Les nouvelles paroles de chansons et traductions - Page 415:

Black Sabbath - Zeitgeist
Gamma Ray - Solid
Moonspell - Serpent Angel
Hardcore Superstar - Kick On The Upperclass
Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of a Madman
Manilla Road - The Ram
Hardcore Superstar - What Did I Do
Gamma Ray - The Guardians Of Mankind
Ozzy Osbourne - Waiting For Darkness
Prong - Force Fed
Hardcore Superstar - Silence For The Peacefully
Equilibrium - Heimwärts
Manilla Road - Hack It Off
Gamma Ray - Free Time
Prong - State Of Rebellion
Sepultura - Mine
Prong - Home Rule
Mustasch - I Wanna Be Loved
Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out In Space
Prong - Power Of The Damager
Manilla Road - When Giants Fall
Europe - Last Look At Eden
Equilibrium - Met
Equilibrium - Die Weide Und Der Fluß
Alkaline Trio - Those Lungs
Gamma Ray - Gods Of Deliverance
Asher Roth - Actin' Up Ft. Rye Rye & Justin Bieber & Chris Brown
Gamma Ray - Brothers
Blondie - Love At The Pier
Four Year Strong - Come On Bessie, Slow And Steady
Jay Sean - The Mistress
Krokus - Let The Good Times Roll
Havok - Prepare For Attack
Hardcore Superstar - Won't Take The Blame Pt.1
Gamma Ray - Trouble
Mustasch - Deep In The Woods
Matchbox Twenty - I Will
Krokus - Dirty Street
Matchbox Twenty - Black & White People
Joe Cocker - I Hope
Mustasch - Do Or Die
Gamma Ray - Wings Of Destiny
Parkway Drive - Gimmie a d
Four Year Strong - What The Hell Is a Gigawatt?
Black Sabbath - The Sign Of The Southern Cross
Prong - Inner Truth
Duran Duran - Starting To Remember
Gamma Ray - Lust For Life
Krokus - Hard Luck Hero
Cult Of Luna - Hollow
Black Sabbath - Rock 'N' Roll Doctor
Blondie - Golden Rod
Manilla Road - Blood Eagle
Equilibrium - Verrat
Symphony X - Reign In Madness
Havok - Time Is Up
Joe Cocker - Midnight Without You
Patti Labelle - Hear My Cry
Céline Dion - Moi Quand Je Pleure
Mustasch - Heresy Blasphemy
Bon Jovi - If I Was Your Mother
Krokus - Too Hot
Cassie (2) - Skydiver
Blondie - End To End
Prong - Red Martial Working
Zaniboni - Amarcord
Krokus - Mr. Sixty Nine
Moonspell - Raven Claws
Blondie - Wipe Off My Sweat
Krokus - Rock 'N' Roll Handshake
Prong - Brainwave
Waltari - Travel On
Krokus - Out Of Control
Gamma Ray - Spiritual Dictator
Waltari - One In The Line
Manilla Road - No Sign From Above
MS MR - No Trace
Moonspell - At The Image Of Pain
Valencia - Away We Go
Smash Mouth - Radio
Patti Labelle - When You Talk About Love
Big Time Rush - Amazing
Moonspell - Can't Bee
Raffaela Carrà - No Pensar En Ti
Joe Cocker - Up Where We Belong
Bon Jovi - Lonely At The Top
Matchbox Twenty - Overjoyed
Moonspell - The Darkening
Havok - Covering Fire
Molly Hatchet - The Creeper
Smash Mouth - Heave-Ho
Krokus - Justice
Joe Cocker - High Time We Went
Krokus - Throwing Her China
Manilla Road - The Empire
Blue Öyster Cult - Fallen Angel
Kissin' Dynamite - She's a Killer
Gamma Ray - Hand Of Fate
Equilibrium - Unbesiegt
Manilla Road - D.O.A.
Mustasch - I Don't Hate You
Bon Jovi - Billy
Bon Jovi - Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll
Moonspell - As We Eternally Sleep On It
Blondie - Contact In Red Square
Matchbox Twenty - All I Need
Symphony X - Light Up The Night
Waltari - Part 4: The Struggle For Life And Death Of Knowledge
Unwritten Law - Stop To Think
Zaniboni - Comment Leur Dire
Jay Sean - Moment To Love
Matchbox Twenty - Our Song
La Demoiselle Inconnue - Si Demain
Joe Cocker - Highway, Highway
Prong - Lost And Found
Annihilator - WTYD
Krokus - Rattlesnake Rumble
Steppenwolf - Smokey Factory Blues
Krokus - Celebration
Krokus - Rock'n' Roll Tonight
Kansas - All The World
Manilla Road - Dragon Star
Quiet Riot - Party All Night
Jay Sean - Never Been In Love
Mustasch - Morning Star
Prong - Embrace The Depth
Black Sabbath - Over And Over
Blue Öyster Cult - Damaged
Karen Cheryl - Scoop Sur Ma Vie
Krokus - Heatstrokes
Blondie - Rapture
Krokus - Down The Drain
Parkway Drive - A Cold Day In Hell
Journey - Pride Of The Family
Moonspell - The Hanged Man
Symphony X - Electric Messiah
Moonspell - Nocturna
Gamma Ray - Send Me a Sign
Gamma Ray - Dream Healer
Moonspell - Crystal Gazing
Moonspell - Hers Is The Twilight
Manilla Road - Totentanz (The Dance Of Death)
Manilla Road - A Touch Of Madness
Patti Labelle - Let Me Be Your Lady
Waltari - Syntax Error
Matchbox Twenty - I Don't Wanna Be Loved
Rihanna - Cockiness (Love It) Remix Ft. Asap Rocky
The 1975 - So Far (It's Alright)
Joe Cocker - Just To Keep From Drowning
Krokus - Drive It In
Gamma Ray - Heading For Tomorrow
Waltari - Progression
Parkway Drive - Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em
Patti Labelle - We're Not Makin' Love Anymore
Blue Öyster Cult - Cold Grey Light Of Dawn
Krokus - Let This Love Begin
Cult Of Luna - Into The Beyond
Four Year Strong - Bring On The World
Prong - Forgery
Krokus - Dirty Dynamite
Misery Index - Dissent Part 2. Exception To The Ruled
Gamma Ray - Insanity And Genius
Prong - Cling To Life
Hardcore Superstar - It's So True
Mustasch - Sympathy For Destruction
Prong - Denial
Matchbox Twenty - Damn
Wintersun - Beautiful Death
Prong - Spirit Guide
Claude François - Ne Pars Pas
Jay Sean - I Don't Know
Moonspell - Atlantic
Teen Top - Be My Girl
Ozzy Osbourne - Children Of The Grave
Gamma Ray - Follow Me
Graveyard - Lost In Confusion
Prong - Carved Into Stone
Black Sabbath - Lonely Is The Word
Prong - Out Of This Misery
Katie SKY - Sweet Sweet Melody
Fatboy Slim - How Are You?
