast - Syndication (Remix)
Quietdrive - All This Time
Cheap Trick - Stiff Competition
Barenaked Ladies - Be My Yoko Ono
Everlast - Love For Real
Soul Decision - Don't Dance Close To Me
Etta James - Someone To Watch Over Me
Loic Leproust - Partir
Burn Season - This Morning
Anathema - Radiance
Everlast - The Greatest
Neil Diamond - Blackbird
Eminem - Wee Wee
Kim Hyun A - Very Hot
Winx - Superheroes (Believix Ending - English Version)
Firehouse - Arrow Through My Heart
Simple Minds - Boys From Brazil
Etta James - Stop The Wedding
Etta James - Hickory Dickory Dock
Death Cab For Cutie - Pictures In An Exhibition
Firehouse - Love Is a Dangerous Thing
All That Remains - Behind Silence And Solitude
Interpol - Safe Without
Basement Jaxx - Run 4 Cover
Eminem - Biterphobia
Klingande - Jubel
Plan B - End In The Streets
Basement Jaxx - Lights Go Down
Under The Flood - The Witness
We Are The Ocean - Trials And Tribulations
Cheap Trick - It All Come Back To You
Matthew McAnuff - Be Careful
Da Silva - L'instant
Anathema - Leave No Trace
Neil Diamond - Alone Again (Naturally)
Simple Minds - Rockets
Neil Diamond - Another Day (That Time Forgot)
Goldfinger - Damaged
Anathema - Memento Mori
Eminem - Em Calls Paul (Skit)
Eli Young Band - Small Town Kid
Leonard Cohen - You Know Who I Am
AJ Michalka - All I've Ever Needed
Neil Diamond - Angel
Neil Diamond - Like You Do
Everlast - Stone In My Hand
Barenaked Ladies - In The Car
Moloko - Absent Minded Friends
Monrose - What You Don't Know
Cheap Trick - 3-D
Miranda Lambert - Easy Living
Etta James - The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry)
Henry Lau - Holiday
Big Bang - Intro (Put Your Hands Up)
Etta James - It's a Man's Man's Man's World
Death Cab For Cutie - Company Calls Epilogue
Elvis Costello - Miss Macbeth
Goldfinger - Handjobs For Jesus
Miranda Lambert - There's a Wall
Etta James - Ev'ry Body Somebody's Fool
Cherri Bomb - Already Dead
Gipsy Casual - Bate Toba Mare
Etta James - If You Want Me To Stay
Elvis Costello - Remove This Doubt
Loic Leproust - Un Jour
Raffaela Carrà - Più Forte Del Tempo
Megan Nicole - Mean
Nu'est - Not Over You
Everlast - The Rain
The Garlics - La Vie Est Si Courte
Cauet - Allez Viens Au Paris Saint-Germain
Eminem - The People's Champ
Neil Diamond - In Ensenada
Against The Current - Heart Attack (Ft. Sam Tsui)
Everlast - One And The Same
Manafest - Breaking Down The Walls
Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind
Etta James - Stop On By
Cheap Trick - Love Me For a Minute
Cheap Trick - Girlfriends
Ailee - How Could You Do This To Me
Etta James - Boondocks
Cassie - Overdose
Cheap Trick - It's Only Love
Eminem - Any Man
Against The Current - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Big Bang - Intro (Thank You & You)
Etta James - We're In Love
Big Bang - Intro (Number 1)
Cheap Trick - Big Eyes
Simple Minds - Superman v Supersoul
Girl's Day - Female President
Barenaked Ladies - Hello City
Burn Season - Revolution
Simple Minds - Real To Real
Plan B - Free
Kim Hyun A - A Bitter Day (feat. Yong Jun Hyung & G.NA)
Big Bang - Ora Yeah!