Krokus - School's Out
Ozzy Osbourne - Don't Blame Me
Moonspell - The Butterfly Fx
Prong - Another Wordly Device
Prong - Shouldn't Have Bothered
Cult Of Luna - I: The Weapon
Hardcore Superstar - She's Offbeat
Four Year Strong - It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
Manilla Road - Black Lotus
Havok - Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me Death
Prong - Pointless
Moonspell - Goat On Fire
Prong - Path Of Least Resistance
CocoRosie - Rainbowarriors
Hardcore Superstar - Simple Man
Waltari - Without Lies (Cyber Bullies)
Prong - Mansruin
Wintersun - Starchild
Blue Öyster Cult - Veins
Jay Sean - Here's Hope
Mayer Hawthorne - Fantasy Girl
Saez - Quai De Seine
Symphony X - Heretic
Hellyeah - Drink Drank Drunk
Blue Öyster Cult - I Am The One You Warned Me Of
Katerine - Sexy Cool
Manilla Road - Hammer Of The Witches
IA イア - Ada Gaeshi Syndrome
Manilla Road - Friction In Mass
Ricky Martin - Come With Me
Krokus - Bad Boys, Rag Dolls
Moonspell - Let The Children Cum To Me...
Ozzy Osbourne - No Easy Way Out
Joe Cocker - Midnight Rider
Joe Cocker - Thankful
Blondie - What I Heard
Manilla Road - Taken By Storm
Gamma Ray - Tribute To The Past
Joe Cocker - What Do I Tell My Heart?
CocoRosie - Sunshine
Symphony X - Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies)
Manilla Road - Hour Of The Dragon
Moonspell - Finisterra
Krokus - Take My Love
Moonspell - Awake!
Four Year Strong - The Infected
Krokus - Love Will Survive
Krokus - Rock'n Roll
Waltari - Ride
CocoRosie - Madonna
Moonspell - Angelizer
Prong - For Dear Life
Black Sabbath - You Won't Change Me
Manilla Road - The Dream Goes On
Régine - Super Super Dupont
Cult Of Luna - Sleep
Symphony X - Bastards Of The Machine
CocoRosie - Lemonade
Manilla Road - Children Of The Night
Supercell - Hero
Yuna - Lullabies
Moonspell - Axis Mundi
Europe - Wish I Could Believe
Jay Sean - YMCMB Heroes
Havok - Identity Theft
Jason Walker - Hope You Found It Now
Krokus - Rock The Block
Patti Labelle - Don't Make Your Angel Cry
Joe Cocker - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Gamma Ray - Afterlife
Manilla Road - Only The Brave
Manilla Road - Whitechapel
Moonspell - Everything Invaded
Krokus - Go Baby Go
Graveyard - No Good, Mr. Holden
Blondie - Fade Away And Radiate
Joe Cocker - Into The Mystic
Parkway Drive - It's Hard To Speak Without a Tounge
Krokus - Raise Your Hands
Krokus - Smelly Nelly
Waltari - So Fine
Porcupine Tree - Cure For Optimism
Rose - Jamais Paris Ne Me Laisse
Moonspell - Sacred
Prong - Out Of This Realm
Moonspell - Luna
Djamboy - Le Mal D'Aimer (ft. Naweel)
Duran Duran - American Science
Gamma Ray - Shine Forever
Krokus - Fire
Anti-flag - You've Got To Die For The Government
Graveyard - Right Is Wrong
Gamma Ray - Your Torn Is Over
Mustasch - Serpent - The Zodiac (Bazaar)
Asking Alexandria - Final Episode (Let's Change The Channel)
Anti-flag - Kill The Rich
Symphony X - When All Is Lost
Régine - Tic Tac Toe
Prong - Entrance Of The Eclipse
Moonspell - Lunar Still
Gamma Ray - Lake Of Tears
Anti-flag - The Ranks Of The Masses Rising
CocoRosie - Tahiti Rain Song
Misery Index - 49 Seconds Of Hate
Graveyard - Ain't Fit To Live Here
Prong - The Taming
Hardcore Superstar - Not Dancing, Wanna Know Why?
Glee Spoof - Less Than Perfect
Moonspell - E666U666R666O666T666I666C666A
Blondie - Slow Motion
Blondie - Horizontal Twist
CocoRosie - Grey Oceans
Hardcore Superstar - Last Call For Alcohol
Joe Cocker - Love To Lean On
Equilibrium - Nordheim
Gamma Ray - How Long
Quiet Riot - Alive And Well
Freddie Mercury - Ensueño
Black Sabbath - Valhalla
Anti-flag - What You Don't Know
Prong - Right To Nothing
Matchbox Twenty - 3 AM
Graveyard - Hard Times Lovin'
Hardcore Superstar - Need No Company
Hardcore Superstar - Bully
CocoRosie - Houses
Kissin' Dynamite - I Will Be King
Krokus - Long Way From Home
Krokus - Stand And Be Counted
Cult Of Luna - Clones
Prong - Innocence Gone
Moonspell - Dreamless (Lucifer And Lilith)
Waltari - Part 2: a Sign
Mindless Behavior - Used To Be
Asking Alexandria - Youth Gone Wild
Waltari - Mysterious
Waltari - Jankha
Four Year Strong - One Time Too Many
Misery Index - Angst Isst Die Seele Auf
Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On
Prong - Eternal Heat
Moonspell - Devilred
Blondie - Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
Misery Index - Manufacturing Greed
Symphony X - Iconoclast
Manilla Road - Throne Of Blood
Manilla Road - Enter The Warrior
CocoRosie - Tears For Animals
Mustasch - Ratsafari
Gamma Ray - Money
Alkaline Trio - I, Pessimist
Krokus - Turnin' Inside Out
Quiet Riot - Trouble Again
Cinco De Enero - Vámonos
Blue Öyster Cult - Shooting Shark
Hardcore Superstar - Take Them All Out
Anti-flag - Nbc (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)
Anti-flag - Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene
Prong - No Way To Deny It
Anti-flag - Angry, Young And Poor
Misery Index - Servants Of Progress
Hardcore Superstar - Too Much Business
Unwritten Law - Actress, Model...