The Puppini Sisters - Wuthering Heights
4 Minute - FIRST
Our Lady Peace - Tomorrow Never Knows
Big Bang - I Don't Understand
The Pierces - Me And Him
Everlast - Graves To Dig
Elvis Costello - My Funny Valentine
Miranda Lambert - Me And Your Cigarettes
Our Lady Peace - Al Genina (Leave The Light On)
Burn Season - Mistakes
Everlast - Little Miss America
4 Minute - 4Minutes Left
Kristina Maria - Co-Pilot (feat. Laza Morgan)
Big Bang - Ego
Manafest - Don't Turn Away
Henry Lau - 1-4-3 (I Love You)
Moloko - I Can't Help Myself
Major Lazer - Playground
Eminem - Shady Narcotics (Eminem Intro)
Loic Leproust - Pour Voir Passer
Eminem - Chonkyfire Freestyle (Swag Juice)
Henry Lau - Ready 2 Love
Barenaked Ladies - The Old Apartment
Loic Leproust - C'est Pas La Peine De Fermer Ta Porte
Eminem - If I Get Locked Up Tonight (with Dr. Dre)
Etta James - All The Way Down
Burn Season - Krow
Neil Diamond - Crazy
Cheap Trick - Takin' Me Back
Oh Land - Voodoo
Elvis Costello - Bama Lama Bama Loo
Cheap Trick - Ain't That a Shame
Suicidal Tendencies - I Shot The Devil
Pendulum - The Vulture
Neil Diamond - That Kind
Death Cab For Cutie - Photobooth
Everlast - Fuck Everyone
Cheap Trick - Rock All Night
Kim Hyun Joong - Your Story (feat. DOK2)
Molly Hatchet - Jukin' City
Firehouse - Reach For The Sky
Wes - Awa Awa
Rock Mafia - Pimps And Hos
Neil Diamond - Husbands And Wives
Plan B - Rakin' The Dead
Abeti Masikini - I Love You
Miranda Lambert - Dear Diamond
Goldfinger - Spank Bank
Carolina Marquez - Sing La La La (Feat. Flo Rida & Dale Saunders)
Cheap Trick - Dancing The Night Away
Under The Flood - Stranded
Moloko - Lotus Eaters
Aqualung - Thin Air
Eminem - Diamond Style (feat. 50 Cent & 2Pac)
4 Minute - I My Me Mine
Neil Diamond - Without Her
Smiley - Criminal (Feat. Kaan)
Kristina Maria - Our Song Comes On
Death Cab For Cutie - Home Is a Fire
Tom Waits - That's The Way
Big Bang - Ain't No Fun
Mario - Somebody Else Ft Nicki Ninaj
Everlast - Long Time
Bad Company - Lonely For Your Love
Jessie J - It's My Party
Brown Eyed Girls - Lovemotion
Brown Eyed Girls - String
New Order - Run
Neil Diamond - Mama Don't Know
Neil Diamond - The Story Of My Life
4 Minute - Hide And Seek
Neil Diamond - I'm Sayin' I'm Sorry
Anathema - (Breaking Over The) Barriers
Firehouse - Dream
4 Minute - Funny
4 Minute - Already Gone
Kim Hyun A - Downtown (feat. Ji Yoon)
The Feeling - Miss You
Amyst - Without You Here
Kelly Rowland - Dirty Laundry
Kim Hyun Joong - Kiss Kiss (japanese Version)
Cheap Trick - Take Me I'm Yours
F(x) - Rum Pum Pum Pum
Taylor Momsen - Cold Blooded
Miranda Lambert - Safe
Jess Moskaluke - Stronger
Sanctus Real - Whatever You're Doing (Something Heavenly)
Big Bang - O.A.O
Neil Diamond - Sleigh Ride
Prong - Watching
Lana Del Rey - Angels Forever
Boyfriend - MYSTERY
Senses Fail - Free Fall Without a Parachute
Neil Diamond - Hurricane
Taylor Momsen - My Medicine
Barenaked Ladies - Just a Toy
Kim Hyun Joong - I'm Your Man
Loic Leproust - Dors Mon Enfant
Our Lady Peace - As Fast As You Can
Keaton Henson - Small Hands
2ne1 - Do You Love Me
Big Bang - Laugh It Off
Interpol - The Undoing
Die Ärzte - Goldenes Handwerk (Drummer Mix)
Everlast - Guru
The Feeling - When I Return
4 Minute - Mirror Mirror
Neil Diamond - Don't Turn Around
2YOON - Why Not
Taylor Momsen - Hit Me Like a Man
Eminem - Fubba U Cubba Kubba (Freestyle)
Everlast - Death Comes Callin'
Big Bang - Pretended (T.O.P Solo)
Son Ga In - Meet Her
Firehouse - All She Wrote
Our Lady Peace - White Flags
Loic Leproust - Les Héritiers
Marc Seberg - Personalities - 83
Our Lady Peace - Middle Of Yesterday
Kim Hyun Joong - Yes I Will
The Feeling - We Can Dance