Prong - Controller
Anti-flag - Underground Network
Hardcore Superstar - Moonshine
John Newman - Love Me Again
Misery Index - Fed To The Wolves
Blondie - I'm On e
CocoRosie - The Moon Asked The Crow
Moonspell - Herr Spiegelman
Sepultura - Paradox
Kissin' Dynamite - Out In The Rain
G.NA - Oops ! (feat. Ilhoon)
Gamma Ray - Heart Of The Unicorn
CocoRosie - Lyla
Manilla Road - Feeling Free Again
Foghat - Golden Arrow
CocoRosie - Villain
Prong - Rude Awakening
Blondie - The Tingler
Manilla Road - Shadow In The Black
Symphony X - The End Of Innocence
Misery Index - Scene And Not Heard
Anti-flag - No Apology
Joe Cocker - Naked Without You
Anti-flag - The W.T.O. Kills Farmers
Eden Dark - J'en Ai Marre
Xavattar - Aliens
Kissin' Dynamite - Zombie
Eros Ramazzotti - {Controvento}
Blondie - Pretty Baby
Fatboy Slim - Song For Shelter
Moonspell - Versus
Anti-flag - 1915
Krokus - Lady Double Dealer
Four Year Strong - Cavalier
Krokus - American Woman
Prong - Unconditional
Mustasch - Spreading The Worst
Anti-flag - 1 Trillion Dollar$
Blondie - Susie And Jeffrey
Moonspell - A Greater Darkness
Gamma Ray - Death Or Glory
Prong - Face Value
Moonspell - Blood Tells
Blondie - Shakedown
Krokus - Live My Life
The Presets - Ghosts
Anti-flag - The Panama Deception
CocoRosie - Armageddon
Mustasch - The Heckler
Paradise Fears - Battle Scars
Cult Of Luna - The Sacrifice
Rudimental - Not Giving In
Waltari - Follow Me Inside
Misery Index - Plague Of Objects
Prong - Irrelevant Thoughts
Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
Anti-flag - Corporate Rock Still Sucks
Jason Walker - Seattle
CocoRosie - Far Away
Steppenwolf - Five Finger Discount
Equilibrium - Ruf In Den Wind
Anti-flag - Mind The G.A.T.T.
Prong - Ammunition
Anti-flag - Want An Anarchy
Blondie - I Know But I Don't Know
Equilibrium - Blut Im Auge
Manilla Road - Hallowed Be Thy Grave
Nano - Exist
Michael Jackson - Get Lucky
Nashville Cast - Keep Asking Why
Anti-flag - The Economy Is Suffering, Let It Die
CocoRosie - After The Afterlife
Vigon Bamy Jay - Feelings
Gamma Ray - Condemned To Hell
Krokus - Ready To Rock
Anti-flag - Sold As Freedom
Blue Öyster Cult - Divine Wind
Anti-flag - Betty Sue Is Dead
Gamma Ray - No Stranger (Another Day In Life)
Gamma Ray - Fight
Moonspell - Heartshaped Abyss
Hellyeah - Stand Or Walk Away
Joe Cocker - Can't Find My Way Home
God Dethroned - The Mysteries That Make You Bleed
Manilla Road - Abattoir De La Mort
Broken Iris - The Ripple
Blue Öyster Cult - Dragon Lady
Mika Kobayashi - Bios
Moonspell - Wolfshade
Waltari - Mad Luxury
Hardcore Superstar - Into Debauchery
Krokus - Ride Into The Sun
Mustasch - Unsafe At Any Speed
Black Sabbath - Keep It Warm
Prong - Avoid Promises
Symphony X - Frontiers
Anti-flag - Hymn For The Dead
Blondie - Youth Nabbed As Sniper
CocoRosie - Spirit Lake
Fifth Harmony - American (cover)
Manilla Road - Merchants Of Death
Gamma Ray - Razorblade Sigh
Blue Öyster Cult - When The War Comes
Duran Duran - Umf
God Dethroned - Serpent King
Puggy - Times Like These
God Dethroned - Villa Vampiria
Smash Mouth - Always Gets Her Way
Graveyard - 20/20 (Tunnel Vision)
Moonspell - First Light
God Dethroned - Under The Golden Wings Of Death
Patti Labelle - When You've Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven)
Anti-flag - Post-War Breakout
We The Kings - I Gave Birth To The Twentieth Century
Black Sabbath - I Won't Cry For You
God Dethroned - Enemy Of The State
Misery Index - Dissent Part 4. Multipy By Fire
Manilla Road - Helicon
Moonspell - K / o Mal De Cristo
KDrew - Circles
Anti-flag - You'd Do The Same
Anti-flag - Power To The Peaceful
Krokus - Bedside Radio
Anti-flag - Spaz's House Destruction Party
Duran Duran - So Long Suicide
Prong - Avenue Of The Finest
Misery Index - Order Upheld / Dissent Dissolved
Cult Of Luna - Ghost Trail
Gamma Ray - My Temple
Gamma Ray - Heal Me
Claude François - La Plus Belle Chose Du Monde
Hardcore Superstar - Run To Your Mama
Waltari - Sad Song
François Valéry - Disco Brasilia
Gamma Ray - Guardian Of Mankind
Benjamin Clementine - I Won't Complain
Joe Cocker - Loving You Tonight
Manilla Road - Astronomica
Moonspell - Alpha Noir
Skylar Grey - Haunted
God Dethroned - Into a Dark Millenium
Anti-flag - This Is The First Night
Patti Labelle - Sparkle
Anti-flag - What's The Difference?
Anti-flag - Death Of a Nation
Xavattar - Une Vie Si Belle
Moonspell - How We Became Fire
Krokus - Open Fire
Anti-flag - Anthem For The New Millennium Generation
The Postal Service - Be Still My Heart
Cady Groves - Forget You
Wintersun - Winter Madness
Alison Krauss - Deeper Than Crying
Ozzy Osbourne - Black Illusion
Manilla Road - The Books Of Skelos
CocoRosie - Undertaker
RED - Hold Me Now
Cult Of Luna - Vicarious Redemption
Moonspell - Opera Carne
Cult Of Luna - Echoes
Wintersun - Sadness And Hate
Josh Kay - World Within
Anti-flag - Bullshit Opportunities
God Dethroned - The Grand Grimoire
Gamma Ray - Man On a Mission
Mustasch - The Dagger
Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free
Anti-flag - We Are The Lost
Ellie Goulding - Burn
Tour De Garde - Je Veux M'En Aller
CocoRosie - Butterscotch
Carach Angren - General Nightmare
Jason Walker - When The Lights Go Down
Prong - Seriously Emerging
Moonspell - Mute
Waltari - Connection
Poets Of The Fall - You're Still Here
Prong - All Knowing Force
Prong - Beg To Differ
God Dethroned - Fallen Empires
Blue Öyster Cult - Pocket
Steppenwolf - Hard Rock Road
Moonspell - DeKadance
Gamma Ray - It's a Sin
Moonspell - Adaptables
God Dethroned - Gods Of Terror
Anti-flag - Right To Choose
Hardcore Superstar - Because Of You
Blondie - Desire Brings Me Back
Gamma Ray - One With The World
Black Sabbath - Wishing Well
Anti-flag - On Independence Day
Prong - Whose Fist Is This Anyway
Jay Sean - Can't Fall In Love
Foghat - Jump That Train
Florent Pagny - Les Murs Porteurs
Blondie - The Hardest Part
Moonspell - Solitary Vice
Gamma Ray - Mr. Outlaw
Graveyard - Uncomfortably Numb
God Dethroned - Swallow The Spikes
Alix Lapri - Sorry
Fuel - Scars In The Making
Moonspell - Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendyum)
Gamma Ray - Future World
Mustasch - Dead Again
Anti-flag - Your Daddy Was a Rich Man, Your Daddy's Fucking Dead
Moonspell - Opium
Manilla Road - Into The Maelstrom
Freddie Mercury - Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
CocoRosie - Bear Hides And Buffalo
Hardcore Superstar - Illegal Fun
Cult Of Luna - The Revelation Embodied
God Dethroned - Through Byzantine Hemispheres
Anti-flag - Confused Youth
Gamma Ray - Eagle
Sepultura - Unconscious
God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell
The Parselmouths - It's Not Half Bad
Lady Sweety - Chewing Gum
Graveyard - The Siren
Prong - Worst Of It
Moonspell - Ghostsong
Patti Labelle - Finally Got The Nerve
God Dethroned - Christ Carnage
Sham 69 - Blackpool
Mustasch - Ocean Song - Orust
God Dethroned - Firebreath
Moonspell - Vampiria
Prong - Third Option
Waltari - Isolated
Four Year Strong - Flannel Is The Color Of My Energy
Mustasch - Homophobic / Alcoholic
Sham 69 - Chasing The Moon
Moonspell - Incantatrix
Hardcore Superstar - Are You Gonna Cry Now?
Jay Sean - Still The Way Love Goes
Gamma Ray - Changes
Waltari - On My Ice
CocoRosie - Roots Of My Hair
Kissin' Dynamite - Dinosaurs Are Still Alive
Claude François - Je Vais M'expédier à Ton Adresse
Moonspell - Selfabuse
Krokus - So Long
Anti-flag - You Are Fired (Take This Job)
Winger - Short Flight To Mexico
Mustasch - Forever / Whatever
John West - I Don't Think You Know
Gallows - Vapid Adolescent Blues
Quiet Riot - The Wild And The Young
Emmure - I
Anti-flag - Turn a Blind Eye
Misery Index - Heirs To Thievery
Sepultura - Biotech Is Godzilla
Cult Of Luna - The One
Graveyard - Seven Seven
Prong - Keep On Living In Pain
Anti-flag - I'd Tell You But...
Misery Index - The Unbridgeable Chasm
Sham 69 - Stevie (Sweet As a Nut)
Misery Index - History Is Rotten
Manilla Road - Betrayal
Supercell - Kimino Shiranai Monogatari
Moonspell - Handmade God
Moonspell - Love Is Blasphemy
Gamma Ray - Wannabees
Black Sabbath - Trashed
Sham 69 - Mary's Sofa
Prong - Positively Blind
Gamma Ray - Abyss Of The Void
CocoRosie - Harmless Monster
Kansas - Down The Road
Emmure - Green Is The Worst Color Ever
Prong - Test
EGOIST - Euterpe
Supercell - Kokuhaku
Misery Index - Your Pain Is Nothing
Emmure - Area 64-66
Zaniboni - Reste-là
Alison Krauss - Here Comes Goodbye
Hellyeah - Why Does It Always
Blue Öyster Cult - Subhuman
Emmure - Solar Flare Homicide
Moonspell - I Am The Eternal Spectator
Hardcore Superstar - Medicate Me
Emmure - Blackheart Reigns
Prong - Proud Division
Gamma Ray - Heaven Can Wait
Blondie - Diamond Bridge
Gallows - Crucifucks
Candlemass - Solitude
Anti-flag - You Can Kill The Protestor, But You Can't Kill The Protest
God Dethroned - On Fields Of Death & Desolation
Black Sabbath - TV Crimes
Carach Angren - Hexed Melting Flesh
Patti Labelle - This Word Is All
Mustasch - Blackout Blues
Mustasch - 6:36
Symphony X - Dressed To Kill
Mustasch - Damn It's Dark
Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou
Sepultura - Common Bonds
God Dethroned - Rusty Nails
Manilla Road - Tomb Of The Serpent King / Butchers Of The Sea
Anti-flag - Equality Song
Krokus - Night Wolf
Régine - Pas De Pinson
Joe Cocker - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Ozzy Osbourne - Fire In The Sky
Sham 69 - Otis Redding
Emmure - Sunday Bacon
Moonspell - Alma Mater
Anti-flag - That's Youth
Carach Angren - Phobic Shadows And Moonlit Meadows
God Dethroned - No Man's Land
Black Sabbath - Get a Grip
Sham 69 - Junkie
Candlemass - Julie Laughs No More
Waltari - Sensitive Touch
Anti-flag - Mumia's Song
Carach Angren - The Ghost Of Raynham
Moonspell - Trebraruna
Patti Labelle - Good Lovin'
Annie Cordy - Quand Je Suis Gaie
Moonspell - Darkness And Hope
Anti-flag - Bring It To An End
Emmure - 4 Poisons 3 Words
Steppenwolf - Nothin' Is Forever
Misery Index - The Lies That Bind
Prong - Bad Fall