Elvis Costello - Just About Glad
Elvis Costello - I Hope
Lutan Fyah - Screaming
Etta James - Tough Mary
We Are The Ocean - Bleed
Tamar Braxton - Words
Tom Waits - Had Me a Girl
Eminem - Crackers 'n Cheese
Cheap Trick - All Wound Up
Naughty Boy - La La La
Nazareth - Juliet
Keen V - J'ai Besoin De Changement
Boston - Corporate America
Brown Eyed Girls - Far Away (Feat. MC Mong)
Death Cab For Cutie - Little Fury Bugs
Everlast - Saving Grace
Brown Eyed Girls - How Could I Love You
Taylor Momsen - You
Kim Hyun Joong - U (japanese Version)
Overdream - Free Dive
Brown Eyed Girls - Every Body (Feat. Big Tone)
Loic Leproust - S'il Vous Plait
Simple Minds - Naked Eye
Megan Nicole - Let's Stay Together
Plan B - The Recluse
The Feeling - A Hundred Sinners (Come And Get It)
Loic Leproust - Je N'aime Pas
Miranda Lambert - Look At Miss Ohio
Remitocoko - How Long Before Sunrise (Road 9)
Karen Cheryl - Tout Est Beau Dans Mon Royaume
Loic Leproust - Aimons Nous
Rock Mafia - Morning Sun
Interpol - Lighthouse
Tom Waits - Hang On St. Christopher
Boston - Turn It Off
Eminem - Big Weenie
Everlast - Black Coffee
Asking Alexandria - Until The End
Boston - Stare Out Your Window
Burn Season - Ending
Burn Season - Any Harder
Boyfriend - Listen (Dong Hyun Solo)
Barenaked Ladies - Leave
Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight
The Temptations - Firefly
Senses Fail - Battle Hymn
Megan Nicole - Just Give Me a Reason (Ft. Jason Chen)
Eminem - Spend Some Time
4 Minute - Cool And Natural
Ekymose - Contre Toi
Eminem - Constantly Armed (with 2Pac)
Robin Thicke - Give It 2 U
Brown Eyed Girls -
Eminem - Oh No
Burn Halo - Give Me a Sign
Panic! At The Disco - This Is Gospel
Becky G - Becky From The Block
Everlast - Next Man
The Temptations - Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down
Eli Young Band - Back Of My Mind
Miranda Lambert - Airstream Song
The Temptations - (You're My) Dream Come True
Etta James - Prisoner Of Love
Everlast - Lonely Road
All That Remains - Some Of The People, All Of The Time
Elvis Costello - You Tripped At Every Step
Eminem - Nail In The Coffin
Etta James - Pushover
Remitocoko - I Will Go First
Burn Season - Addicted
Die Ärzte - Halloween
Plan B - Kidz
Barenaked Ladies - Stomache VS Heart
Msylirik - Ziska La Fin
Yvan Iorio - C'est Vrai
Anathema - Release
Karen Cheryl - Chante Pour Nous, Mama
The Temptations - Smiling Faces Sometimes
Plan B - Traded In My Cigarettes
Nyanda - Slippery When Wet
Big Bang - Together Forever
The Temptations - Masterpiece
Cheap Trick - ELO Kiddies
Neil Diamond - The Chanukah Song
Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me
Papa Roach - You Gotta Want It
Destorm - King Kong
The Temptations - Check Yourself
Neil Diamond - One Good Love
The Temptations - You've Really Got a Hold On Me
Suicidal Tendencies - Join The Army
Cheap Trick - Low Life In High Heels
Plan B - Mama (Loves a Crackhead)
Eminem - GOAT
The Temptations - Someday At Christmas
In Flames - Subterranean
Barenaked Ladies - I'll Be That Girl
The Feeling - Love And Care
Eminem - Hell Breaks Loose (feat. Dr. Dre)
Neil Diamond - Front Page Story
Karen Cheryl - Séparation Provisoire
The Hollies - Blue In The Morning
Jamie Woon - Lady Luck
Nicolae Guta - Soarele Din Viata Mea
Anathema - Sleepless 96
Boyfriend - On & On
Eminem - Airplanes Part 2
The Temptations - The Girl's Alright With Me
Suicidal Tendencies - Choosing My Own Way Of Life
Brown Eyed Girls - Hot Shot
Cheap Trick - If It Takes a Lifetime
S3rl - Mtc
Phillip Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone
Brown Eyed Girls - A Story I Couldn't Ask About
4 Minute - I'm Ok
New Order - 5.8.6.