Anti-flag - The Old Guard
Steppenwolf - Get Into The Wind
Jimmie - Une Bulle En Verre
Chevelle - A New Momentum
Anti-flag - Punk By The Book
Hardcore Superstar - Sophisticated Ladies
Black Sabbath - Kill In The Spirit World
Mustasch - Stinger Citizen
Manilla Road - Tree Of Life
CocoRosie - Promise
Candlemass - Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death
Julio Iglésias - Mendiant D'amour
God Dethroned - Unholdin Of Hewe
Anti-flag - Born To Die
Manilla Road - The Fires Of Mars
Anti-flag - We've Got His Gun
Symphony X - Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology
Claude François - Roule
Emmure - I Am Onslaught
Anti-flag - State Funeral
Steppenwolf - Hot Night In a Cold Town
Moonspell - Best Forgotten
Manilla Road - The Deluge
Hellyeah - GodDamn
Carach Angren - And The Consequence Macabre
Joe Cocker - River's Invitation
Anti-flag - The Smartest Bomb
Steppenwolf - Let's Do It All
Moonspell - Upon The Blood Of Men
Anti-flag - Watch The Right
Candlemass - Aftermath
Anti-flag - When All The Lights Go Out
Black Sabbath - Cloak And Dagger
Misery Index - The Color Of Blood
Mustasch - Angel's Share
Sham 69 - Girlfriend
Floricienta - Corazon Al Viento
Krokus - Too Wired To Sleep
Sham 69 - Wild And Wonderful
Waltari - Part 7: Time, Irrevelant
Quiet Riot - Breathless
Emmure - Crystal Heart
Waltari - Color TV
God Dethroned - The Red Baron
Claude François - Qu'on Ne Vienne Pas Me Dire
EGOIST - Departures ~Anata Ni Okuru Ai No Uta~
Death - Regurgitated Guts
Puggy - Chez Madame Louise
Régine - L'accident
God Dethroned - Slaughtering The Faithful
Cult Of Luna - Owlwood
Manilla Road - Jackhammer
Hardcore Superstar - Guestlist
Sham 69 - Swampy
Emmure - A Fist Fight With Dick Tracy
Blondie - 11:59
Death - Mentally Blind
Gamma Ray - Armageddon
Anti-flag - Emigre
Joe Cocker - Let The Healing Begin
God Dethroned - Poison Fog
Candlemass - Somewhere In Nowhere
Zaniboni - Ancora
Black Sabbath - Air Dance
God Dethroned - Typhoid Mary
Anti-flag - Not Gonna Change
Blue Öyster Cult - Golden Age Of Leather
Sham 69 - King Kong Drinks Coca-Cola
We The Kings - Just Keep Breathing
Prong - Not Of This Earth
Zac Brown Band - Who Knows
Jay Sean - I Gotta Feeling
Candlemass - The Well Of Souls
Moonspell - Spring Of Rage
Gamma Ray - Strange World
Misery Index - Demand The Impossible
Krokus - Leading The Pack
Black Sabbath - Buried Alive
Sham 69 - Roxy Was a Tourist
Krokus - Midnite Fantasy
Black Sabbath - Slipping Away
Sham 69 - 14 Years
God Dethroned - The Killing Is Faceless
Candlemass - Bearer Of Pain
Anti-flag - Class Plague
Manilla Road - Defender
Joe Cocker - Bye Bye Blackbird
Lyrus Motassi - Smile And Enjoy
Jay Sean - Where I Wanna Be
Emmure - Bars In Astoria
Anti-flag - I Don't Wanna
Candlemass - The Dying Illusion
Moonspell - Sacrificial
Gamma Ray - Leaving Hell
Death - Land Of No Return
Death - Spirit Crusher
Hardcore Superstar - That's My Life
Anti-flag - The Modern Rome Burning
Zaniboni - Sissi
Candlemass - Under The Oak
Gamma Ray - Ride The Sky
Gallows - Cult Of Mary
Black Sabbath - Headless Cross
Death - Altering The Future
God Dethroned - Macabre World
Emmure - Protoman
Gamma Ray - Space Eater
Queensryche - No Sanctuary
Moonspell - Herodisiac
Emmure - MDMA
Sirenia - Seven Widows Weep
Anti-flag - Shadow Of The Dead
CocoRosie - Honey Or Tar
Zaniboni - La Visiteuse
Emmure - A.I.
Candlemass - Embracing The Styx
Candlemass - At The Gallows End
Gallows - Outsider Art
Sham 69 - Joey's On The Street
Candlemass - The Lights Of Thebe
Gamma Ray - Sail On
Queensryche - The Killing Words
Candlemass - Dead Angel
CocoRosie - Black Poppies
God Dethroned - The Gray Race
Blue Öyster Cult - The Marshall Plan
Candlemass - Incarnation Of Evil
Gamma Ray - Fairytale
Candlemass - Galatea
CocoRosie - Animals
God Dethroned - Chaos Reigns At Dawn
Claude François - Je Chante Des Chansons
Moonspell - Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I / Erudit Compendyum)
Candlemass - Darkness In Paradise
Candlemass - My Funeral Dreams
Sirenia - Stille Kom Døden
Misery Index - You Lose
Jay Sean - So High
Blue Öyster Cult - After Dark
God Dethroned - The Somberness Of Winter
Anti-flag - The Truth
Death - Mutilation
Blondie - The Beast
Jimmy Eat World - House Arrest
Queensryche - Suite Sister Mary
Death - Painkiller
Supercell - The Bravery
Waltari - Prime Time
Orla Gartland - The Ground
Anti-flag - This Is Not a Crass Song
Queensryche - Silent Lucidity
Manilla Road - Rites Of Blood
Hardcore Superstar - Spit It Out
Sham 69 - Feel It
Sham 69 - The Doctors Song
Cult Of Luna - Unfold The Inside
Sham 69 - Listen Up
Candlemass - The End Of Pain
Quiet Riot - Killer Girls
Moonspell - An Erotic Alchemy
Candlemass - A Cry From The Crypt
Guster - This Is How It Feels To Have a Broken Heart
Anti-flag - Go West
Sibbecai - Crise D'identité
Anti-flag - Captain Anarchy
Unwritten Law - Rest Of My Life
God Dethroned - Behind Enemy Lines
Lyrus Motassi - Change My Destiny
Queensryche - NM 156
Quiet Riot - Stomp Your Hands Clap Your Feet
KIZ - Le Temps
Sham 69 - Caroline's Suitcase
Waltari - Celtic Funk
Queensryche - I Am I
Hardcore Superstar - Hope For a Normal Life
Emmure - 10 Signs You Should Leave
Gamma Ray - As Time Goes By
CocoRosie - End Of Time
Queensryche - The Right Side Of My Mind
Misery Index - The Illuminaught
Puggy - Don't Wake Me Up
Prong - Just The Same
Georgette Lemaire - Le Petit Café Français
Joe Cocker - I Will Live For You
Moonspell - White Omega
Joe Cocker - Girl From The North Country
Anti-flag - Daddy Was a Rich Man (Part 2)
CocoRosie - Gallows
Floricienta - Chaval Sulito
Fatboy Slim - Seven Years
Krokus - Shy Kid
Emmure - Dogs Get Put Down
Queensryche - Anybody Listening?
Gallows - Cross Of Lorraine
Supercell - Utakata Hanabi
Candlemass - Prophet
Puggy - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah !
Misery Index - Sleeping Giants
Moonspell - Sanguine
Floricienta - Un Enorme Dragon
Emmure - You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever
Death - Born Dead
Duran Duran - Still Breathing
Manilla Road - Out Of The Abyss
Misery Index - The Great Depression
Death - Trapped In a Corner
Sirenia - Chains
Ozzy Osbourne - In My Life
Xavattar - 16ans
Anti-flag - Spit In The Face
God Dethroned - Infernal Sights Of a Bloody Dawn (Morbid Rites)
Queensryche - A Murderer?
Gallows - Gold Dust
Candlemass - Demon Of The Deep
Queensryche - I Remember Now
Death - The Flesh And The Power It Holds
Queensryche - A Dead Man's Words
Gamma Ray - I Want Out
Misery Index - The Arbiter
Sirenia - Profound Scars
Candlemass - The Sound Of Dying Demons
Emmure - War Begins With You
Death - Scream Bloody Gore
Manilla Road - Triumvirate
Queensryche - Anytime / Anywhere
Queensryche - All The Promises
CocoRosie - Here I Come
Emmure - My Name Is Thanos
Candlemass - Arx/NG 891
Moonspell - Second Skin
God Dethroned - Under a Silver Moon
Anti-flag - Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime
Equilibrium - Aus Ferner Zeit
Joe Cocker - Chain Of Fools
Death - Primitive Ways
Rudimental - Right Here
Anti-flag - Anti-Violent
God Dethroned - The Poison Apple (Eve & Serpentio In The Garden Of Eden)
Matchbox Twenty - If I Fall
Anti-flag - Tar And Sagebrush
Anti-flag - No Warning
Candlemass - Psalms For The Dead
Blue Öyster Cult - Mistress Of The Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)
Emmure - Sleeping Princess In Devil's Castle
Emmure - Bohemian Grove
August Burns Red - Fault Line
Death - Flattening Of Emotions
Moonspell - New Tears Eve
Manilla Road - In Gein We Trust
Hardcore Superstar - You Will Never Know
Patti Labelle - Not Right But Real
Wintersun - Sons Of Winter And Stars
Carach Angren - Van Der Decken's Triumph
Jade - Mon Style
Queensryche - The Needle Lies
Queensryche - Saved
Anti-flag - No More Dead
Steve Grand - All-American Boy
Queensryche - Tribe
Hellyeah - Band Of Brothers
Candlemass - Samarithan
Waltari - Real One
Candlemass - Wiz
Claude François - Petit Jésus
J. Cole - Power Trip
Jay Sean - Freeze Time
CocoRosie - Raphael
Moonspell - Shadow Sun
August Burns Red - Count It All As Lost
Candlemass - Dawn
Sham 69 - Uptown
Hardcore Superstar - Stranger Of Mine
Patti Labelle - It's Time
Patti Labelle - If Only You Knew
Wintersun - Battle Against Time
Quiet Riot - Helping Hands
Moonspell - Magdalene
Prong - Hell If I Could
Anti-flag - If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How To Lie)
Queensryche - I'm American
Anti-flag - No Paradise
August Burns Red - Background Music To Her Awakening
Carach Angren - Corpse In a Nebulous Creek
August Burns Red - Echoes
Queensryche - Sliver
God Dethroned - The Tombstone
Carach Angren - These Fields Are Lurking (Seven Pairs Of Demon Eyes)
Anti-flag - The Gre(a)t Depression
Emmure - Credo Cries
God Dethroned - Storm Of Steel
Quiet Riot - Demolition Derby
Steppenwolf - Keep Rockin'
Death - Living Monstrosity
Manilla Road - Spider
Black Sabbath - What's The Use?
Emmure - R2 Deepthroat
God Dethroned - The Lair Of The White Worm
God Dethroned - The Christhunt
Candlemass - Demonia 6
August Burns Red - Animals
Régine - La Vie Que J'avais Jetée
Hardcore Superstar - Long Time No See
God Dethroned - Necromagnon
Jay Sean - The One
Queensryche - Re-arrange You
Candlemass - If I Ever Die
CocoRosie - Happy Eyes
Anti-flag - Fuck The Pope
Sepultura - Annihilation
Guster - Bad Bad World
Death - Genetic Reconstruction
Candlemass - Crystal Ball
Queensryche - Take Hold Of The Flame
Turbo - White Love
Alain Chamfort - Signe De Vie, Signe D’amour
God Dethroned - A View Of Ages
Steppenwolf - Someone Told a Lie
Queensryche - Hard Times
Queensryche - Hostage
Sham 69 - Trainspotter
Prong - Dreams Like That
Death - Vacant Planets
Queensryche - Real World
Prong - Reinvestigate
Queensryche - Big Noize
Kansas - Power
Quiet Riot - Strange Daze
Orphaned Land - Olat Ha'tamid
Anti-flag - You'll Scream Tonight
Queensryche - Right Side Of My Mind
Claude François - Pourquoi Toi
Orphaned Land - Nora El Nora (Entering The Ark)
Sirenia - A Seaside Serenade
Queensryche - Chemical Youth
Anti-flag - Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)
Queensryche - London
Queensryche - Where Dreams Go To Die
Blue Öyster Cult - Blue Oyster Cult
Queensryche - I Believe
Misery Index - Pulling Out The Nails
Blondie - Songs Of Love (For Richard)
Charlie Brown - Floodgates PART 2 (Ft. Misha B)
Orphaned Land - A Never-Ending Way
Prong - Put Myself To Sleep
Gamma Ray - Rebellion In Dreamland
Anti-flag - We Are The One
Anti-flag - Vieques, Puerto Rico: Bikini Revisited
Queensryche - Middle Of Hell
Floricienta - Que Esconde El Conde
Moonspell - In And Above Men
Queensryche - Speed Of Light
Manilla Road - Murder By Degrees
Krokus - Hallelujah Rock 'n' Roll
Amon Amarth - Under Siege
Selena Gomez - Love Will Remember
Krokus - No Way
Sham 69 - You're a Better Man Than I
Candlemass - Apathy
Anti-flag - Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man
Children Of Bodom - Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)
Frédéric François - Mendiant D'amour
Candlemass - Clouds Of Dementia
Moonspell - Lickanthrope
Amon Amarth - The Last With Pagan Blood
Anti-flag - She's My Little Go-Go Dancer
Amon Amarth - Avenger
Manilla Road - The Fountain
Joe Cocker - Don't Give Up On Me
Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love
CocoRosie - Devil's Island
God Dethroned - The Execution Protocol
Parkway Drive - You're Over
Anti-flag - Die For Your Government
Sham 69 - Planet Trash
François Valéry - Dormir Avec Toi
Death - See Through Dream
God Dethroned - Boiling Blood
Joe Cocker - I Put a Spell On You
Anti-flag - Resist
Carach Angren - After Death Premises
Prong - Caprice
Tinie Tempah - Trampoline (Feat. 2 Chainz)
Krokus - Hardrocking Man
Alkaline Trio - Olde English 800
Carach Angren - Little Hector What Have You Done?