Ellie Goulding - Hearts Without Chains
Miranda Lambert - Famous In a Small Town
Henry Lau - I Would
Tom Waits - That Feel
Asking Alexandria - Poison
Etta James - Hey Henry
Christian Delagrange - Joanna
Neil Diamond - Free Man In Paris
The Temptations - Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe
Raffaela Carrà - Io Non Vivo Senza Te
Simple Minds - Sugar
Firehouse - Take It Off
The Temptations - I'm The Exception To The Rule
4 Minute - Get On The Floor
The Feeling - Back Where I Came From
Remitocoko - Sunflowers Remind Me Of You
Karl Wolf - Bootyful
Big Bang - Feeling
The Temptations - My Baby
Brown Eyed Girls - The Day You Come
Quincy Jones - Somethin' Special
The Temptations - It's Summer
Boyfriend - Not One, But Two
The Temptations - Save My Love For a Rainy Day
4 Minute - Won't Give You
The Temptations - Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
The Temptations - How He Could Hurt You
The Temptations - Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)
Sheila - Mon Eldorado
Nazareth - Claim To Fame
The Feeling - Don't Give Up
Neil Diamond - You've Got Your Troubles
All That Remains - A Call To All Non-Believers
Brown Eyed Girls - The Ugly Truth
The Temptations - Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)
Eminem - It's Your Time (feat. Bow Wow)
Leonard Cohen - Is This What You Wanted
EXO-K - Let Out The Beast
Death Cab For Cutie - The Employment Pages
Cheap Trick - You Let a Lotta People Down
The Temptations - Psychedelic Shack
The Temptations - I Gotta Find a Way (To Get You Back)
Big Bang - Hallelujah
Tom Waits - 'Til The Money Runs Out
The Temptations - Since I Lost My Baby
Against The Current - Good Time (Ft. Alex Goot)
Our Lady Peace - Lying Awake
Runaground - Burn
Tae Yang - Superstar
Basement Jaxx - Kissalude
The Temptations - I Gotta Know Now
The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)
Bad Company - Both Feet In The Water
Donny Hathaway - This Christmas
Neil Diamond - Sweet L.A. Days
The Temptations - Hum Along And Dance
Everlast - Black Jesus
Brown Eyed Girls - I'm Laughing (Ga In Solo)
Miranda Lambert - Oklahoma Sky
The Temptations - Christmas Song
The Temptations - The Impossible Dream
Cary Brothers - Who You Are
EXO-K - Black Pearl
Daesung - Big Hit!
Cheap Trick - Heaven's Falling
The Temptations - Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got
Winx - Vita Da Star (Italian Version)
Pauline - Combien
Everlast - What Is This?
The Temptations - For Once In My Life
Everlast - 7 Years
Asking Alexandria - White Line Fever
The Temptations - Angel Doll
Barenaked Ladies - Jane
Neil Diamond - Winter Wonderland
Henry Lau - My Everything
Eminem - Things Get Worse (feat. B.o.B)
Eminem - Goin' Crazy
Glee Cast - Help!
Big Bang - Bringing You Love
Firehouse - Rock You Tonight
Megan Nicole - Here's To Never Growing Up
Tom Waits - Down There By The Train
Pauline - La Chanson Qui Console
Firehouse - Can't Stop The Pain
Earlyrise - Black And White
The Hollies - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Neil Diamond - The Last Thing On My Mind
Jason Chen - Just Give Me a Reason (Ft. Megan Nicole)
Tom Waits - King Kong
Neil Diamond - A Groovy Kind Of Love
Five Finger Death Punch - Dot Your Eyes
Everlast - This Kinda Lonely
Betraying The Martyrs - Azalée
Plan B - Stay Too Long
Neil Diamond - Let The Little Boy Sing
Boyfriend - Wonderful Girl
Eminem - It's Been Real
Eminem - Our House
Cheap Trick - She's Tight
Raffaela Carrà - Dimmi Quando Tu Verrai
Loic Leproust - La, La, La, La ....
Winx - Enchantix (Italien - Transformation)
Ailee - Shut Up (Feat. Simon D)
LoL Deejays - Portilla De Bobo (Feat. Minelli & FYI)
Miranda Lambert - Fastest Girl In Town
School Of Rock - School Of Rock
Big Bang - Love Dust
The Temptations - You Make Your Own Heaven And Hell Right Here On Earth
Florin Salam - Saint Tropez
Eminem - Forever (with Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne)
Brown Eyed Girls - Mine
Plan B - The Runaway
We Came As Romans - Just Keep Breathing
Copeland - California
The Temptations - I Can't Think Of a Thing At All
Everlast - Ends
Mindless Self Indulgence - Fuck Machine
Barenaked Ladies - Some Fantastic
Loic Leproust - Si Tous Les Hommes
We Are The Ocean - Look Alive
The Puppini Sisters - Java Jive
Cheap Trick - Stop This Game
Nu'est - Happy Birthday
Karen Cheryl - Je N’ai Jamais Dit " Je T’aime "
Five Finger Death Punch - Menace
Etta James - Tears Of Joy
Plan B - Hard Times
The Feeling - Say No
Cheap Trick - I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends
Suicidal Tendencies - Go Skate! (Possessed To Skate '97)
Ailee - U&I
4 Minute - Whatever
The Feeling - All You Need To Do
Elbow - Mirrorball
Interpol - Roland
The Temptations - Oh, Mother Of Mine
Yousei Teikeku - Alte Burg
Neil Diamond - Everything's Gonna Be Fine
Aqualung - If I Fall
Elodie Frégé - Une Plage
Burn Season - Falling
Goldfinger - Fuck You And Your Cat
The Temptations - Back To School Again
Goldfinger - Smile
Robin Thicke - Magic
Die Ärzte - Hände Innen
Barenaked Ladies - Box Set
Five Finger Death Punch - Back For More
Nina Simone - Porgy, I Is Your Woman Now
Valentin Marceau - Comme Une Maladie
Neil Diamond - At Night
EXO-K - Don't Go
Loic Leproust - Cas D'urgence
All That Remains - This Darkened Heart
Barenaked Ladies - I Know
Everlast - Pain
Rick Drey - Melinda (Feat. Soley Dancefloor)
Everlast - Sad Girl
Cheap Trick - Everyday You Make Me Crazy
Brown Eyed Girls - Countdown (Interlude)
Barenaked Ladies - New Kid (On The Block)
Eminem - I Remember (Everlast Diss)
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
Elodie Frégé - Pique-Nique Sur La Lune
New Order - Who's Joe?
The Temptations - Just Let Me Know
The Feeling - Dance For The Lights
All That Remains - A Song For The Hopeless
Miranda Lambert - Guilty In Here
Elodie Frégé - Dans L'escalier
Kim Hyun Joong - Smile
Five Finger Death Punch - Dying Breed
Death Cab For Cutie - Tomorrow
Elbow - The Fix
The Temptations - Fan The Flame
Beady Eye - The World's Not Set In Stone
Everlast - Die In Yer Arms
Neil Diamond - Clown Town
Soul Decision - Cadillac Dress
All That Remains - Vicious Betrayal
Barenaked Ladies - Long Way Back Home
Everlast - One, Two
Boyfriend - Do
Fleshcrawl - Disfigured
Miranda Lambert - Desperation
Everlast - Gone For Good
The Temptations - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
The Temptations - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Cheap Trick - Ohm Sweet Ohm
Senses Fail - Life Is Not a Waiting Room
Elodie Frégé - Garce Carbonique
Neil Diamond - Lost Among The Stars
Ahmed Chawki - Habibi I Love You (Ft. Pitbull)
Philipp Poisel - Ich Will Nur
Barenaked Ladies - Intermittently
Tom Waits - Sins Of My Father
Winx - Enchantix - La Magie Di Winx (Enchantix Ending - Italian Version)
Eminem - Monkey See, Monkey Do
Cheap Trick - Back 'n Blue
Remitocoko - Things I Do
Boyfriend - Go Back
Neil Diamond - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Eli Young Band - San Antone
Eminem - Intro (Curtain Call)
The Temptations - Take a Look Around
Miranda Lambert - Love Letters
Elbow - Crawling With Idiot
Elodie Frégé - La Fille Qui Fait Tchic Ti Tchi
Loic Leproust - Pour Un Enfant
The Temptations - Now That You've Won Me
Barenaked Ladies - Told You So
A Change Of Pace - Bebe Matoko
Remitocoko - Brand New Smile
Brown Eyed Girls - Tagger
2YOON - Nightmare (Feat. Jeong Il Hoon Of BTOB)
Boyfriend - Excuse Me
The Temptations - Hello Young Lovers
Eminem - We're Back (feat. Stat Quo, Obie Trice, Bobby Creekwater, Ca$his)
Elvis Costello - I Felt The Chill
Pauline - Reviens