Candlemass - Where The Runes Still Speak
Claude François - Toute Ma Vie (Je Chanterai Pour Toi)
Candlemass - Dark Reflections
Pochette Surprise - I Want a Steak-frites
Queensryche - Signs Say Go
Sham 69 - Saturdays And Strangeways
Wintersun - Time
Hardcore Superstar - Lesson In Violence
Sirenia - Blue Colleen
Queensryche - Vindication
God Dethroned - Bloody Blasphemy
Amon Amarth - Friends Of The Suncross
Puggy - Sorry
Amon Amarth - Masters Of War
CocoRosie - West Side
Blue Öyster Cult - Career Of Evil
Queensryche - Roads To Madness
God Dethroned - Salt In Your Wounds
God Dethroned - Cadavers
Amon Amarth - Eyes Of Horror
Queensryche - Sacred Ground
Moonspell - Memento Mori
August Burns Red - Beauty In Tragedy
Freddie Mercury - Guide Me Home
Queensryche - Broken
Queensryche - Sp00L
Moonspell - Antidote
Cimorelli - The Way We Live
Candlemass - Destroyer
Prong - Prime Cut
Death - Defensive Personalities
Waltari - Walkin In The Neon
Krokus - Yellow Mary
Dark Moor - The King's Sword
Anti-flag - Summer Squatter Go Home
God Dethroned - The Crown For The Morbid
Queensryche - Prophecy
Orphaned Land - Whisper My Name When You Dream
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Tinkertrain
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Dark Moor - Time Is The Avenger
Anti-flag - Seattle Was a Riot
Prong - Climate Control
Queensryche - Breaking The Silence
Queensryche - Nightrider
Asking Alexandria - 18 And Life
Orphaned Land - Our Own Messiah
Orphaned Land - Sapari
Graveyard - An Industry Of Murder
Gallows - Borstal Breakout
Orphaned Land - Bereft In The Abyss
Foghat - Live Now, Pay Later
August Burns Red - Endorphins
Patti Labelle - New Day
Anti-flag - Until It Happens To You
Blue Öyster Cult - Baby Ice Dog
We Are The Ocean - Machine
Orphaned Land - Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside...
Blue Öyster Cult - Nosferatu
Carach Angren - Departure Towards a Nautical Curse
3 Gars Su'l Sofa - Valérie Proulx
Queensryche - Jet City Woman
Gamma Ray - Lost Angels
François Valéry - Un Homme Oublié
Queensryche - Got It Bad
Orphaned Land - The Sahara's Storm
Amon Amarth - Live Without Regrets
Orphaned Land - Above You All
Moonspell - Made Of Storm
The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes
Hardcore Superstar - Bad Behaviour
Moonspell - Love Crimes
Stereopony - Tsukiakari No Michishirube
Amon Amarth - Abandoned
Orphaned Land - Codeword: Uprising
Amon Amarth - Bastards Of a Lying Breed
Orphaned Land - Aldiar Al Mukadisa - The Holy Land Of Israel
Gallows - Austere
Equilibrium - Wingthors Hammer
Sham 69 - Slangbang
Orphaned Land - Halo Dies (The Wrath Of God)
Cult Of Luna - Curse
Dark Moor - Before The Duel
Orphaned Land - The Evil Urge
God Dethroned - Hordes Of Lucifer
Moonspell - ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride)
Manilla Road - Isle Of The Dead
Dark Moor - From Dusk To Dawn
Candlemass - Mars And Volcanos
Joe Cocker - Seven Days
Sirenia - The End Of It All
God Dethroned - Coloseum Serenades
Dark Moor - The Dark Moor
Graveyard - As The Years Passed By, The Hours Bend
Alix Lapri - Feels Good
Dark Moor - A Lament Of Misery
Manilla Road - Atlantis Rising
God Dethroned - Subliminal
Children Of Bodom - Red Light In My Eyes - Pt. I
CocoRosie - Fairy Paradise
Candlemass - Man Of Shadows
Queensryche - Della Brown
Misery Index - The Medusa Stare
Amon Amarth - Releasing Surtur's Fire
Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods
Queensryche - Neue Regel
Candlemass - Of Stars And Smoke
Orphaned Land - El Meod Na'Ala
Dark Moor - Wind Like Stroke
Queensryche - I Dream In Infrared
Moonspell - The Vulture Culture (Gloria Domini)
Equilibrium - Snüffel
God Dethroned - The Day You Died
CocoRosie - Hopscotch
Dark Moor - A New World
Anti-flag - Gifts From America: With Love, The U.S.A.
Sirenia - A Blizzard Is Storming
Alkaline Trio - Broken Wing
Waltari - I Was Born In The Wrong Decade
Candlemass - The Killing Of The Sun
Dark Moor - The Enchanted Forest
Anti-flag - Right On
Anti-flag - I Don't Want To Be Like You
Bassnectar - Vava Voom
Carach Angren - The Course Of a Spectral Ship
Queensryche - Fallout
Emmure - When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
Amon Amarth - Under The Northern Star
Dark Moor - The Sea
Carach Angren - Haunting Echoes From The Seventeenth Century
Anti-flag - Culture Revolution
Freddie Mercury - The Fallen Priest
Manilla Road - Time Trap
Gamma Ray - Time To Break Free
Orphaned Land - Shama'im
Hellyeah - Cowboy Way
Anti-flag - They Don't Protect You
Chevelle - Grab Thy Hand
Prong - Dark Signs
Queensryche - Miles Away
CocoRosie - Coconuts
Matchbox Twenty - How Long
Anti-flag - Outbreak
Amon Amarth - Cry Of The Black Birds
Queensryche - Blood
Anti-flag - I'm Having a Good Day
God Dethroned - On Wings Pestilence
Children Of Bodom - Waste Of Skin
Anti-flag - The Consumer's Song
Mika Kobayashi - Bios Delta
Death - Lack Of Comprehension
Emmure - Lesson From Nichole
Sham 69 - Information Libertaire
Anti-flag - Turncoat
Amon Amarth - Death In Fire
Autopsy - Deliver Me From Sanity
Queensryche - Chasing Blue Sky
Anti-flag - Indie Sux, Hard-Line Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck!
Moonspell - Em Nome Do Medo
Wintersun - Beyond The Dark Sun
Prong - Subtract
Candlemass - Tears
Emmure - Children Of Cybertron
Emmure - Eulogy Of Giants
Dark Moor - Quest For The Eternal Fame
Dark Moor - The Shadow Of The Nile
Queensryche - If I Were King
Amon Amarth - Slaves Of Fear
Jason Walker - This City Never Sleeps
Amon Amarth - Under The Grayclouded Winter Sky
August Burns Red - To Those About To Rock
Manilla Road - From Beyond
Dark Moor - Wood Song
Gamma Ray - Hold Your Ground
Queensryche - The Lie
Dark Moor - Magic Land
Queensryche - Home Again
Black Sabbath - Heaven In Black
Moonspell - Grandstand
Queensryche - Someone Else?
Dark Moor - Gara & Jonay
Orphaned Land - Mabool (The Flood)
Dark Moor - Memories
Amon Amarth - The Dragon's Flight Across The Waves
Rudimental - Waiting All Night
Gallows - We Bite
Manilla Road - The Riddle Master
Zaniboni - Appel
Blondie - Good Boys
August Burns Red - Spirit Breaker
Amon Amarth - Prediction Of Warfare
Manilla Road - Venusian Sea
Autopsy - Seeds Of The Doomed
Sham 69 - Little Bit Of This
Thin Lizzy - Baby Face
Autopsy - Dark Crusade
Prong - Unfortunately
God Dethroned - The Iconoclast Deathride
Queensryche - I Take You
Anti-flag - Red, White And Brainwashed
Puggy - In The Morning
Puggy - Simple Dreams
Anti-flag - I'm Being Watched By The CIA
Prong - Torn Between
Emmure - First Impressions
Orphaned Land - As I Stare At The Ocean Alone
Queensryche - Surgical Strike
Death - Secret Face
Autopsy - Service For a Vacant Coffin
Anti-flag - Vices
Amon Amarth - War Of The Gods
Autopsy - No More Hate
Autopsy - Horrific Obsession
Graveyard - Thin Line
Dark Moor - Bells Of Notre Dame
Anti-flag - Oh, Katrina (Interlude)
Dark Moor - Somewhere In Dreams
Carach Angren - A Strange Presence Near The Woods
Autopsy - Grave Violators
Mustasch - I Am Not Aggressive
Orphaned Land - The Beloveds Cry
Anti-flag - The Ghosts Of Alexandria
Dark Moor - Alaric De Mernac
Queensryche - You
Europe - In My Time
Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
Bring Me The Horizon - Join The Club
Candlemass - Cyclo-F
Autopsy - She Is a Funeral
Anti-flag - The Ink And The Quill (Be Afraid)
God Dethroned - Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross
Prong - Hidden Agendas
Queensryche - Before The Storm
Symphony X - Through The Looking Glass (Part I, II, III)
Four Year Strong - Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated
Amon Amarth - Burning Creation
Manilla Road - Flight Of The Ravens
Krokus - Dög Song
CocoRosie - Poison
Manilla Road - Born Upon The Soul
Eskemo - Slam Sur Vos Ombres
Emmure - 22 Exits Away
Death - Denial Of Life
Emmure - I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper
Wintersun - Death And The Healing
Queensryche - Spreading The Disease
Moonspell - Night Eternal
Graveyard - Submarine Blues
Queensryche - Art Of Life
Heavenwood - Suicidal Letters
Queensryche - Empire
Patti Labelle - Shoe Was On The Other Foot
Havok - The Cleric
Sirenia - Oscura Realidad
Michel Loiselle - Mardi Gris
Anti-flag - Good And Ready
Dark Moor - Starsmaker (Elbereth)
Tristania - Protection
Julio Iglésias - Un Homme Fragile
Queensryche - A World Without
Bon Jovi - Breathe
Queensryche - Cuckoo's Nest
Candlemass - I Still See The Black
Dark Moor - Moon
Candlemass - A Tale Of Creation
Gamma Ray - Heavy Metal Mania
Dark Moor - The Fool
Heavenwood - Me & You
Hardcore Superstar - No Regrets
God Dethroned - God Dethroned
August Burns Red - Treatment
Mustasch - In The Night
Amon Amarth - For Victory Or Death
Dark Moor - Maid Of Orleans
Stupeflip - Hater's Killah
Dark Moor - Tilt At Windmills
Anti-flag - Police State In The USA
Anti-flag - This Machine Kills Fascists
Anti-flag - No War Without Warriors (How Do You Sleep?)
Hardcore Superstar - Last Forever
The Saturdays - Turn Myself In
U.D.O. - Thunderforce
Patti Labelle - Do I Stand a Chance
Anti-flag - War Sucks, Let's Party!
Candlemass - Black As Time
Children Of Bodom - Scream For Silence
Freddie Mercury - The Golden Boy
Gamma Ray - Lonesome Stranger
God Dethroned - 2014
Autopsy - Coffin Crawlers
Prong - Your Fear
Amon Amarth - Across The Rainbow Bridge
Julio Iglésias - Souriez Madame
Queensryche - When The Rain Comes
Tristania - Year Of The Rat
Autopsy - Maim Rape Kill Rape
Dark Moor - Calling On The Wind
Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side
Amon Amarth - Down The Slopes Of Death
Autopsy - Slaughter At Beast House
Manilla Road - Rome
U.D.O. - I'm a Rebel
Graveyard - Fool In The End
Rollya Lokwa - Back To The Hood Vol.2
Queensryche - Open Road
Death - Sacrificial
Sirenia - My Destiny Coming To Pass
U.D.O. - Rated x
Mustasch - No Religion
Queensryche - Beside You
Dark Moor - This Is My Way
Alice In Chains - Suffragette City
Anti-flag - No Future
August Burns Red - Glory Thives
U.D.O. - Soldiers Of Darkness
Prong - Pure Ether
Orphaned Land - Shir Hama'Alot
Blue Öyster Cult - Out Of The Darkness
Autopsy - The Tomb Within
God Dethroned - Soul Sweeper
Mustasch - The Challenger
Queensryche - Bridge
U.D.O. - Sweet Little Child
Blondie - Magic (Asadoya Yunta)
God Dethroned - Ravenous
Heavenwood - Bridge To Neverland
Sirenia - The Twilight In Your Eyes
Joe Cocker - Got To Use My Imagination
Kansas - Portrait (He Knew)